What Your International Moving Company Won’t Move?

You are moving overseas, or anywhere far away. It is not a problem for the best international movers Kuwait. Your moving company should be also responsible. That means that international moving company won’t move illegal and forbidden items. Every moving company has its own list of forbidden items, but some items are forbidden to everyone, without any exception. Of course, you need to know what are certain items movers will not move, before you start to pack.

The International moving company won't move some items
Some items are a big NO. Moving company can’t move everything you want

The amount of money you pay for items coming from other countries

It is a duty, and it’s similar to the tax. Duty is collected on imported items. Most items have duty rates that you must pay. And no, you cannot escape that. It is illegal. Duties must be paid in addition to your regular charges for the international move. Take a receipt of any payments you made. Prepare for a move overseas and research.

What items international moving company won’t move?

There are some items that are forbidden to any moving company. But, before you pack it is helpful to know what items are in this group so, you will save you time and money of course. Any serious and reputable moving company will refuse to move prohibited things. Do not be mad at them, do not panic. Every problem has a solution. Why moving companies won’t move certain items?

  • They want to protect their staff and vehicle
  • The international moving company won’t move illegal items
  • They want to protect you and your belongings

So, let’s start with the list of items international moving company won’t move.

Hazardous materials

Movers cannot transport flammable, corrosive or explosive items. The international moving company won’t move the hazardous materials. It is illegal. And if it’s not illegal, it’s dangerous for life. Dangerous goods can burn or explode. It is a risk to the people involved in the move, to your own property, to the mover’s property, or also to the environment too. It can cause death. Every moving company has its own list of forbidden hazardous materials, but most of them are the same for each company. For example, black powder, smokeless powder, igniters, firework, Lighter fluid, propellers, signal flaresAcids, dangerous or unidentified liquids are some of them.

Firearms and ammunition

It is logical and obvious. Firearms, explosives, and ammunition are a big NO, NO! But, some countries do allow certain types of firearms. For that, you have to follow correct customs procedures. As we mentioned before, every problem has a solution. Gun owners leave their weapons at a federally licensed firearms dealer who will ship them safely for you. And yes, this will cost you a little, but it is the safest way. If you do not do that, it could cost you a lot more in the end.

Two guns you cannot transport
You cannot move guns, it is illegal

Agricultural products

This means your moving company will not move houseplants and seeds. Plants cannot survive in the truck or airplane, so you will kill them. And, because of that many household plants can’t be taken overseas. Before the move, you can donate your plants or give them to your friends and family members. This is maybe the smartest solution for houseplants. Also, keep in mind that your plants probably will not survive in your new home in the new country. Different temperatures, weather, air humidity can damage the plants. Toxic chemicals you use for plants will need to be left too.

Plants on the desk
It is hard to leave all your plants but it is better for them. Probably they won’t survive in the new country

Pressure spray cans

Cans are pressurized so they can burst during shipment if temperatures fluctuate. It can damage your shipment. Also, it can be hazardous depending on what is inside the can.


No, they will not move any animal. This can be dangerous. For this job, you will need a special moving company. Your pet is your best friend. Do not leave them alone. If you can put a pet in your car, then it is the best solution for them. Make sure you take a pet to a certified vet for a  check-up prior to the trip. If you cannot do it, then hire a special moving company who can. Professional pet movers have experience and after all, this is the safest solution. Your pet will love it for sure. The animals will feel safe with them.

Another solution is the airplane. Most airline companies will accept dogs and cats. Before the move, you must ask them that. If they do not allow it, then again hire pet moving company. Airline companies have a list of Accepted Live Animals, ask them to give you a list.

Perishable food

Do not pack perishable food. Movers will not move that. They are nor dangerous, the will now explode. But, there are some other reasons such as perishable food release unpleasant odors, it could attract insects and maybe grow mold. This will cause significant damage to the rest of your items. So, you can empty your freezer and fridge before the moving. Cook everything or donate it.

Take the documents and valuable jewelry with you

Medical records, passports, insurance, and many other important documents should be with you. Moving company can take those items but if you trust yourself more, take it with you. The professional moving company has insurance, because of that transporting valuable items can greatly increase liability. A small safe or locked box will ensure your valuable jewelry.

A lot of diamonds
Take the valuable jewelry, gems and irreplaceable documents with you

After finding air freight moving companies in Kuwait ask them to give you a list of items they will not move. The international moving company won’t move certain items because they want to protect you, your items, them and their staff and equipment. A long-distance move can be stressful, but with the right information and tips it will be fun