The benefits of shipping your car to another continent instead of buying a new one

You decided on moving to another continent and you want to import car to Kuwait but you do not know if this is the right choice. But do not worry much. We will explain why shipping your car to another continent is amazing and cost-effective. More importantly, safe and convenient. Let’s take a look at this amazing offer.

How does it work and what are the options?

The whole process is made simple and perfected over the years. There are car shipping companies that work with carriers all over the world. And they will work only with their reputable partners which means you are safe if you decide on using this service. There is no place for scammers in this line of business simply because there is a huge network, heavy machinery, and great oversight involved. So, the first thing you should do is to contact your international shipping companies in Kuwait and figure out the details. Let them know the date of the move and how many vehicles you are shipping. They will work on your moving logistics and organize shipping accordingly.

Several expensive vehicles on a parking lot
This service is amazing for businesses and people who ship more than one vehicle.

And most shipping companies offer door-to-door service. This means they will send a transport to pick up your vehicle and bring it to the loading docks. Then, they will prepare it for shipping and send it to your new address when the time comes. Also, remember to check other moving services Kuwait your company offers. There might be something convenient for you and your moving situation.

Why is shipping your car to another continent a good option?

After you evaluate your options guided by your current situation, you will realize that shipping a vehicle and bringing it with you is the best option out there. Just imagine what you have to go through if you leave it behind. Maybe you’ll have to find a safe spot, a parking slot, or a storage unit to leave your vehicle there. Are you moving abroad for good or temporarily? Who will maintain your vehicle while you are gone? If you must sell it quickly, what kind of price you are going to get? If you leave your vehicle with a friend, is it going to bother them or are they going to take good care of it?

As you can see, if you start thinking about it you’ll end up with a huge headache. Therefore, crunch the numbers and you’ll see that investing around $1000 and bringing your car with you is much more convenient. Besides, if you leave it behind, you still must pay for some kind of transport and maintain your vehicle back home. Think about it for a second and choose what is best for your situation.

Maintenance and safety standards

If you decide on using this service, you must check something first. The model of your car should be supported by all means in your new country. This means that it can be hard to maintain a vehicle manufactured on the other side of the world. Maybe you’ll struggle to purchase spare parts and there is always a question of laws and regulations tied to gas emissions and safety standards in general. So, you must check this beforehand and calculate the risk. This is probably the only drawback we can mention regarding the car shipping service to another continent.

Shipping your car to another continent and the price of the service

Ok, we must say that the price of the service is not cheap at all. But if you compare it to anything else you have on the table right now, it is still good. Remember, maybe you want to keep your car, or you are forced to buy a new one. What if you can’t find a used car that will suit your needs and you must purchase whatever comes your way? Or what if you must purchase a brand new car which is far more than all services combined? Not to mention all the papers and documents involved. So, you must know that the shipping price varies from many different factors. Check the following:

  • Shipping company
  • Door-to-door service
  • Premium services
  • Destination
  • Type of vehicle
  • The risk
A person counting money
Calculate costs and prepare a budget. Ensure you can cover all expenses involved.

As you can see, you will pay from $1000 up to $4000 for the complete premium service. And yes, you can always go with the budget version and ship your vehicle at the lowest price. You do not have to purchase premium service or rent a shipping container if not necessary. And you should know that the basic lowest price for shipping a single vehicle is around $500. Remember to ask for a discount if you are shipping more than one vehicle.

Get in and drive away

Shipping your car to another continent is so convenient that if you match it right, you can have your car waiting there for you. Isn’t that amazing? You can simply hop in and drive straight away. Although, before you can drive your car on another continent, you must ensure your driver’s license is valid. You can find this info online or you can visit the local DMV for more info. We suggest checking everything beforehand and cover the requirements online. Moreover, you must inspect your car before the shipping and ensure they are in a good shape to be shipped in the first place. If necessary, pay a visit to your local mechanic in advance as well.

You get to keep your favorite vehicle

Finally, we can’t miss out on the emotional aspect of the whole story. You might be attached to your vehicle for various reasons and you want to keep it at all costs. It is understandable, especially if this is a family vehicle or the one you have for a long time. You got used to it after all and you are not ready for the change. Therefore, shipping your car to another continent is the solution.

Keep your favorite vehicle by shipping your car to another continent
If you decide on using shipping services you get to keep your favorite vehicle.

Also, it is the same if you are in possession of an old-timer, a custom-made model, or a model that is not available in your new country. And if you are shipping such a vehicle, you might want to purchase moving insurance. Communicate this part and let your shipper explain what kind of coverage they offer. If you are not satisfied, seek vehicle insurance from a regular insurance company.

Now you know the benefits of shipping your car to another continent. Hopefully, we explained enough so you can consider this amazing service. Calculate your budget and weigh the costs. We are sure your decision will be the viable one. Good luck.