How to move during the holidays

When the summer holidays come all you have in mind is outdoor swimming, some sports activities and BBQ’s. But, when you need to move during the holidays it is definitely not something you had in mind. Moving your home, for certain, is not something that is on your list of fun summer holiday activities. But, do not despair, there are many benefits to making a move during the holidays, and we want to help you to do it with ease.

Happy holidays!

Keep in mind: Holidays are a very busy time for movers

Whether you are relocating to next door or across the country, or you want to completely change your lifestyle and move to Kuwait, moving during the holidays isn’t an easy task. You have to plan everything properly. But, we want to help you to have a wonderful time of the year and a memorable moving experience. To achieve that you have to be aware that movers are very busy during the holidays and you need to schedule your move as early as you can. Not just during the summer holidays, also winter holidays such as New Years are very busy making a move. So, be patient and plan before you pack and move.

Traffic on highway
Holidays are a very busy time for movers

Think about your moving budget

Many expenses can occur during the holidays, and it is probably the hardest time of year to stay on a budget. So, you need to plan your moving expenses properly and to tight your belt if you need to. You can find affordable movers who are able to save you some money during the move. If you cannot find a moving company in Kuwait to fit your budget you can consider some alternatives such as rental trucks. Also, you can get some free cardboard boxes and use your old blankets and towels to wrap your items.

Let’s start with packing!

We know how depressing it sounds – you have to pack instead of enjoying the summer near the sea. But, if you do everything on time and efficiently, you can have free time to enjoy your summer holidays. So, for successful packing process you will need:

  • Clean and sturdy moving boxes
  • Labels
  • Wrapping material, packing tapes, markers

Start with sorting and decluttering your home. When you throw away everything you don’t need anymore you can start packing for the move. The first pack all your unessential items and essentials leave for last. Make sure to label every box and to protect every fragile item with some wrapping material and tape. If you do it right, you will move during the holidays without headaches.

Cardboard Boxes
Pack quickly to enjoy your summer holidays

Think about the Weather

Unfortunately, the weather you cannot control on a moving day. If you are moving to somewhere colder, be prepared with clothes. But, if you are making a move to a warmer place such as Kuwait make sure to bring items you need such as light wardrobe and water. If you are expecting the rain, make sure to cover all your belongings to protect it. In case you don’t have enough space in your new home for seasonal clothes, think about warehouse Kuwait where you can store all the items you won’t use.

Prepare your children for the move during the holidays

Probably this is the toughest part of the move during the holidays. You have to prepare your children and help them choose a new school. Be patient and help them with this adjustment period. You can arrange a “see you soon” party and to invite all their friends to celebrate this new chapter of life. Explain to them that they can stay in touch with old friends while making new ones in a new place.

Prepare your children for the move during the holidays: help them adjust to a new community and school

Think about the safety of your home

You should be aware that home invasions and robberies increase during the holiday season. If you want to prevent a similar problem, you should set up a security system after the move.

The benefits of the move during the holidays

  • The weather is better and the days are longer

When you decide to move during the holidays, do not despair. It is much better to move when the weather is great and the day is long. Also, you don’t have to think about the ice and rain. Your house hunting is also much more pleasant when you can do it on sunlight. When the day is longer you have more time to do everything you need during the move.

  • The adjustment is easier for the kids during the summer months

Moving during the summer holidays is much easier for your children instead of moving in the middle of the school year. They have time to adjust to a new neighborhood, school, and kids. They can meet new friends in a new community before school starts.

garage sale
Sell items you won’t use on a garage sale.
  • Your yard sale will make more money

Moving during the holidays has one more benefit – a successful yard sale. If you want to sell your old furniture, clothes, dishes, etc. it is much easier to do it during the holidays when people want to spend some more money.

Now, with our helpful guidelines, you are ready to make a move to your new dream home. Moving during the holidays doesn’t have to scare you when you can have a reliable moving assistance in Kuwait to do it smoothly and with no hassle.