Most common customs questions when shipping overseas

Most common customs questions when shipping overseas includes typical questions about payment and costs. However, there are questions that many people ask besides questions about money. No matter how long and fast you need to ship your items, you should prepare for it informing them about the problems that you may have. When cooperating with professional companies, like Easy Move Kuwait you will be able to ask whenever you need to know.

What to prepare when shipping items?

Most of the questions that clients ask when shipping overseas include questions about preparing for shipping. You understand that international shipping demands preparing special documents and papers for this job.

  • For most of the clients shipping from Kuwait to the USA is not easy and they expect that companies will explain them the procedure to;
  • Most common customs questions when shipping overseas are about fees, taxes, costs, and insurance;
  • It is very important to know how long the transport will take to prepare for the process;
  • You should be able to ask the company important questions and prepare for the shipping properly;
  • In any circumstances, you should contact the company and feel free to ask whenever confuses you.
A person holding money
How much money will the cost? This is one of the Most common customs questions when shipping overseas.

Do I need to collect and drop off my items?

When shipping overseas many people ask what is their role in that process. You may feel obligated to collect your belongings before the shipping company comes to you. In many companies, it will be your obligation to collect or pack your items, but they will also offer to pack items instead of you. Professional cargo companies in Kuwait will gladly explain what is your obligation and how you can avoid complicated jobs.

Do I need to make an inventory list?

Many companies will recommend you make an inventory list before shipping. There are a lot of reasons for that. First, you may need to make a list of your belongings so the whole process will be safer and faster. On the other hand, it will help you to easily pack and unpack your items and follow the instructions that the company gave to you. Heavy equipment movers remind you that your pack will be x-rayed at customs clearance.

What are tariffs?

Each country charges fees for importing goods, as a special type of tax. You will pay a tariff for goods that you will take with you when coming into the country. However, countries usually do not charge high fees for your belongings, while they are much higher if you are a seller or product those goods and import for selling. You should inform about the taxes, fees, and tariffs before starting with packing.

You will hardly be able to transport ammunition without a license

What is insurance?

You will need to pay insurance when importing goods and belongings to a new country. It is a very important protection for you, too, but also for the country where you travel to. Unfortunately, you cannot predict problems, damages, and loss, so insurance is financial protection in these situations. Contact moving and shipping company for more information about the price and benefits.

How much shipping will cost?

It is a very hard question, although clients ask it very often. The problem is that price depends on many factors, including tariffs, fees, insurance, and obligated costs. On the other hand, the cost of shipping will depend on several boxes, packages, miles, and time of shipping. You may pay a higher price if demand ends with shipping in a short time, or have special wishes and demands. All above will explain the company that organizes shipping.

What to pack in my boxes?

Many people ask which items to pack when organizing shipping. There are a lot of problems about transporting and the types of goods that you can ship, so information about that before packing.

Which items I can ship

It is highly important to know what you can ship. Companies usually have a list of items that they allow for shipping. The good news is that most household and personal items clients can ship worldwide. It means that you will be able to transport whatever you want and have from your home, including clothing, furniture, and domestic goods. They also recommend decluttering furniture before packing to make relocation and shipping easier and faster.

A dog
You should ask the company if they transport pets and animals

Which items companies will not ship?

Shipping companies cannot transport everything. On the list of the items that they will not transport are those that are forbidden by law in many countries. You will not be able to transport explosives and ammunition and on that list are every item that could be harmful, or break the law in any circumstances. There are also banned items that you will not be able to transport even on a short distance, like firearms and marijuana, while there are items that you can transport but only with special allowances, licenses, and with a licensed commercial carrier.

Most common customs questions when shipping overseas includes the time of shipping

It is expected that clients will ask about the time of shipping and how long shipping will take. We know that you are impatient to start with life after moving, so we would do our best to bring your belongings fast.

How long shipping will take?

Like in defining the price of shipping, the shipping length also depends on many factors. Companies usually can predict how long shipping will take and that period is usually the same for shipping on the same relations. However, some problems may occur during the process that could extend the period. We cannot predict if there will happen storms, waiting on customs clearance, or problems with vehicles. However, the company can predict the closest period that will your shipping take.

Can I track my shipping?

It is one of the most common customs questions when shipping overseas. Each company has a special system for tracking shipping and you can know at any moment where your belongings are. It is very important to ask the company which is your shipping number, where you can ask for the information about your shipment and what are predictions about the time of shipping.