A guide to recycling your old moving supplies

Once the hectic part of moving has passed, you will be left with a lot of moving supplies. When you were buying them, you were thinking the more the better. And while it is true, they protected your items, now you have a huge mess on your hands. The easiest thing to do would be to take everything, put it in the trash, and wait for it to disappear on your new garage collecting day. But the world has already enough problems because of the growing landfills. Even though you might think that one person won’t make a difference, they will make a step towards a difference. The majority of Kuwait movers are doing everything they can to do business in a more eco-friendly way, and encourage their customers to do the same. A big step to getting there is recycling your old moving supplies.

Recycling your old moving supplies

People are slowly getting more green. They are making decisions every day that will hopefully lead to a better future for our planet. If you are joining the movement, then you are likely thinking about recycling your old moving supplies after moving with some international movers Kuwait. You can do this by:

  • Return them to your movers
  • Green bin
  • Sell them
  • Donate
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Every decision makes a change



If you have bought some moving boxes Kuwait, there is a high chance that your movers can take them back. While packing paper, bubble wrap and packing tape can usually just be used once, you can ask what you can do with them. When it comes to moving boxes, they will be more than happy to take them back. It would be a shame to throw perfectly good cardboard boxes away when your movers can give them to other people and make their customers happier with them.

Green bin

If the first option didn’t work, and you just want to throw them away, giving them up for recycling is a great option as well. Many moving boxes are recyclable, and if that is your case, you can put them into the green bin. if you have a huge amount, flatten them and put them next to the green bin.


Moving boxes that are still in perfect condition after you finished moving with the help of some packing services in Kuwait, you could sell them. Anyone who is about to move will look for boxes online at some point since they are in a good shape and much cheaper than new ones. By selling your moving boxes and leftover, unused packing materials, you do both the planet and someone who is about to move a favor.


Believe it or not, you can even donate moving boxes. You likely know someone who is moving soon, and these people will never say no to moving boxes. If you are not successful like that, you can even post on social media whether someone needs free packing supplies.

Picture of cardboard boxes
You can be recycling your old moving supplies by giving them to someone else

When you think about recycling your old moving supplies, you need to keep in mind that every country has other regulations when it comes to this. While some countries as very strict about separating waste, others don’t do anything about it. We wish you success with recycling your packing supplies!