Sea Waybill and its importance

Transporting and shipping goods requires a lot of preparation and a lot of research. Luckily for you, most of the things you want or need to know about shipping cargo are available on the Internet. You can find out all the information you need about shipping companies in Kuwait, but also about the entire process of transporting goods. When you are shipping freight, there is a certain protocol you have to follow. One of the important things when transporting goods is Sea Waybill. If you want to find out more about the Sea Waybill and its importance, keep reading.

Shipping containers - you should get familiar with the Sea Waybill when transporting them
If you are shipping goods, there are some things you should research. One of them being the Sea Waybill.

What is a Sea Waybill and its importance?


To put it simply, the Sea Waybill is a contract. But what kind of contract and what is SWB’s purpose? It is a transport contract, that people also refer to as a contract of carriage. You don’t need a Sea Waybill for the delivery of goods, but it is issued as a cargo receipt. It can come both in hard copy format or a soft copy format. A great thing about Sea Waybill is that it can be sent by e-mail. This is a much quicker option and it’s also a small, but important way to help the environment as you’re not using unnecessary paper. Another name for the Sea Waybill is ”Straight Bill of Lading”.

Containers in a port
Whatever you are shipping and however you are shipping it, you are going to need a contract of carriage.

The importance of the Sea Waybill

If you’re wondering why you should use the Sea Waybill (SWB), then Easy Move Kuwait will help you. The Sea Waybill is a contract that will make the transportation of cargo easier than if you went for a Bill of Lading. You can find all the information about the goods you are transporting on this document. It says everything someone needs to know about the transport. For example: who is sending the goods, who is receiving them, where they are being shipped to and what the containers hold inside. It is an important document that you simply need to use when you are shipping freight. If you trust your consignee, if you’re not selling the goods and if the cargo is paid for with an approved line of credit, it’s time to use the Sea Waybill. SWB is important because it allows faster communication between the two ends of transport.

What is the difference between a Sea Waybill and a Bill of Lading?

  • A Bill of Lading is another type of a contract of carriage. But, a Bill of Lading is also a cargo receipt and a document of title. This contract can even be negotiable. Unlike a Bill of Lading, a Sea Waybill is non-negotiable and it is not a document of title. Therefore, a Sea Waybill can’t be assigned to a third party.
  • If you don’t know who the consignee is and if there is no need for transferring title to the carried goods, a Sea Waybill is the right option. A downside of a Bill of Lading is that it has to be physically made by the consignee. So, when you don’t know who that person is, this isn’t a very convenient option.
  • When the cargo you are shipping isn’t traveling a long way, in other words when you’re sending it to a nearby location, it is easier and quicker to go for the Sea Waybill. Most people are constantly fighting a war with the administration, and the Bill of Lading undergoes a complicated, long process. It can be difficult to get the contract to the consignee before the goods arrive to them. In order to avoid this hassle, the recommended option is Sea Waybill. Another good thing is that, if you are transporting the goods by different types of transportation, i.e. by rail, ships and trucks, an SWB will make the documentation simpler as you can use it for multimodal transport.

    A cargo ship loaded with containers.
    Whether you’re sending cargo via ship, truck or rail, you can use the Sea Waybill.

All in all, this contract seems to be the better solution and that’s why the Sea Waybill is a very important part of cargo transportation.

Sea freight in Kuwait

Sea freight is the process of shipping your goods from one port to another. The shipping company packs the cargo into big containers and loads it onto a cargo ship. If you are shipping a lot of things and you want to pay as little as possible, sea transportation is a good option. This way, you can ship as many items as you like without any weight or volume restrictions. Air transportation would be quicker, but also more expensive. When you are transferring cargo this way, you should find out everything you need to know about sea freight Kuwait, about shipping companies and, of course, about the Sea Waybill.

Sea Waybill and its importance

So, whenever you are undertaking a big project like transferring freight to a faraway place, there are lots of things to do. Unfortunately, the process isn’t the easiest and it definitely requires you to find a lot of information on your own. You need to take the time to find out everything you need to know about the entire shipping procedure. If it seems too complicated, you can always consult some people with experience or professionals. Just like you can hire professional packers when you’re moving, you can contact shipping companies for help. Get familiar with the advantages of the Sea Waybill and learn how it functions.

Once you learn everything you need to know about the Sea Waybill and its importance, it is time to start the transfer. Get a SWB and load the cargo on a cargo ship and send it on its way. The Sea Waybill is a better solution than the Bill of Lading. It will, hopefully, make this whole action less complicated and more bearable.