Moving and living in Kuwait – the expat guide

If you want to organize moving and living in Kuwait, you need to learn more about this country. Regarding the reason you moved to Kuwait, you should have different ways to adapt to it. If you move for work, you will need to learn more about the business culture and regulations. On the other hand, living in Kuwait could be challenging for people from the Western world. Most of them need support from the expat society or colleges. It is for sure that you cannot start life in a completely different country from your origin quickly. You will need help from professional movers in Kuwait to prevent problems with packing and transporting. Also, do not hesitate to get help whenever you need it.

Learn more about Kuwait

Before moving to any place in the world, you need to learn more about that place. It is for sure that you will need to prepare for this process. The most important is to know more about the site you are moving into. Start from the history and culture, and end with the current economy and business situation.

Inform well before moving and living in Kuwait


It is impossible to talk about Kuwait’s culture and lifestyle without mentioning religion. Islam has a massive influence on Kuwait’s culture. On the other hand, Kuwaitis only represent one-third of the population. Most Kuwaitis are Sunni Muslims, essential to everyday culture and influences. Even the phrase they use in daily life is connected to Islam. However, things like alcohol, pornography, and pork are illegal. It is something that air freight companies in Kuwait are well aware of.

Different influences

Kuwait is known to immigrants from different countries and all parts of the world. They change Kuwait in many ways. Kuwait is a combination of influences from international cuisine to the colorful dresses you can see on city streets. As business movers Kuwait says, you can see an extensive Western-style expat infrastructure, international schools, papers, and TV programs. You will not feel like a stranger there.

Islamic culture dominates

Although freight forwarding companies in Kuwait bring many different people from all over the world, it keeps the same culture. New expats must familiarize themselves with the essential Islamic tradition. It presumes using basing common phrases in Arabic and wearing unique clothes. Also, you will need to learn more about the daily habits and culture and use the particular objects for everyday life.

Learn more about the culture and daily life

Cost of living

Along with accommodation, taxes, and health insurance, you should consider living costs after moving to Kuwait. It could significantly affect the quality of your life. If you proceed with the children, you should inform them about the scholarship, especially in an international school. There are special taxes on salaries that you should tell about. You may need to use a climate-controlled storage unit, so prepare for that cost.

Driving in Kuwait

Cars are the most popular way of getting around in Kuwait. Many expats are surprised by low gas prices in Kuwait when driving, which could be seriously lower than in other parts of the world. The cars in the Gulf region are known for heavy-duty transmission, a large radiator, and a very effective air conditioning system. Gas stations are available everywhere, and you can easily buy fuel for meager prices. It is why is import cars to Kuwait very popular. You will need a special allowance, International Driving Permit, and a Civil ID with a driver’s license.

Buy a used car

If you are afraid to take your car when moving to Kuwait, you should hire custom clearance services in Kuwait. They will help you move and organize transportation for a low price and fast. However, you should know that only Kuwaiti citizens are allowed to import cars. Expats usually buy used vehicles upon arrival since new cars are expensive. If you have chosen to buy a used car, you should be extremely careful. It means that you should visit the mechanic and repair all problems. Make sure that you have been informed about the stage of the car.

You can use a taxi

Taxi is an excellent alternative to bought or rented car, so expats usually use this transport method. Stay calm about the prices. Taxi is reliable, and you can use it on a daily basis for low costs. You can get to know the driver and give him your personal number. For the same reason, you should use international movers Kuwait, which is simple and easy to use. When it comes to taxis in Kuwait, they are not obligated to use taximeters so you should be careful with the prices. Also, be cautious of the unofficial taxis that drive on the frequent streets.

Family after moving
Kuwait has great education and healthcare for whole family

Public transportation

It is for sure that public transportation is the best way to transport in Kuwait. After moving and living in Kuwait, you will also need to learn some rules in this part. There are two public bus companies with routes that cover most of the state’s more densely populated areas. This transportation is very good; you will wait only a few minutes for the bus. The prices are also affordable, and depending on the distance, you will pay only a few dollars or even less than that. Women have reserved seats in the buses, and they could ask men to leave their hearts if they occupied their space.

Moving and living in Kuwait – why is it difficult?

Although you indeed have a lot of reasons to become a Kuwaiti citizen, it will take work. Changing the place of living is very difficult in any situation. It is even harder to move to a site in another part of the world. For that reason, you should prepare for this job carefully.

Climate is specific

Most of the topography’s Kuwait is contained in the desert. It means a specific climate that presumes dry air, high temperature, and humidity. Many expats face cultural shock after moving to Kuwait due to climate change. It is difficult to recommend the best way of adapting to it. You should learn more about temperature differences and how to act in some situations. Also, adjust the wardrobe to the new climate and drink lots of water.

