Relocating to Kuwait – room by room packing guide

Moving house isn’t a simple task you can complete in one day. Sure, maybe your actual moving day is only a few hours long, but there is so much more work that has to go into the entire process. Months and weeks of planning before moving day is what makes it all go so smooth and easy. Relocating to Kuwait is a piece of cake when you plan it ahead of time. For instance, you might benefit from having a detailed room by room packing guide to follow along the way! Since packing is the most tedious task of any relocation process, breaking it up into a few parts will make it seem so much easier. So, let’s get started and show you how you can pack for the upcoming move without any stress or rush. 

The only room by room packing guide you’ll ever need

First things first, you have to decide whether you will be packing on your own, or you’ll ask the movers to help you out. Many moving companies will offer special packing services to their clients, so the relocation can go much quicker. Packing will take up a lot of your time if you end up doing it on your own. Sometimes you don’t even have the time to spare, so you do it in a rush.

family packing for a move
Packing for the upcoming relocation doesn’t have to be stressful at all.

However, when you aren’t being careful, you can make a lot of mistakes and your belongings may not be safe in transport. Taking the time to pack properly will ensure everything goes according to plan. A good Kuwait moving crew will know how to pack even the most fragile items, and will also bring their own packing materials. So, if you are moving for the first time, or you are way too busy, get in touch with a moving company to help you pack! 

On the other hand, if you have enough time and energy to devote to packing for the move, you need to have a good plan. A big task such as this one has to be broken into a few parts. Doing them one by one will make it less stressful and easier. So, why not start by making a room-by-room packing guide? For each room, you will prepare a list of minor tasks you need to do. That way, you’ll feel more accomplished after you’ve packed each section of your home.

man taping a moving box
When you don’t have the time to pack on your own, you can always rely on your movers. They can pack your entire house for you!

Packing the kitchen for the move is the biggest task to handle

The kitchen is one of the rooms where you’ll need to pay more attention. Not only do you have to prepare big and bulky appliances for transport, but you have a lot of small fragile ones to pack as well. To ensure your plates, glassware, mugs, and utensils are secure in the moving truck, you should wrap each piece into bubble wrap. Then, carefully stack them in a moving box, making sure there isn’t any space between the items. After the box is full, add packing peanuts to it. They can fill any holes and furthermore prevent the items from clanking.

As for the bigger appliances, you will probably need help from the best shipping company in Kuwait. Transferring large and bulky items to a new location has to be done with utmost care. Movers will know exactly how to pack them before shipping. Not only that, but they will have the appropriate equipment to carry it from your house to the truck. Handling heavy furniture and appliances can be very dangerous, so you shouldn’t attempt to do it yourself! 

Moving on to the bedrooms

Now it’s time to pack all the clothes and linen. This might be the easiest room in the house to pack for the move! First things first, you can pack your clothes in suitcases and bags. There is also one very useful trick you can use to pack the items that are on hangers. Take them together from the rack and place them in a large garbage bag. Then, tie a string around the hangers, so they still stay together. After you move in, you can simply remove them from the bag and put them directly on a rack! 

girl packing clothes into a suitcase
Packing your clothes for the move is probably the easiest part of the entire process!

Moreover, packing soft items such as linen, pillows, and duvets is so much easier when you use vacuum bags. Not only will it save space in the moving truck, but it will also keep the items inside safe and dry. Moisture damage is something you need to keep in mind, as well as moths that can find their way inside your moving boxes. To keep moths away from your belongings, add a small lavender pack to each of the vacuum-sealed bags.

Finishing this room by room packing guide with a few more tips

One of the rooms you’ll need to pack is probably your office. If you’re not being careful, you may end up having a lot of tangled cables in the end. Not only that but if you don’t know which one is for which device, then you’re in trouble. So, when you’re packing electronics for the move, you should go slow and label each item as you unplug it. Try to keep the parts and cables for one device in the same bag. However, tie the cable in such a way so it doesn’t get damaged or tangled in a box. You can also label them as you go, using various methods to ensure you know what is what.

In the end, when you start on time and have a detailed packing list, you will see that it isn’t as intimidating as you thought. Separating this big task into a lot of smaller ones will make it so much easier!