Moving overseas for work during covid-19

Moving overseas for work during covid-19 could prove to be a little bit more challenging than you expected. The covid-19 outbreak took us all by shock and we are equally as shocked that it’s still here 2 years later. Even though we’ve all changed our ways of living drastically due to the pandemic, we can’t pause our lives forever. Yes, it might be risky, and yes, it will pose more issues than before covid-19, but you still need to move for your job. If you take all the precautions and are careful, your moving process will run relatively smoothly. We at Easy Move Kuwait have decided to go over some of the things you need to know when moving overseas for work during covid-19.

A man and a woman at the airport Moving overseas for work during covid-19
It can be difficult moving overseas for work during covid-19

Get to know the country’s response to Covid-19

Assuming you’re a responsible individual, you might want to see what the Covid-19 protocol is like in the country you’re moving to. Some countries handled the pandemic much better than others. For example, New Zealand and Australia have almost stopped the spread of Covid-19. Due to extremely strict Covid measures, they were able to achieve this. Unfortunately, not all countries are rich enough to cut out the profit that travel brings to their country. Many 3rd world countries weren’t able to handle the Covid pandemic as well. But even if you choose to move somewhere where Covid-19 measures are looser, just stay informed and prepare yourself for what’s to come. Also, a lot of countries currently are requesting proof of vaccination. Alternatively, when shipping to Saudi Arabia, you will likely not run into such issues. So, just keep that in mind!

Check if moving overseas for work during covid-19 is possible in your chosen country

Many countries have completely blocked visitors who come for nonessential reasons. Nonessential reasons, of course, include recreational vacationing, and unfortunately even visiting friends and family. Whether expatriating is nonessential or not, you will have to find out when looking at the country’s Covid-19 protocol. Usually, moving for work is considered something pretty essential. So, as one of the best international shipping companies in Kuwait, we hope you won’t run into any additional trouble.

Also, be thorough when searching for the Covid-19 protocols. Many countries expect you to be vaccinated, but if you aren’t and have had Covid in the past 6 months, you also might be eligible for moving. Just check out all of the necessities. Some countries even offer to move and visit with a negative antigen test. Just look into all of the variables and stay prepared for anything and everything.

A car in an ally
To enjoy the riches of your new home, be sure to do thorough research.

Think about cultural differences

We as people are very susceptible to different culture shocks. Even when moving to a country with a similar culture, you can run into some specific part of the culture that simply sends you into shock. The best way to prepare for this is, of course, to do some research. If you can find someone who is native to the country you’re moving to, you’re set! They will be able to explain all of the complexities and intrigues of their culture. The key factor here is that you are actually interested in learning about a new culture and living in that environment for a while. If you’re just going to find out about the culture superficially, you might as well not even do the research in the first place.

For example, if you’re moving to Kuwait, some of the cultural shocks you can expect include a Muslim culture and incredible heat. You need to be prepared for what that looks like and how you yourself will fit into everyday life. Maybe you’ll want to cover up a bit more to avoid judging eyes, or you might not take it to heart at all. Also, climate-controlled storage units for your business could prove to be a necessity.

Research health insurance

When moving overseas for work during covid-19, something you need to pay extra mind to is health insurance. Unfortunately, you can never know if you will contract Covid-19, or just get sick from something completely different. Luckily, very many countries outside of the USA have amazing health insurance plans provided by your workplace. Most likely, the job you’re relocating for will be paying insurance for you and you can go to the doctor at low to no cost whenever you need. If this isn’t the case, look at the pricing of health services. Usually, the prices won’t be near as high as in the USA. Generally, getting treated is much more favorable outside of the USA. International car shipping will be no issue once you have prepared all the related documents.

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Good health insurance is an absolute necessity when moving to a completely foreign country.

Get a valid visa for moving overseas for work during covid-19

Getting a work visa is hard as is, let alone with the “help” of Covid-19. If your company is relocating you for a job you’re already working at, a valid visa is nothing to worry about. But a lot of us are moving without a secure job, and want to search for employment overseas. This creates a bit of a problem.

For all visa-related issues, contacting the American embassy will prove to be the best way to handle it. The American embassy will inform you of the qualifications you need to have in order to get a valid work visa. Embassies in foreign countries are incredibly helpful and really look out for their citizens, so you won’t run into any issues. A lot of countries have 30-90 day visas that are renewed each time you leave the country. So, for example, going to a neighboring country for one day and returning to the country where you’re living might renew your visa. This life hack is, unfortunately, becoming harder to execute with Covid-19.

When moving overseas for work during covid-19, another thing to look out for is taxing. You should consult legal advisors to make sure you are being taxed the correct amount and not too much!