Visit the desert

Speaking about the desert climate, moving, and living in Kuwait is an excellent opportunity to visit the desert. There are seasonal safaris organized between October and March. Several companies offer this experience, with included food and transportation. You can also see oil fields and enjoy activities like dune bashing and quad-biking. You can enjoy a Kuwaiti dinner, tea, and ancient stories if you like this cuisine. Also, you can curl up under a canopy of stars or in a Bedouin tent. So, do not be afraid of the desert; it can give you significant time and adventures.

Learn more about the healthcare

Healthcare in Kuwait is very well organized, offering many low-cost healthcare systems for all its residents, including expats. There is healthcare that provides employees with a particular type of private care. There are plans for the government to make exceptional expat-only hospitals with a considerably higher price, made only for expats. On the other hand, moving and living in Kuwait should be easy for healthcare. As a matter of fact, you will get help and care like in any other part of the world by higher standards. The care could be even better for those who can afford the costs. Some features of the care, like vaccination, are free for everybody.

Inform about the transportation and owning a car in Kuwait

Education is at its highest levels in Kuwait

One of the things that you will enjoy after moving and living in Kuwait is the excellent educational system, which will accept your child quickly. Since the country has developed a comprehensive and competitive public education system, you will not have trouble with your child. It will have the best school from primary school to college. Public schools are free, while international and private schools are for all types of students. Whenever you choose for your child, you will be satisfied.

Explore the country after moving

Life after moving could be challenging, especially if you are moving to Kuwait. There are a lot of situations that you should adapt to. Take your time after moving and start exploring from the first day. Leave some time for walking, having a picnic, or going to the significant places nearby. It will make moving more accessible, and you will have time to adapt.

The Tareq Rajab Museum

This historical museum displays an extensive private collection of various aspects of Islamic civilization stretching from earlier periods to modern times. It is the leading museum specializing in Silver Folk jewelry, with around 12,000 pieces. More interestingly, there are more than 30,000 total items from calligraphy and ceramics, costumes, and musical instruments. One of the most incredible places is the Gold Room. It is home to a rare collection of gold jewelry with pieces dating back to the pre-Islamic period. No matter if you like history or not, this museum is an exciting place to visit when moving and living in Kuwait.

Mirror House

Kuwait has a house covered with mirror mosaics, the only one in the world. Italian-born artists Lidia Qattan and her husband have made this house. They bought the house in 1966 and started to create this impressive museum. Each room has a unique theme, from Sea World and Planet Earth to Zodiac. Some of these themes are art therapy and recycling, while articles range from evolution to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. For the very low price, you will spend quality time with Lidia and get tea and cookies.

You will forget about packing when explore Kuwait

Souq Al-Mubarakiya

Known as a traditional shopping market and one of Kuwait’s oldest markets, this place is great to spend time after moving and living in Kuwait. It is easy to spend a few hours wandering around, uncovering all spots and places to visit. You can buy a lot of significant objects here, from Persian silk carpets to jewelry and authentic Arab antiques. One of the most incredible things here is the food, with excellent fast-food service. They use a lot of different spices, sweets, fish, and fruit. You can find great things here if you are interested in Islamic pharmacy.

Grand Mosque

Kuwait’s Grand Mosque is the country’s most famous and trendy place for tourists. The design is borrowed from the Persians, representing one of the best places made in Islamic architecture. You can see the 141-foot central dome, arcades of pillars, pointed arches, and many more. The whole place has 220,000 square feet and great details with the impressive building. The mosque has free guided tours, so you can visit it and learn more about the place and Islamic culture. However, ensure you have dressed appropriately and behave as the rules demand.

Kuwait towers

Kuwait towers are one of the landmarks of modern Kuwait and undoubtedly one of the most incredible places to visit after moving and living in Kuwait. It stands on a cape overlooking the Persian Gulf. The central tower stands 614 feet high. You can visit restaurants, lounges, café, and reception halls here. The other two buildings are fascinating too. One holds water, while the other equipment illuminates the more enormous two towers. The viewing sphere sits at almost 400 feet above sea level. On a clear day, you can see nearly the entire country, so it is an excellent opportunity to see the city.

A dog inside the box
Explore Kuwait after unpacking

Visit Failaka Island

Near Kuwait is Failaka island, settled around 2000 BC by the Mesopotamians as the country’s most extended inhabited location. Since Iraq was invaded before the Gulf War, they forced all the residents to the mainland. Today, homes remain empty and decay, but visiting an open-air monument devastated by war is interesting.

Visit more places

Along with those places, there is National Museum, Avenues Mall, and many more places. You can also go scuba diving if you are more interested in these activities. You can find many places to see and have fun depending on your needs and interests. It is great to see these places if you organized moving and living in Kuwait with family.