Multifamily moving tips – Saudi Arabia edition

Moving a family is a very challenging task to take on. Whether you are moving locally or internationally, there are always many things you need to do. From finding a new home to organizing shipping to Saudi Arabia it can be very overwhelming. But, with a proper moving guide and a set checklist, your move can be a breeze. Even if you are an owner of a property where many families need to move in or out of, you can help guide them through this process. We’ll give you the best multifamily moving tips you’ll need to share with your residents! When you are supportive and attentive to your tenants, they are more likely to stay in your building longer. So why not go out of your way and give them a hand so they feel more at home?

The only multifamily moving tips you’ll need

First things first, you can assist your residents in researching international moving companies for their move. In case they are moving to or from Saudi Arabia, they might want to work with a local moving company to get the best service possible. We all know that finding a moving company can be challenging. Even when you’ve relocated multiple times, you will always have a much easier moving process when the professionals are by your side. Your tenants will thank you if you can find and recommend a trustworthy Saudi Arabian moving company that can help them in their relocation! 

family unpacking after a move
Moving a family is not an easy task. But, when you’ve got help, nothing is impossible!

Moreover, you can educate them regarding moving insurance and the paperwork they’ll need to handle. Easy Move Kuwait always recommends getting moving insurance, but there are a few different types out there. All of this can be very stressful and overwhelming for your tenants. This is why they will appreciate your help and the multifamily moving tips you can give them along the way. For example, in some countries, it is a common thing to tip your movers. If your tenants are moving internationally, you can give them advice on how this is handled in Saudi Arabia, so they don’t feel embarrassed by doing the wrong thing.

Good packing tips are always welcome

As the most time-consuming moving task of them all, packing can give many residents headaches. It takes a long time to complete, and if you don’t do it right, your belongings may get damaged during transport. One thing you can say to your tenants is to get professional packing services. That way, they can relax, knowing every item will be carefully packed and secured for the long trip ahead. Not only that but by having the movers pack their belongings, they can focus on their family and preparing everything else for the upcoming relocation. These professionals can also bring their own packing materials and equipment, so your tenants won’t have to find them on their own.

professional moving and packing
Having a team that can pack for you is going to make any move so much easier. Talk to your tenants and tell them why it is beneficial to get professional packing assistance.

In the case when they wish to pack themselves, they will want to know a few things. First things first, they don’t have to pack everything in moving boxes. A family usually has multiple suitcases and bins in their home already. These can do just fine for their move – and they’ll be saving some money along the way as well. If they choose to get cardboard moving boxes, they should get multiple sizes, as not everything can fit in a small or a large box. Additionally, good tape and packing peanuts can be really useful as well. No one wants their box to fall apart during the relocation and risk damaging the items inside!

Guide your residents regarding transferring utilities

Another thing your residents will have to do is transfer their address and utilities. For your unit, you can make a list of all the important services your tenants will need to shut off or transfer before they move. Having a list like this one will make everything so much easier! It also lowers the chances of making moving mistakes and forgetting important steps along the way. For those who are moving to Saudi Arabia for the first time, you can advise them on what internet and cable provider they can get, and how to update their address on their documents. Some of them may become Saudi Arabian residents – you can guide them on registering as a voter and change the license plates on their vehicle. 

Multifamily moving tips won’t be complete without proper post-moving activities

As with any relocation, moving to a new area can be scary for some. They won’t know anyone, and their new neighborhood will be different than what they are used to. With your help, they will feel more welcome and at home after their move! A good idea is to have a list of the closest supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, schools, and other places they might be interested in. If they have this when they arrive at your building, they won’t feel as lost or lonely.

couple looking at a list
You can give your tenants a list of possible post-move activities and places to visit. This is going to help them out so much. They will know exactly where to go after they’ve unpacked!

In the end, being a good support to your tenants will definitely make an impact on their moving process. They will appreciate all the help they can get. Moving can get really stressful and hard, but if you’ve got good support along the way, you don’t have to feel any burden at all! Even an international relocation to Saudi Arabia can be a piece of cake if you do everything right. Last but not least, you can advise your residents to always begin their moving process on time – that way, no one will feel rushed and everything can get done on time!