How to pack your library when relocating?

If you are a bit of a bookworm packing your book collection can be a serious task. You will need a good strategy in order to protect your books and pack efficiently. Relocation is a time-consuming and tiring process, so it is very important to be well-organized and prepared. We have some tips on how to find reliable moving companies in Kuwait, organize your belongings, and pack your library when relocating.

Go through all your books and organize them

Start organizing your bookshelves at least a month or two before the moving day. Decluttering is a crucial part of this process because it would be hard and unnecessary to move your entire collection. Go through all your books and try to separate books you don’t want to keep, either because you didn’t like them, or you have read them several times, or because they are damaged. Think of this as a great opportunity to make room for new additions to your collection. Once you decide which books you want to keep you can take the rest to a used bookstore or a library, sell or donate them. Remember that the cost of your relocation depends on the weight and volume of your belongings. Considering that a stack of books can be quite heavy, getting rid of some of them would reduce moving expenses.

A young man with a pile of books
Have you thought about a strategy that will help you pack your library when relocating

Choose the best method to pack your library when relocating

Since books come in various sizes and shapes, the best way to strategically pack them is to categorize them first. Divide them into piles according to size and shape – this will enable you to use most of each moving box. Take pictures of bookshelves before you start to pack so that you would know how the books were organized on a shelf.

Start packing the largest books first. Lay them flat against the bottom of a box and align the spines on one side so that all uneven edges are on the other side. Don’t pack more than 25 pounds of books in a single box if you plan to hire moving professionals from international moving companies. However, if you plan to move on your own, we would advise packing smaller boxes. If you are not a professional you might not know how to lift boxes properly or might have back issues.

Use quality packing supplies to pack your library when relocating

Make sure you use only quality packing materials in order to avoid damage. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy new cardboard boxes, but make sure the ones you use are in good condition, sturdy, and durable. In addition to moving boxes of various sizes, you will need packing paper, tape, scissors, markers, and bubble wrap.

Once you place your books in moving boxes, add some packing paper to fill in loose spaces. Examine the box carefully and make sure it is not damp because mold can damage your collection. Once you close the box, double-tape the top and label it.

A couple packing books
Pack your books carefully and label the boxes

Do you need a storage facility?

Renting a storage unit during the moving process can greatly speed up and facilitate your move. There are many experienced warehousing companies in Kuwait that would be perfect for you and your needs. Storing part of your belongings would enable you to move in stages, which is a big plus if you have a huge book collection. Your movers could transport some of your belongings to a warehouse close to your new home so that you would have easy access.

Hire a good moving company to help you

Moving a home library can be quite challenging. Perhaps it would be best to hire a professional moving company to help you. Not only would experienced movers save you time and energy, but it might also be a cheaper option in the long run. In addition, you will avoid damage to your belongings and prevent moving injuries. Moving injuries, such as strained back, sprained ankle, and knee injuries, are very common especially if you are an inexperienced mover. So, if you opt for a DIY move try to be as careful as possible.

Before you hire a particular moving company, you need to do thorough research. First, ask your friends and family whether they can recommend a reliable moving company. Next, visit specialized moving websites. In addition to general information about companies, these websites provide license information, companies’ ratings, and reviews. Read previously submitted comments and complaints to get a clear idea about the quality of service companies to provide. Finally, request several moving estimates so that you can compare the costs.

Hire good movers to pack your library when relocating
Moving professionals can handle every aspect of your move

Create a moving plan

Creating a plan of action is essential. Start thinking about all moving-related activities well in advance. You need to create a list of all your tasks, a timeline, and a schedule. In this way, you won’t forget anything and you will stay organized and on track. Include everything, from researching storage facilities to gathering boxes to pack your library when relocating. You should know exactly what you should be doing each step of the way.

Planning how to pack your library when relocating takes time. The moving process doesn’t start on a moving day, but months before. First, you need to go through your book collection and separate the ones you must keep from those you can sell or donate. Once you declutter your home, it is time to make an inventory of your library. This will ensure nothing is left behind or lost in transport.  Pack your books carefully and use only quality packing supplies. Finally, hire well-trained moving professionals to help you transport your belongings safely to your new home. We wish you good luck and a stress-free move!