The difficulties of being an expat in Kuwait

Ever since oil was discovered in Kuwait in 1938, it has been attracting millions of expats. Expats seeking jobs and financial security here. If you still have not made the move, finding reliable international movers Kuwait is a must. Being an expat in Kuwait brings a lot of advantages and disadvantages as well. Hence we will provide you with the list of difficulties of being an expat in Kuwait here.

Parking spaces

Finding a parking space in Kuwait may seem like a dream coming true, if you manage to find it, of course. Many buildings do not have parking spaces for its residents, that is why you may have difficulties finding it. There are some Kuwait parking rules to know on a moving day. On the other hand, the country is very safe, so your issue will not be whether your car will be stolen. Perhaps it is best to simply rent a cab, there are plenty of cabs available, or commuting via bus, instead of owning a car.

a lot of cars in a parking lot
Parking spaces are not something that you will easily find in Kuwait which makes being an expat in Kuwait difficult



Kuwait is a very dry country, which means that aside from going to the beach there are not a lot of things you can do outside with your family. Summers can be really hot, and you may end up in your apartment for most of the time, with the air conditioner and TV on. Being an expat in Kuwait can be really difficult.


Literally, do not be surprised if you see people that randomly throw garbage from their window onto the streets. They do not care much about hygiene in this sense. This may be a cultural shock for you, but it is best to simply ignore it. Find a bin for yourself when you want to throw some litter.

Food and beverages

Kuwait is considered to be the food capital of the world, so you would not have any issues with finding good food here. Kuwaiti cuisine is certainly top-notch. However, if you are used to eating pork, remember that it is illegal here – just like alcohol is. During the fasting period, you cannot eat outside as well as in public places. Being an expat in Kuwait may sound easy, but if you love pork, then it certainly is not.

The cost of living in Kuwait

Kuwait is a country which is tax-free, and this sounds great, doesn’t it? While it is great not having to pay for taxes, the majority of food and other items is imported. This makes the cost of things you need for your life really expensive. You will pay more for basic necessities, but on the other hand, you will not lack anything in Kuwait.

Being an expat in Kuwait means having trouble finding friends

Finding friends in Kuwait can be really hard. Almost 95 percent of the population is Muslim, and rarely you will find friends among them. On the other hand, you will turn to other expats from different countries. This is great, and you will find out a lot about other cultures, and your horizons will definitely be broadened. The only downside to this is that being an expat has its limits. Some of your expat friends will only live in Kuwait for a couple of years or even months, thus making you to always find new friends.


There are numerous opportunities to travel and meet new places in Kuwait or near Kuwait. However, being an expat in Kuwait means that you should never forget to bring your passport with you. If you forget to bring your passport with you while in Kuwait, or in any other nearby country, and the police ask you for your ID, they have the power to deport you simply for this. Have this in mind, while you are packing your suitcases for a new adventure.

a woman whose hat and hand are only shown, pointing with index finger to a place on the map. There is a laptop, camera, mug, a passport and sunglasses on the map as well.
Before you start traveling in Kuwait, make sure to bring your passport with you at all times, as you risk being deported otherwise

Moving to Kuwait

In most cases, you will move to Kuwait by airplane, and you should definitely be familiar with air freight Kuwait companies. Note that while each country has its regulations about export and import of goods, Kuwait really means business. Here is a list of things Kuwait government prohibits:

  • Pork,
  • Any meat product,
  • Alcohol,
  • Guns and explosives,
  • Drugs, being prescription or non-prescription,
  • Electronic cigarettes,
  • Cosmetics,
  • Computers and computer components.

These are the things that people use on an everyday basis and they are considered to be prohibited items for shipping to Kuwait, so bear that in mind.


If you are being an expat in Kuwait with your children, their education will be costly. As if this is not enough, it probably will not even be of very high quality. There are many private schools, so language will not be a barrier to education. On the other hand, there are a lot of Universities in Kuwait, so there is no reason to travel far to receive higher education.

A business of your own

If you want to start your own business in Kuwait, you may encounter some difficulties. The greatest one of all is that you must have a Kuwaiti business partner. However, there is more, the Kuwaiti partner will own 51 percent of the business, while you will have 49 percent. The regulations are strict and oriented toward not really helping the expats. Looking on the bright side, even if you are just an employee in Kuwait, the salaries are very high. The Kuwait currency is the highest valued currency in the world. So we cannot say that Kuwait is not generous.

roofs of business buildings photographed from the ground and blue sky.
Owning a business in Kuwait sounds great until you find that a Kuwaiti business partner owning 51% of your business is a must.

Being an expat in Kuwait definitely has its downsides, however, you will have a highly paid job, lots of opportunities to travel and eat excellent food. You will meet great people from all over the world and enjoy yourself on the beach.