How to pack and move furniture

Every household had to move at least once. Moving furniture is one of the hardest tasks when you are relocating to Kuwait. When you want to pack and move furniture you risk injuries and damages in your home and on your furniture. No matter if you are moving your furniture to warehouse Kuwait or to your new home, it is a tricky thing to do. Besides hiring moving companies in Kuwait to help you, we bring you tips how to pack and move furniture.

Pack and move furniture without damages
When you want to move your furniture you need to follow few steps to do it right, without damages and injuries

How to Prepare Furniture for Moving to Kuwait

When you want to pack and move furniture, the first step is to prepare furniture for relocation. Use our simple techniques to move your furniture without risking your health and injuries. Tips from our moving professional will help you to move your heavy furniture properly and to protect it against damages.

Supplies needed for moving furniture

  • Basic tools for disassembling furniture
  • Plastic trash bags
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Tape

If you can, the best thing you can do is to hire packers and movers for your furniture relocation. But, if you don’t have a moving budget for this service, there are steps you need to do. Read our steps how to properly pack and move furniture.

the best thing you can do is to hire packers and movers for your furniture relocation
Hire professional packers to help you pack and move furniture

Pack and move furniture steps

For packing and moving furniture you need some instructions to follow.

Step # 1 – Get the equipment and packing supplies

When you pack your furniture you need to buy all packing supplies you need. Without quality packing supplies and equipment you risk damages during the transportation. You need packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, clothing, plastic bags, labels, boxes, bags, etc.

Step #2 – Empty your furniture

Take the time to empty your furniture properly. Everything you have in drawers and cabinets you should empty before starting to pack and move furniture.

Step #3 – Disassembling furniture

If you can, ask for help and disassemble your furniture. Then, you should pack all your small pieces of furniture and screws in a plastic bag.  Remove all the drawers and clean them, too. Every bag with pieces of furniture you should tape and label properly.

Also, if it is possible, remove furniture legs and keep all the legs in the properly labeled box.

Step #4 – Protect your furniture

Protect all the furniture pieces with bubble wrap. Also, use furniture pads and clothing to protect furniture from scratches and damages. Mattresses and pillows you should pack in plastic bags to keep them clean and safe.

Protect your mattresses during the move
When moving: Mattresses and pillows you should pack in plastic bags to keep them clean and safe.

Moving furniture – extra tips and tricks

When you are moving your furniture, don’t lift up heavy items. Try to find another way to do it, if you want to avoid injuries and damages. When you don’t have right techniques and equipment to do it, it is very important to think about your health and energy.

How to move heavy furniture on the carpet?

Instead of lifting your furniture, we recommend using DIY furniture sliders for your furniture. You can also wrap all the legs of your furniture and slide it. In the case when you have a carpet, use smooth cardboard. When you don’t have carpets but bare floors, you can use towels to slip them underneath the legs of your furniture – don’t lift it.

Also, very important is to find help, so ask your friends and family to help you with packing and moving your furniture.

Before moving protect all furniture pieces
Protect your furniture pieces before you pack and move it – avoid damages and scratches

How to Move a Refrigerator?

When it comes to moving large appliances, make sure you measure your new space before moving in. Use a measuring tape to get the height, width, and depth of the refrigerator. Also, measure the entry of your new home so your refrigerator can fit in, so you don’t have to move the door.

For moving the refrigerator you’ll need:

  • Large moving dolly
  • Rope or strong cord and moving straps
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Plain paper or moving blankets
  • Packing tape, scissors, and marker or labels.

Remove all the food from the refrigerator including freezer items. Give your friends and family perishable items and pack the closed food you’re taking with you. Defrost your freezer. Remove all the shelves and wrap them in moving blankets to protect them during the move.

Refrigerators are heavy and awkward for moving so you need to pack and move them properly to avoid damages.

Remove all the food and shelves from refrigerator to prepare it for the move
Before you start moving your refrigerator: Remove all the food including freezer items.

How to Move Your Plasma Television without Damaging It?

Like you know, television costs a lot, so you don’t want to break it. So, this appliance is much heavier for moving than you might think. It is fragile and because of its size, it’s best to have some extra hands around.  Protect your television with furniture blankets from bumps, scrapes, and fingerprints. Use strong packing tape to secure the blankets.

Very important tip: Don’t ever lay the screen flat on the floor and keep the television in its upright position as you lift it. 

Packing and moving furniture is a big job – hire professionals to do it

Packing and moving furniture, especially fragile and heavy items it is a big job you cannot do it alone. Ask for help your friends and family. But, if you want to move it safely without any risk, we recommend using professional packers and movers in Kuwait. They have quality equipment, right skills and highly trained crew who know how to handle your furniture during the relocation. If you want to avoid injuries during the move, use professional help. With professional help, you will have stress free move and safe delivery to your new address. The peace of mind is worth every penny, right?