How to ship a car internationally

When you plan to ship a car internationally, it is important to know the procedure. Customs regulations and requirements vary from country to country. Hiring movers Kuwait will help you to go through the procedure smoothly and easily. There are different customs duties that depend on the type or size of the car. See here how to ship your vehicle without any stress.

Ship a car internationally in two ways

People have a lot of doubts and questions when they are shipping cars for the first time. The best way to complete the procedure without any problems is to use international car shipping services. Since there are a couple of ways to ship your vehicle and different regulations, the safest way is to have help from experts.

Engine check before you ship a car internationally
Make sure that you check your vehicle before shipping.

There are two ways to ship a car internationally: by air and by sea. If you are planning to ship by sea your car will be either in its own container or it will be packed with other cars in a larger container. Of course, the price depends on the option you choose. If your vehicle is shipped alone, you will be paying the shipping price. This is a safer option and obviously a more expensive one.

Speaking about pricier options, we should mention shipping by air. This is, by far the most expensive way to ship a car internationally. You should consider this option only in case you own a very expensive, irrepressible car. It is simply too expensive for regular vehicle shipping. In any case, you should contact a shipping company for the most efficient outcome. 

RORO shipping is the cheapest way

RORO shipping is actually a roll-on / roll-off system. That means your vehicle will be driven to a large deck and there it will be safely immobilized. The downside with this shipping method is the fact that your car is out in the open. Therefore, they are unprotected from weather conditions. It is up to you to choose the most suitable shipping method.

What do you need to prepare for shipping a vehicle?

Whatever way of shipping you choose, you will need initial documents to export a car from Kuwait. Before you start collecting documents, you should drive your car to the service for a complete checkup

Airplane engine close up
Shipping by air is the most expensive method.

A removal company or your shipping company will guide you through the procedure but you will need these documents anyways:

  • Proof of ownership or certificate of origin – for new cars
  • A valid passport
  • Insurance document for the car
  • Bill of sale
  • Receiver’s information

These are the usual documents when shipping from Kuwait to UK, but you still need to check with your removal company or freight forwarder.

Since the export procedure and shipping vary from port to port, it is best to hire professionals to ship a car internationally. They will guide you through the procedure and let you know what to prepare and when. That is surely the safest way to ship your vehicle.