Kuwait parking rules to know on moving day

Moving day can be pretty hectic. With everything being packed and getting ready for transport, it’s easy to forget about little things. Parking is one of those things that people often overlook. There are certain Kuwait parking rules that you need to know. It will make your moving day much easier. Losing a parking spot in front of your building can be pretty frustrating. So, here are a few traffic rules to know on moving day when it comes to parking in Kuwait.

Make sure you follow Kuwait parking rules

By following Kuwait parking rules you will not only make sure that you have a parking spot. You will also avoid parking tickets if you park improperly. Police in Kuwait is very strict when it comes to drivers. And if you happen to park your car in the wrong place, you can be sure that your car will be towed away.

When you are relocating to Kuwait as a foreigner, it’s easy to overlook some of those rules. Many people in Kuwait simply don’t follow the parking regulations. And for a first-timer, parking randomly can seem like a normal thing to do. But, in order to avoid any unpleasantries, you should stick to the guidelines.

cars representing Kuwait parking rules
Make sure to learn Kuwait parking rules

The first important rule is not to park on the yellow and black parking spot. Those parking spots are reserved for disabled people. And parking there will result in a parking ticket. Since your truck will have to be parked there for the whole day, it might even get towed. The second important rule when it comes to Kuwait parking rules is not to park on the crosswalks. It is a big traffic violation. Your car will most likely be towed away. And you will be fined for the ticket, towing service and impound lot fee.

Plan your relocation keeping in mind Kuwait parking rules

It doesn’t matter if you are moving to Kuwait from abroad or moving to a different neighborhood. You should plan your relocation. From buying quality moving boxes Kuwait to hiring reliable movers. The more you plan for your relocation, the smoother it will go. And parking is an important part of it. You need to have a plan for where your truck is going to be parked. And you need to arrange for you to have that parking spot reserved for the day.

girl sitting in front of lap top
Plan your relocation on time

Notify your neighbors

It’s not only polite, but it is sometimes necessary. You should notify your neighbors that you are moving. If you live in a small building you can go door to door and notify everyone in person. And if you happen to be living in a large building, you can post a notification in the building entrance.

You should place a notification at least a few days before you plan on moving. On the notification paper you should state a few facts:

  • The date on which you plan on moving – It will help your neighbors prepare for the noise. And it will make sure that they are aware that on that day the hallway and parking in front of the building will be taken.
  • The approximate time of the move – it will give your neighbors a better understanding of your timeframe.
  • Preferred parking spot – that way your neighbors will know to save the parking spot for you. It will also let them know that they won’t be able to park there for the duration of your move. That’s in case they plan on moving themselves or getting a big delivery
  • Your name and phone number – in case they need to contact you
  • A thank you note – thanking them for their understanding

Park close to the building

It doesn’t matter how many movers you’ve hired, or how many items you have. It’s important that you find a parking spot as close to the entrance as possible. If Kuwait parking rules prohibit the parking right in front of the entrance, find the allowed spot closest to the building.

parked cars
You should park your car as close as possible to the building

By parking so close you will achieve a few important things. First, you will have less travel distance when carrying heavy items. It might not seem like a lot but after a few heavy items, you will get tired. Secondly, you will be able to have a much more organized move. Third, you won’t have to hire too many movers. The longer the distance from your apartment to the truck the more movers you will need. And lastly, it’s important from the security standpoint of the move.

Make sure you secure your truck

If you were unable to park right in front of the building, you should make sure that your truck is safe. If you can’t easily see it from the window, you should post someone next to it. You will probably leave the back of the truck open for the duration of the move. And someone passing by could easily steal your items. So, make sure that you have a friend stationed next to the track for the duration of the move. That person can also be in the back of the truck. That way, he or she will be able to stack boxes while you go for the next batch. It will not only help security but will also allow you to store much more items in the truck And that will allow you to load a moving truck with minimal risk and efficiently.

Don’t park too close to other cars

While it’s not one of the Kuwait parking rules, it is common sense. If you park too close to the other cars you can easily block them from exiting the parking space. And remember, you will be carrying heavy items. If you happen to drop something, you can easily damage that other car. It’s best to leave at least half of the parking space on each side of your truck. That way you will ensure easy traffic on both sides. And it will also allow you to pull out your truck easily.