All you should know about safe storage facilities

There are many situations when people need a safe place to store their stuff. When you’re moving, when you’re remodeling your home, when your home can’t any longer fit all of your belongings. Renting a storage unit is the most logical next step. Still, you should narrow your search for such unit only to safe storage facilities. Choosing the storage facility that has all the necessary security features will ensure the safety of your items.

When you need to check out safe storage facilities

Surely, in some cases, good decluttering of your home can solve the issue of excess things. The more realistic scenario will be that you really do have some things that are useful to you, but you are lacking space to keep them. Things like sports equipment, beach gear, tools, camping equipment, dishes for special occasions, etc.

It will be a much better solution to start looking for safe storage facilities, rather than store your items in the basement or attic. Especially the items that are sensitive to humidity and extreme temperatures. Choosing some reputable warehouse Kuwait and renting a storage unit is the best way to keep your excess things safe.

If you’re doing business abroad and in a search for a place to store your office items or your products, consult some shipping companies in Kuwait. They can recommend you the best safe storage facilities that will suit your specific needs.

Features of the safe storage facilities

When you’re deciding between several safe storage facilities, you should know what are the features you should focus on.  Not all storage facilities are equally safe, so you need to open your eyes widely. While some facilities go back and beyond to ensure the safety of your things, others have gaps in their security. That is why it is important to carefully evaluate the security features of the facility that interests you. The cleanliness and friendliness of the staff aren’t to be neglected, still, the ultimate goal is the best protection of your property.

In order to determine the level of safety in storage facilities, look at the following features.


A good fence is an essential security feature every warehouse and storage facility should have. It should be around the whole perimeter, sturdy and hardly penetrable. The taller it is, the more difficult will be for intruders to climb.

Barbwire on the top of the fence
Barbwire on the top of the fence may be a bit intimidating, but it only increases the safety of your stuff even further.


Sufficient lighting is an important security feature. Not only that discourage crime, but also make video surveillance more effective. The facility can have high-quality cameras, but it means nothing if there isn’t enough light. Even the best security camera can’t beat the dark unless it has a night recording feature. By the way, the safe storage facilities won’t have bad lighting and top of the notch surveillance system. That simply doesn’t add up.

Lighting and video surveillance - one of the basic features of safe storage facilities.
The lighter the facility is, the safer your things will be.

Video surveillance

Speaking of video surveillance, that is the absolute necessity of every secure storage facility. Still, the amount of cameras and recording time is equally important. It will be a wise choice to choose the storage facility that has recorded 24-hr video surveillance.

In the case of any foul play, you can always rewind the tape and possibly identify the intruder that has robbed or vandalized your storage unit.

Secure access to storage

Since you will be getting stuff in and out of the storage unit, your access to the facility should be convenient yet secure. Simple locks should make you raise your eyebrow since they aren’t secure enough. The best safe storage facilities will use the smart locks that are much safer than traditional locks. The main gate should have this kind of coded keypad, as well as video surveillance. If it does, that means that entering the premises will be easy for you, but rather difficult to outsiders.

Coded keypad lock - safe storage facilities use these kind of locks
Smart locks with codes are much safer options than regular locks.

What to ask

Renting a storage unit from the shady facility brings the same uncertainty as risks of hiring uncertified moving company does – it put your things in danger. In order to determine how safe storage facilities are, you should know what questions to ask. Any dishonest responses or refusing in providing you information that interests you, are the red flags.

Questions you should ask to determine how safe storage facilities are:

  • What kind of security system do you have?
    Make sure that the facility has a strong security system in order to keep your things safe.
  • Are the grounds patrolled? If they are, how often?
    Answer to this question tells you how much facility is concerned about keeping your stuff safe.
  • Are there smoke alarms in each building?
    While this is a standard, you need to confirm it before you rent a storage unit.
  • Is there a sprinkler system?
    It’s important to know that the storage facility has proper safety features in place in case of fire.
  • Is my access limited?
    You want good security measures, but also the possibility to access your things when is the most suitable for you.
  • Can I see photos of your facilities and an empty unit?
    When you can’t visit in person, it is very important that the company oblige this request. If it doesn’t, there may be something shady going on.
  • Did you have any break-ins?
    It is always a good idea to ask directly if there has been some breach in the facility’s security. Surely, don’t just take the word of the company. Research through review sites and the local authorities were there some break-ins and robberies in the storage facility that interests you.

Believe your instinct when determining how safe storage facilities are

The best way to see if the storage facility is safe is to see it in person. In the end, your things will stay there for a while, and you should make sure that they will be at a safe place. Also, touring the facility in person will start your spider sense if something doesn’t really add up. Your instinct is a valuable tool, and you should listen to it. If something feels off with the storage facility, the chances are that probably is.

Be observant and focus on every detail.

Take notice:

  • How well the facility is taken care of, inside and out
  • Are all the areas well lit?
  • Is the security fence intact? Make sure you walk around the entire perimeter to make sure.
  • If the security fence has some ripping – that’s never a good sign.
  • Where are the cameras located
  • What is required for someone to access the storage unit areas
  • Does security guards look capable to handle the possible intruders
  • How professional and courteous is the staff
  • Do you feel comfortable leaving your things in the care of facility staff?