Climate-controlled storage units

One of the problems that people might encounter when relocating is a lack of storage space. Sometimes, you might move to a smaller home. The new house or apartment might not have enough space to fit all your belongings. Other times, you simply might want to get rid of clutter in your home whilst knowing that your items are safe and sound. Easy Move Kuwait knows that many clients opt to rent a storage unit when relocating. So, when you get in touch with our international movers Kuwait you can also get more information on storage solutions that your family needs. Not every storage facility will be the same, and every family has different needs. Climate-controlled storage units are great if you want to go the extra mile to ensure protection from heat or humidity in Kuwait

climate-controlled storage units
Your choice of storage units will depend on many factors, including the area you live in as well as the items you need to store inside.

What types of storage units are there?

First of all, we should explain a bit more about the various kinds of storage facilities. The many kinds of storage units are not something that people talk about on a daily basis. Usually, you only dwell more on this topic when you decide to make your relocation easier. The most common units you can get when you decide to get storage service are the following:

  • Outdoor storage
  • Indoor storage
  • Lock-up garages (a common self-storage system)
  • Mobile storage (containers)

Depending on your needs, you will have to choose one of these. However, sometimes you will have items that need special care when stored away. Basic self-storage is good enough for a number of household items. On the other hand, climate-controlled storage units are necessary for more sensitive items, such as art, antiques, electronics, etc.

Why should you consider climate-controlled storage units?

As we already said, you would benefit from climate-controlled storage units in case you have items that require more specialized care. However, there are also other reasons why this choice might be the one you want to make. Especially when renting storage in Kuwait! 

The area you live in will play a big role

As the name says, these storage units are great for keeping the same temperature all year long. If you lived in Kuwait before, then you should be familiar with its weather. It can get pretty hot here in the summer! Even though winters aren’t as drastic like in some northern countries, after October comes around, temperatures tend to drop really low during the night. Sometimes even to -6°C.

Getting climate-controlled storage is great for making sure your belongings are safe from extreme heat as well as the cold. Heat can damage a lot of electronics, melt CDs and DVDs, and cause the wooden furniture to expand and crack. Cold brings moisture, and we all know that it can cause a lot of damage to stored belongings in a unit. These units keep the temperature between 13°C to 29°C.

thermostat showing 63 degrees Fahrenheit
Storage units with climate control keep the same temperature no matter the conditions outside.

Climate-controlled storage also keeps the humidity levels at bay

Another thing you have to keep in mind when it comes to weather in Kuwait is the humidity. The average annual humidity in Kuwait is around 55%, which is quite a lot. During the winter, it can get as much as 70%. Extreme humidity in a storage unit can cause mold and mildew to develop and damage a lot of items.

Not only can the air be fatal for your belongings, but a humid environment can also attract a bunch of bacteria and small pests. When storing things away, you don’t want to see them getting nibbled on. Easy Move can help you get the best units for anything you want to store away, knowing it will remain in the exact same condition.

Easy Move units will keep your items safe from dust and debris

If you remember the types of storage units we listed at the beginning, you know that there are both indoor and outdoor units. When it comes to climate-controlled storage units, they are exclusively indoor. They have god insulated walls, roof, and floors. Since they are not outside, the chances of getting a lot of dust inside are really low. These units constantly circulate air, it remains clean and gets rid of any dust that might find its way inside.

Because of this, you won’t get an unpleasant smell coming out of your unit when you open it. Whether you want to store your items away for a week, a month, or even several years, it won’t make a difference. This specific type of storage units will keep everything safe and in the same condition as you left them.

a stack of books on the table
When storing books, you don’t want them to get dusty or yellow. Climate-controlled units are the perfect solution for this.

What items need extra protection and care?

Many people don’t even realize that some items really need to be put in climate-controlled storage units. Not only do valuables need to be highly protected, but also many sentimental items as well. When you really want to keep something safe, these units are a must. Some examples include:

  • Electronics – items such as cameras, computers, speakers don’t react well to extreme temperatures. Long-term exposure to these conditions can damage them beyond repair.
  • Paperbooks, newspapers, and photo albums really need to be put in units with climate control if you don’t want them to fade or turn yellow over time.
  • Wooden and metal objects – in heat, wood expands and cracks. In the extremely cold temperatures, it contracts and can crack when it gets warm again. Metal can rust really easily if stored in a moist environment, and that’s why moisture-controlled units are a must in this case.

If you are unsure about whether you should get climate-controlled storage units, give us a call! Easy Move experts are ready to answer all of your questions and advise you about storage options.