How to prepare your pet for relocation?

As pet owners, we consider our pet to be an equal member of the family. This is why while preparing for the move you need to be careful and acknowledge your pet’s needs. Although they cannot express their feelings with words, we can only assume that they are feeling stressed and do everything to make the relocation easier for them. A lot of things can go wrong when moving, but with proper preparation, they can be avoided. Prepare your pet for relocation in the best possible way with these simple tips that we have prepared for you. 

Finding a new neighborhood

Moving to a different location is a decision that you make in order to improve your lives. And, just like you choose a good neighborhood for your children or near your jobs, make sure the new neighborhood is good for your pet as well. What does this mean? If there is a park near your house, that is a major plus. Somewhere, where you will be able to walk your dog and where he will be safe and sound. If your dog has a place nearby where he can run and play and if there are other dogs there, the relocation will not be that stressful.

a man in a park with a dog among the trees
Having a park near your new home will make your pet a lot happy and relocation will be less stressful

Prepare your pet for relocation by taking him to the vet

Prior to moving, take your pet to the vet to establish whether it is in good condition for the relocation. Your pet will be happy if it is healthy. The checkup will not last for long and you can ask your vet for advice on the relocation. They will be able to pinpoint all the important things you need to know. Perhaps your pet has a cold that you can easily cure.


a black dog laying in a grey bed.
Take your pet to a familiar vet and ask for advice for the road. Remember, a healthy pet is a happy pet.


Certainly, avoiding the infection during the move is essential. Furthermore, it is important that your pet is treated by a familiar vet. Imagine that your pet needs a vet as soon as you move into the new house. It will be stressful for you to find a reliable vet on short notice and your pet will be scared. However, even if this does happen, do not worry. You can check online for a vet nearby before you move in, and recommendations are always helpful.

Microchips are really useful

If your pet has a collar, and this is most suitable for cats and dogs, install a microchip in its collar. It often happens that your pet goes for a walk in a new neighborhood and gets lost. Prepare your pet for relocation easily by installing a microchip with your address. If your pet already has a microchip, do not forget to update the information on it. You will be able to easily track your pet with a microchip. Technology these days offers a lot of advantages, and there is no reason not to take the best out of it.

Are you relocating by plane?

Air freight Kuwait forwarding companies offer great service and experienced staff. You will rest assured that your luggage is secure and that you will receive top-notch service. It is really important that you choose the best company both for you and your pet. While making a reservation for your tickets, or buying tickets, inform yourself of air pet policies. Your pet will be safe at a specially designed cargo for pets where it will be staying during the flight. The temperature and air are just right in cargos for your pet friends, so you do not have to worry about that. It might happen that your pet will not arrive at the same time as you, but this is normal.

Pack all you need for your pet

When it comes to packing, you should not forget several things. Prepare your pet for relocation by purchasing everything it needs ahead of time. If you moving to your new house by a car pack the following items for your pet:

  • Water – bring enough water so that your pet does not dehydrate
  • Food – your pet will be grateful if you buy him his favorite food and snacks for the road
  • Blanket or a toy – or both, just choose an item it loves and is familiar with, it will keep him calm
  • A collar with a microchip – do not forget this in case it decides to get out of the car
  • A carrier – it will make the trip a lot easier for both you and your pet
  • Passport – don’t forget to obtain a passport for your pet if you are moving internationally

Bring all that you need and what is essential. If you a lot of your belongings that you do not want to move with you, you can always check out warehouses Kuwait and choose the best one for storing your items.

Start preparing your pet for relocation on time

It is never too early to prepare your pet for relocation. If you will be using a carrier, then it is a great idea to place your pet in it every day. This way the carrier will not scare your pet anymore. You can even give him a reward if it gets in or when it gets out. It can be a cookie or an extra walk. In this way, you will avoid the situation when everything is packed and your pet won’t go in the carrier.


a white-yellow cat in a blue carrier - prepare your pet for relocation by putting them in the carrier early
Prepare your cat for relocation by gradually introducing it to a carrier, so it does not feel lonely or scared.


Also, if you are going by car, get your pet used to car rides. You can drive him in a car every day for ten minutes and then longer, so it is eventually familiar with the procedure. If you are going by plane, you can prepare your pet for relocation by showing it photos of planes, and taking him near the airport so that it can see the planes for the first time.

When you arrive at your new destination, what things you should unpack first should be your pet’s toys and food. Show your pet love and keep the routine that you have with it as much as possible, as it will be calm in familiar situations. Show it love and do not forget to pay a lot of attention to them, even if you have a lot of things on your mind. Your furry friends will be grateful and cooperative if you prepare them.