Shipping and Logistics Trends in 2020

There are a few exciting shipping and logistics trends this year. On the one hand, we are facing with COVID-19 infection and consequences that will come after it. The world was not prepared for that challenge. On the other, shipping is in expansion. More and more companies transport goods all over the world. Thanks to that, things like shipping from Kuwait to Dubai has never been more natural. With good company, though, it is even cheaper and more accessible. There are a lot of things that we should have in mind.

  • Shipping effect the world economy – not to mention how companies in small countries had growth thanks to the companies that have large production and selling;
  • We cannot skip global shipping that covers every part of the world – you can full one of moving boxes Kuwait and send goods whenever you want;
  • This part of the economy affect other elements, so they are in growth, too – like new technologies and devices;
  • Shipping all over the world inevitably opens new markets in the world – learning about transportation and logistic trends helps us to understand it;
  • Many people in the world got new opportunities thanks to global shipping – we should learn how it affects our country and parts of the world where we live.

However, we cannot work in this field if they do not understand the circumstances. There are a lot of things that change shipping trends this year. We can predict some of them. Experienced economists surely can make predictions in the long term. On the other hand, nothing above is essential when something like this happens. Closing of the countries at the beginning of 2020 will change our lives.

Environmental protection
Shipping will be greener in years to come

One of the shipping and logistic trends will be protecting the environment

Now it is more than ever obvious how nature changes when people do not travel. We are aware of the great recovering of famous touristic places. However, it is not forever. We should learn to protect it even later when this epidemic stops. So, shipping will surely grow in that part, greener transporting.

The new word will be sustainability

Logistic companies in Kuwait know it for a long time. However, new shipping companies must learn that shipping must protect the environment. They must switch to resolutions that less pollute the environment. Thanks to new vehicles, electric engines will be possible. Also, they will use cars in the sun and wind, which is even better.

Everything must be greener

Environmental protection presumes less pollution, no waste, and a cleaner world. It is not easy, though. Shipping and logistic companies learn every day how to go greener. It is especially hard for sea freight Kuwait. Shipping on those long distances means a lot of fuel and large tankers for shipping.

New standards

Every company has faced with new rules about CO2 emission. As they said, experts expect to decrease emissions by 77% during this year. It means new organic fuel and alternatives. However, they must change much more than that. It means fewer ships and shipping routes, which will affect the price.

Better reducing of bins

We all know that pollution starts with waste and bins from our homes. However, shipping companies learn this lesson every day. They have a waste that they cannot only recycle. A better option is saving on packaging, recycling, and using organic materials. Companies will learn it more in the future.

Workers are one changed shipping and logistics trends

Technology is a great thing. It will change our lives and improve working with heavy items. We are sure that it will affect working in a large business like shipping. Unfortunately, technology will change people’s lives. Companies will find ways to decrease the number of workers. So, one of the logistic trends this year is to find a replacement for the people.

Robots will replace workers in years to come

Tech integration

Shipping companies already use GPS logistics. They will use it even more. Luckily, companies are better every day in this technology. We can find the location of every ship using our phones. It will become even more comfortable in the future. Thanks to it, they will stop mistakes and accidents.

More automatized moves

Shipping companies know that they lose time on logistics the most. The organization of transporting and transportation itself takes time, mostly on the organization. So, with better automatization, companies will organize moving much faster. They will achieve it with superior technology and devices.

Robots will replace humans

Unfortunately, technology will replace workers in storage. Artificial intelligence already took place in large companies. On the other hand, workers will still command and organize shipping. It does not mean that people will lose their job automatically. In most cases, they will lose places in the first row, as physical workers. However, the organization will still be their first job.


It is a good option for small companies. They cannot work with large companies anymore and represent a trustworthy competitor. On the other hand, they could use their jobs to make a partnership with other small companies. Only in that way will they survive. It could be an excellent opportunity for changing the approach and business philosophy.

Our health will change shipping and logistics trends

It happens. We are facing one of the worst situations in the world. Not only that, but we also are in danger because of COVID-19. We are witnessing how the world economy changes. It will be hard to organize shipping again after this pandemic. So, people who track logistic trends much take this in mind first.

Hand disinfection
The world will change after this pandemic

Global demand for cold chain services

In the past decade, more and more companies have used cold chain services. In most cases, they have transported food and products. However, medicine has taken place in the global economy. Now, every country in the world could get its drug or vaccine. It could be a good chance for transportation and logistics companies.


It is hard to end with shipping and logistics trends and not mention this pandemic. It is for sure that things will change globally after it. The only we can is to follow official pandemic information and wait to see how the world will look like later.