Heavy equipment movers

If your company’s relocation involves heavy equipment moving, Easy Move Kuwait is here to help. We understand that heavy equipment is your company’s most valuable asset. That is why we are providing you with a team of experienced and dedicated heavy equipment movers. Using our modern gear and vehicles, we will ensure that your machinery gets to its destination safely and on time. If you are looking for international movers Kuwait that can handle your large machinery, contact us, and schedule your consultation today.

Our heavy equipment movers can move anything

There is a wide array of items that can be considered as heavy equipment. Whether you are moving construction machines, plant machinery, or you need vehicle shipping services, our experienced team of heavy equipment riggers is at your disposal. The list of our satisfied clients is made of large industrial corporations, small family companies, as well as individuals.

A crane lifting a container on a truck
Moving heavy items is complicated. We have the necessary experience.

We are a reputable company with experience

When you are moving your company’s heavy equipment, you should not test your luck with unreliable moving companies. That way you are jeopardizing your entire business. You need to find reputable commercial movers with experience in moving oversized items.

Easy Move is a moving company with the highest reputation in Kuwait. We have teams of experienced and dedicated riggers that will provide you with the best possible logistics service. We have all the required international and domestic licenses and certificates. And a long list of satisfied clients to prove our proficiency. If you are moving large and heavy items to or from Kuwait, our company is the best choice.

Type of transportation that we can provide

Choosing the right type of transport depends on many aspects. Time and price are usually the most important. But when it comes to moving heavy equipment, size and weight are decisive factors. Our company is providing a wide selection of domestic and international logistics services. To meet all your needs. Whether you are moving transnationally or locally in Kuwait, our company is offering:

  • Airfreight services
  • Sea freight services
  • Ground fright services

Airfreight services

Sometimes it is possible to ship heavy equipment by air. For such cases, our company is offering air freight services to all major destinations in the world. If your equipment needs to reach its destination fast, this is your best solution.

Sea Freight services

If you do not have the time limit, we are also offering sea freight as an option. This is a much cheaper option than air freight. But as we mentioned above, your equipment will need more time to reach its destination.

Ground freight services

When it is possible, we will move your heavy equipment with trucks. We operate with modern vehicles and trailers that can handle any sized items. If you are not moving overseas, this is going to be your solution.

Our heavy machinery movers have all the required equipment

Moving heavy machinery without proper equipment is risky and most of the time impossible. To move such items safely, a moving company will have to include cranes, forklifts, special trucks, and other kinds of equipment. Not only that your movers need to have such equipment. But they also need to keep it in good condition.

Easy Move is equipped with modern vehicles and equipment. We regularly maintain and keep it in perfect condition. Most importantly, we have teams of experienced professionals that are handling it safely and with maximum attention. The combination of our skillful heavy equipment movers and suitable equipment will ensure that your items are transported securely and with care.

A crane lifting an item on a truck
Your heavy machine movers need to have the proper equipment. And it also needs to be in good condition.

Disassembling and reassembling heavy equipment

Experience is not important only when it comes to lifting and transport. Sometimes your machinery will have to be disassembled before moving.

Even though it is impossible to know how every type of machine is constructed, our experienced professionals have had an opportunity to move and disassemble a wide array of heavy machinery. More importantly, our heavy machinery movers will reassemble your equipment immediately after delivery. If you have some special and complicated machines, we will gladly cooperate with your personnel. In order to provide your items with the best possible care.

Our heavy equipment movers will use appropriate packing solutions

Safety during transport is the most important aspect of this moving process. And your heavy machine movers need to know how to keep your items safe in all circumstances. This means providing the right packaging and protection.

If you decide to hire our company, professionals with top quality packing materials will pack your equipment. We can crate your items or offer top of the line shipping containers. Also, your items will be properly strapped and secured additionally. With our professional packers, your heavy equipment will be safe even in roughest conditions.

Storage solutions for your heavy equipment

If you need a place to store your heavy equipment, we are offering different kinds of warehousing services as well. Our well-maintained facility will provide your items with good conditions. And also the highest level of security. If, on the other hand, you need climate-controlled storage, we are offering units with complete temperature and humidity control. We have great deals for both long-term and short-term agreements. Call us and we will keep your items safe and secured.

A warehouse
We can also offer warehouse solutions. If you need to store your equipment.

We are your heavy equipment movers

As an experienced and reputable moving company, Easy Move Kuwait is on a mission to provide our customers with the best possible service. This means thorough planning, skillful workers, appropriate equipment, but also fair pricing. If you are looking for good prices but you still want your heavy equipment to arrive at its destination safely and on time, contact our heavy equipment movers, and schedule your move today.