Steps you can take when your things are damaged during a move

Steps you can take when your things are damaged start with prevention, intelligence, and fast acting. You can prepare for relocation fast, but there are a lot of steps to take to avoid damage. The most difficult when organizing moving is to protect items from damage. It is for sure that you cannot have control over things if you do not know packing materials or vehicles. For those reasons, it is always better to contact professional packers and movers to help you.

How do packs prevent damage?

One of the first steps you can take when your things are damaged starts before damages happen. Prevention is the first step you should take if you want to avoid problems. However, companies have a standardized procedure in these cases, so you can at least decrease the possibility that damage will be too significant.

One of the steps you can take when your things are damaged is to use only new boxes

Make an inventory list

One of the first steps when organizing relocation is to make an inventory list. It should include all items you have, sorted by usage or any other criteria you feel comfortable with. The key is making a list of things you should pack, so purchasing the packing material will be more straightforward. In this case, you can also list items that are more sensitive, expensive, or demands different preparation. You should do this before relocating to Kuwait.

Hire professional company

Although you may feel comfortable and have self-esteem, hiring professionals for this case is better. You will have much more time to protect and prepare items for moving, and surely avoid all problems that may happen. On the other hand, international movers Kuwait has long experience in these jobs and can prevent any damage or loss. Feel free to rely on their advice and support.

Purchase the suitable packing material

It should be a standard, but many people do not know how to prepare for packing. There are a lot of excellent packing materials that you can use to protect items from damage. Packing services Kuwait will surely help you choose suitable options. However, you will not make a mistake if you buy a lot of padding material, wrapping plastic, and cardboard boxes. It is important to pack items there correctly.

Steps you can take when your things are damaged

When damages happen, the first you should do is not to panic. There are many simple ways to make this process easier and faster. Make sure you can control the process; if something unexpected happens, do what you need to do. After all, companies have a lot of methods to resolve these problems.

Take a moving insurance

This is something that every professional moving company will recommend. Having insurance will significantly change the way you control the process of moving. It is for sure that you will have a difficult job asking for a monetary refund for every damage, but it is the reason why insurance exists. Also, you will need to prepare the documents the insurance company asks for. Note that you need to check if insurance covers all damages, occasions, and causes of the problem, like a flood, weather conditions, etc.

Unpack boxes with witnesses

You will indeed have helpers when relocating, but it is crucial to have a person watch opening the boxes after moving. It is essential to have somebody that can confirm all damages you have seen.

  • Make sure that you have documented all damages and problems visible on packages and boxes (make photos if it is needed);
  • Start with documenting before opening the boxes to prove that the company’s workers damage them;
  • Do not panic because there are a lot of steps you can take when your things are damaged.

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    You cannot prevent weather conditions and storms

Fill a claim

Companies have unique forms that clients fill out when damages happen. One of the steps you can take when your things are damaged is to describe the injuries precisely. Forms that company use usually have a lot of questions, so make sure that you have answered exactly and detailed them. Do not forget to mention when you noticed the problem and what you have done after that.

The company will maybe offer to compensate

In most cases, the company will offer you compensation without official documents and papers. They will do it to avoid the complicated procedure, but it does not mean you have protected yourself. You should be sure that it is the best option for you and accept only if it is real compensation for the damage. Do not accept the agreement without proof or a witness, though.

Complain to the company

If nothing helps, you can make a final step you can take when things are damaged. It presumes to claim to the official institution, usually organized by the government, that will mediate in this case. You should have all documents to prove that you adequately protected items from damages. Photos of the damaged packages and objects, as well as witnesses, are the best you can have now.

Prevent money loss

One of the worst problems, when damages happen is money loss. You can avoid this by preparing to move and avoiding all troubles and problems. However, you will be much calmer if you have an alternative for this problem and plans for emergencies.

Even in the worst cases, try to stay calm

You can ask for a mediator

Moving companies and insurance companies have great options to prevent problems when damages happen. You can have help from an educated and practiced professional who will mediate during this process. You can ask your professional mediator or hire one of the agency’s officials. Whatever it is, you will need proof and goodwill to resolve the problem.

Take calm

It is essential to point out that stress during moving is too high, so you should do whatever you can to avoid it. One of the ways is to stay calm whenever you can. In these situations, it is crucial to keep your mind clear and stay calm if you can. Learn relaxation techniques and remain calm even if you feel otherwise. It is one of the steps you can take when your things are damaged.