Prohibited items for shipping to Kuwait

Before you ship anything, it is smart to ask what are prohibited items for shipping to Kuwait. Shipping your goods with freight forwarding companies in Kuwait is easy. They can tell you exactly what is forbidden. But, before that, you can learn too. Not only Kuwait has prohibited items, any other country has a list. Our guide will help give you an idea of what is and what is not permitted.

Why Kuwait has banned certain things

First, Kuwait is not the only state in the Middle East that has banned certain items that are normal to Americans and Europeans. Official religion in Kuwait is Islam, and according to their religious rules, some food and drink is haram (things that are forbidden in Islam, a sin). They have special rules of clothing, eating, drinking etc. As soon as you learn the rules, the better. Reasons why Kuwait has banned certain things are:

  • For religious reasons – Islam has its own rules, like any other religion.
  • For their safety – Prohibited items for shipping to Kuwait are not just for religious reasons. The safety is in the first place, of course.

How to pack items for shipping

Shipping small packages should be easy. Choose a box that is a little bit larger than the item you are shipping. If you do it, you can cushion the item with packing material on all sides. However, the box in good condition and sturdy enough to survive the trip is a good box. If you pack fragile items it could be a little bit challenging. Pack the item with air bubble foil, foam, or newspaper and there will no room for your item to move around in the package. Then, use a packing tape (at least 2 inches wide) to secure the box. You need to properly label the package and also do not forget a return address. If it is an old box, cover any previous labels or cross out any previous address information.

A box for shipping
Pack and secure your items for shipping. A box should be new and firm.

Import Duties

Kuwaiti customs duties are, believe or not, the lowest in the region. But, of course, there are protective tariffs on some goods. It must be paid in Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD). Customs use a list of ‘standard’ exchange rates to translate the CIF value into KD. Duty-free items are for example food products, medicines, essential consumer goods, live animals, bullion etc.  For industrial and farm products from other GCC states, you also do not have to pay duty. Also, you do not have to pay it for raw materials, semi-processed goods, equipment and spare parts for new industrial establishments.

What are prohibited items for shipping to Kuwait

This is the list. Not only these items are prohibited for shipping, some of them are forbidden in Kuwait for using too. You need to have documents to import products to Kuwait such as a certificate of origin, an invoice, a packing list and a bill of lading. All Shipping Documents should be in English language only. You can ship large and heavy items internationally without any problem, but it must be approved.

Any media displaying the female anatomy

Female should be covering themselves. That is hijab. The woman can show just their face and hands, everything more of this you cannot show and it is haram. Also, if you can see the female body over clothes you cannot ship that kind of photo. Pornographic material is also a sin, of course, and you cannot ship it.

Woman with hijab
Showing a woman’s body in Islam is a haram (sin). This is the example of a proper dress

Guns, explosives, knives, deadly weapons and ammunition

First, this is for their safety, and it has nothing with Islam. Any kind of deadly weapon is prohibited items for shipping to Kuwait. This is the rule for every country in the world, not just for Kuwait.

Pork, meat, meat products and alcoholic products

Pork and alcohol are also a big sin. You cant ship drinks with alcohol ( for example wine or beer). Do not ship it. Kuwait is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which also includes Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and also Saudi Arabia. Gulf Cooperation Council member states are working hard to harmonize food import standards, including label and shelf‑life regulations. If you want to ship food you prepare abroad, you cannot. Also, fresh vegetables are in this group of items.

All goods from Israel

Kuwait prohibits imports from Israel. Israeli products and Israeli coupons or any other movable values are forbidden to ship it to Kuwait. Goods and commodities made in Israel or in the production of which any percentage of the products of Israel enters are consider Israeli too. It does not matter if goods and commodities come directly or indirectly from Israel. Also, do not ship animals from Iraq.

Another prohibited items for shipping to Kuwait are

It is important to know everything about shipping items to Kuwait. You do not want to return you a box. So, there are a few more forbidden items for shipping. Such as:

  • Compact discs
  • Computer, computer components, parts, and software
  • Cosmetics
  • Drugs, Prescription or Non-Prescription
  • Electronic Cigarettes
  • Films: entertainment, promotional, training
  • Things offensive to Kuwait Royal family, also to Kuwait politics, traditions or offensive to Muslim culture too
  • Tapes and video cassettes
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Medical samples dental supplies and equipment
  • Phones/modems
  • Plants and Plant Products
  • Radar and radio equipment
  • Telecommunications and television equipment

Kuwait import restrictions

Do not pack prohibited items for shipping to Kuwait.
Learn before you pack what is prohibited in Kuwait

Jewelry such as gold, precious metal, stones, and silver will require Ministry of Commerce gold department approval regardless of the value. But golds of 18k or below 18k are prohibited items for shipping to Kuwait. You can find logistics companies in Kuwait if you want to move there or ship something. They provide a detailed plan of the forwarding process from point A to point B.