Teaching opportunities in Kuwait

Kuwait is a country full of opportunities, and because of that many people are moving there. Some of them want to work in the hospital, some of them want to work in the oil industry or electrical engineering, some want to start their own business in Kuwait. But, there are also many teaching opportunities in Kuwait too. Share your knowledge. If you love teaching and you love Kuwait, you can connect these two things and fulfill your dreams. Pack your items and find international moving specialists Kuwait.  But, before that prepare yourself and find a job.

Kuwait is a beautiful country in Western Asia, between Iraq and Saudi Arabia and it is one of the most urbanized countries in the world. Most of the people (70% of them) are expats. So, you can easily adjust to the new environment.

Dream job sign for teaching opportunities in Kuwait.
Find your dream job in Kuwait and take a chance

Kuwait visa

You can apply online for Kuwait visa. There is something you should know if you want to apply for e-visa.

  • A visa fee is 3KD (10 U.S. dollars). With so many teaching opportunities in Kuwait, this could be worth it.
  • The validity of your passport must more than six months.
  • Temporary Travel Documents holders are not allowed to use this system of e-visa application.
  • The employer must send a copy of the work permit.

Top teaching opportunities in Kuwait – what you can do?

This country is one of the few places with “one-year contracts”. There are many vacancies for newly qualified teachers as well. Because of that, it is the perfect place to enter in the international teaching water. Maybe you will be amazed at how many teachers and many other workers, stay here once they have discovered this small hidden treasure. If you choose to relocate to Kuwait, you will need a working visa. But, before that, search what is popular on the market. The average salary for a high-school teacher per year is 7,800 KWD ($25,730 per year) and for an elementary school teacher in Kuwait is KWD 9,300 per year ($30,600 per year).

Most wanted teachers in Kuwait

What are the most wanted teacher jobs in Kuwait? There are some most wanted teachers. Kuwait invests a lot of money in education and schools too. Educated people (and of course children) are their goal. If you want to be a teacher in Kuwait, you must have Bachelor degree, a license for teaching or certification, recommendations and 2-year experience at least.  If you are eligible and you can fulfill all these conditions, you can try to apply for a teaching job in Kuwait.

Language teacher

How to say "Welcome" on different languages.
If you know how to transfer your knowledge of a foreign language, take the opportunity to teach in Kuwait

Maybe one of the most popular teaching opportunities in Kuwait, language teachers. The most wanted language is English, but you can teach German, Arabic, Chinese and Indian language too. Kuwait has many international schools. American school, British schools, Indian and German schools too, so if you know how to teach this job is for you.

Programming teacher

Today, there is no life without technology, it is the future. Like any other countries, Kuwait wants to expand their IT sector and programming is the first step to that, of course. If you love programming and you love to teach, this is the opportunity for you. Computer teachers are very popular nowadays.

History teacher

There is no future without the history. Maybe you will be surprised but, now in 2018, there were about 100 jobs for history teachers in Kuwait. If you want to work as a history teacher, you should know that history teacher recreates past and current events. A good history teacher is an excellent storyteller who can get under the skin with his stories.

Science teacher

Being a science teacher is fun. In July 2018 in Kuwait was at least 85 jobs for science teachers. Most of them are in high-schools including American International School and A Takamul International School. For this, and many other teaching jobs you need to have 2 years teaching experience and of course, license for teaching and letters of recommendation.

Math teacher

Mathematics is the basis of everything. So, sharing your knowledge is very important. The same as science teachers math teachers are also very wanted in Kuwait. There were about 91 open jobs for mathematicians in Kuwait this year. If you know how to transfer your knowledge to the students and you enjoy teaching math, this is a job for you.

Business teacher

Most of the people want to start their own business in Kuwait. Because of that, they want also to get the right education. You can have young students and also older students who want to start a business, but they do not know how. If you have experience, you will be very successful in this job.

Music teacher

There are many popular jobs for foreigners in Kuwait but, believe it or not, demand for music teachers in Kuwait are huge. You can have private music classes with students or you can work at a school too. It is a good and profitable job too.

Piano and music notes.
Teaching music is a beautiful job and the more beautiful in a foreign country like Kuwait

We hope that we helped you to understand what are your teaching opportunities in Kuwait and what you can do there with your diploma. If you were thinking about moving to Kuwait, maybe now is the time for that. Do your research and see what Kuwait can offer to you and to your family. Good luck with finding your dream job in Kuwait.