Moving abroad in the middle of coronavirus pandemic

So, you are moving abroad in the middle of coronavirus pandemic. First, you need to know that there is no room for panic. Moving services around the world still operate. So, you should be covered. The bigger problem is closed borders around the world. If you are shipping from Kuwait to UK, for example, you won’t be able to do it at this point. There are however countries that didn’t close down completely. Unfortunately, border restriction change frequently since this all started. So you should inform yourself about the current state before doing anything else.

Moving abroad in the middle of coronavirus pandemic is not going to be much different

Even though the border closedowns affect international travel greatly at this point, things change rapidly. But we can guess that the current state shouldn’t last much longer. However, this pandemic is not going away so quickly and we will probably have to apply certain health protocols for some time. That is the biggest change as far as moving abroad in the middle of a pandemic is concerned. Your office movers will be properly protected. Your responsibility will be to protect yourself and stick to current behavioral guidelines.

A mask and a sanitizer
Make sure that you are well equipped before your movers arrive

Moving abroad in the middle of coronavirus pandemic? Do your research first

So, your first step is to find out how is the situation with borders. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find reliable information on this matter. Therefore, the best way is to contact your moving services Kuwait and ask them about the current situation.  If you find out that it is possible for you to move, you should start planning your move.

Prepare your “moving abroad in the middle of coronavirus pandemic” plan

Of course, when you are relocating abroad during coronavirus pandemic, planning will be very important. You need to plan how to declutter, acquire boxes, pack, and protect yourself in that process.  Finally, even though international moving services still operate, things are going slower than usual. So, plan accordingly.

Decluttering during COVID-19 Pandemic

Even though it is not a normal situation, you will have to do all the steps. Like you would before the outbreak.  Of course, decluttering is the first thing to do. Go through your items and identify things that you want to get rid of. Removing excess items is the best way to simplify your move. But it will also be beneficial to your finance. Of course, organizing a yard sale in the middle of coronavirus pandemic is not possible. Therefore you will need to rely on the internet to do so. Of course, before you start selling your items, make sure that they are properly sanitized.

Storage services during coronavirus epidemic

Maybe you will want to store a part of your inventory. Luckily, storage services are still working as well. Maybe you will encounter shorter working hours and similar issues. But you can still safely store your items in a storage unit. Of course, make sure that you follow all health-related protocols. Wearing the mask during a visit to your storage. Keeping the distance from other people. And properly sanitizing your items before storing them.

Sanitizing products
If you plan to store your items when moving abroad in the middle of coronavirus pandemic, make sure that you sanitize them

Inform your movers if you or your family members are exposed to coronavirus

If your inventory is ready, you can call and book your movers. The important thing now is to warn your movers if you or your family members have been exposed to coronavirus. Of course, your movers will still want to help you. But by informing them in advance about the situation will help them to apply health protocols to keep them safe. Isolate the infected members of your family, sanitize your items, and make sure that you wear a protective mask and gloves. By doing this you will keep the virus from spreading to your movers.

Make sure that you provide the moving crew with hygiene products

Hand washing has proven to be one of the most effective ways to keep us safe from the virus. Of course, your movers will also need to do it. That is why it is important to provide them with soap, paper towels, sink, and hand sanitizers. If you are not sure whether you will be able to provide this, let your movers know. They will try to organize this by themselves.

Avoid free or recycled packing materials

Even though, packing supplies are costly. And people like to save money on them by using free and recycled boxes, it is not a good time to do it. This virus can live on different surfaces for days. Scientists have proven that it can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours. Buy new boxes, or let your movers provide you with packing materials.

If you are in the high-risk group, postpone your relocation

People over 60 years old are a risk group during the coronavirus outbreak. If you fall under that category, avoid moving if possible. Moving will require to get in contact with many people and objects. And it is especially risky to fly and move around airports right now. So if you can, postpone your relocation for a month or two. Things should be much better in a few months.

Old man wearing a surgical mask
If you are over 60, postpone your relocation

Cancel your relocation if you are infected

Of course, movers understand the current situation. They know that cancelation is more frequent now. If you are infected, inform your moving company and cancel your relocation. If you are not sure about the procedure of canceling, or you are just considering to do so, inform your movers as soon as you can. They will give you information on how to do so.

Moving abroad in the middle of coronavirus pandemic is possible

Luckily, moving abroad in the middle of coronavirus pandemic is possible. But you will need to stick to current health protocols recommended by WHO If you are exposed to virus let your movers know so they can prepare properly.