Ways to lower moving expenses

When people are moving, they want to save every penny. But, how to do that and is it possible? Yes, it is. Just be creative or follow our simple tips. We have a lot of ways to lower moving expenses. Moving is a special event in your life, but that does not mean you have to spend a fortune on it. You will have a lot of other obligations and bills you must pay. You can move with a little money.

How to lower moving expenses – tips and tricks

It is not a bad idea to save money while moving. After the move, you will rent or buy a home, change your documents etc. It is not cheap. So, one solution is to save some money on moving. Maybe you are thinking “I will transport my items by myself”. It is a good idea but sometimes is better to hire residential moving companies in Kuwait. Of course, if it is a long-distance move (or move overseas) you should hire a moving company. Yes, this will cost you but your furniture and other items are safe that way. If you have no experience with moving and transportation or simple you do not have time, you can find affordable moving companies in Kuwait too.

Set up the budget

At the beginning set up your personal budget. How much can you spend? Control your expenses. But keep in mind that you will maybe step up and apply the necessary fix if a task suddenly requires more money. You should create a moving budget to help you stay within your limits. This will provide you with valuable information regarding the moving company expenses. Including moving cost estimate, fees, additional services, moving insurance… Orm on the other hand, the self-moving expenses such as truck rental costs, moving equipment, hidden DIY costs, etc.

Negotiate with moving company

Moving company rates are not set in stone. This also means that you can try to negotiate a better deal with them. Most of the moving companies would give you a better deal than to see you go to one of their competitors. Use this tactical move to your advantage and you will have lower moving expenses. Tell them that you want to use their services but you have been offered a lower price. Ask them directly if they will be willing to price-match it or even go lower.  You’ve got nothing to lose. Top-rated moving companies will try to keep customers by providing more flexibility.

DIY move

You can do everything by yourself. From packing to transportation and unpacking. Self-pack and move can save you a fortune. If you moving locally, self-moving is an excellent choice.

  • First, pack your boxes. Of course, you do not have to buy them. Affordable boxes are everywhere, find them. Try in the supermarkets or in the local stores. Find different sizes, it is better. Pay attention to fragile items, they must be in a new and firm box. Start with packing and if you cannot do it all alone, ask a friend to help you. You can get emotional and you will pack everything.
  • Rent a truck, a van or trailer. Rent it just if you know how to drive and if you have experience. Otherwise, you must call movers. It has no point to save money if your life is in danger and the life of the people around you too. If it is a long-distance move and you feel that you cannot stand that long, also hire a moving company. It is cheaper when you hire them just for the transportation. Pack your boxes alone, and they will transport them. That’s how you will have lower moving expenses.
  • Unpacking is maybe the most exciting job. You are in your new home, you started a new life and everything is fresh. Take it easy. Unpack one box at the time or unpack you boxes quickly, it is up to you. It is even better to DIY, then hire someone. You will need maybe a few friends to help you with unloading large and heavy boxes and furniture.

    Different free boxes to have lower moving expenses.
    Find free boxes in the supermarkets, do not buy them


When we talk about packing, we have a lot to tell. When was the last time you wear that old sweater you got from your grandmother? And how about those suits that size too big small? When you hire a moving company, they charge by the pound and distance covered. So, where is the point to pay extra for space. Purging your stuff can help you save money and the opportunity to buy new furniture, clothes, and other stuff. If you want lower moving expenses they do not pack all your belongings. More boxes mean more costs. 

A lot of dresses.
Do you really need all your clothes? Think twice

Be flexible

If it is possible, try to move during off-season periods. Summer is a time when people are moving because children are out of school. Parents want to get into their new place before the new school year starts. Also, the first and last days of the month are busy. Around 1 September in college towns are busy moving periods. Try to avoid holidays and weekends too. So, can you maybe move in the fall or winter, because the demand for the moving companies is lower? 

Save money, but beware

Attention sign.
Save money but beware. Moving fraudsters can use it

Fraudsters are everywhere, so check everything twice. They know how is important to save money when moving so they will offer you “low-cost” moving.  You should investigate and pay attention to details and signs of a bad moving company.  A reliable moving company will have a lot of positive feedback from satisfied customers, so ask someone for recommendations. And also, reputable and reliable movers typically do not require to pay for the move upfront unless you are paying with a credit card, and keep the bills and read the contract well.