Top tourist attractions in Kuwait

After relocating to Kuwait you will want to visit and see everything. Especially, because Kuwait has a different culture, tradition and a rich history. You do not have to move there to visit all the tourist attractions in Kuwait. But, maybe after you feel the atmosphere you will want to stay there forever. First, let’s see where you can go, and what you can visit. Of course, there are plenty of places, but we will tell you about the best places you must visit.

The best tourist attractions in Kuwait

If you want to move to Kuwait, first you have to know what to expect there. Local moving companies in Kuwait may help you with moving, packing and transporting your items. Nowadays, more and more people are moving to Kuwait because of the job opportunities and the totally new life. At this moment we are talking about visiting Kuwait, and you will need a couple of things:

  • Tourist visa – Kuwait has different types of visas. But, if you want to visit tourist attractions in Kuwait you will need to apply for a tourist visa. You can fill an online application and you will probably wait for an answer for 2 business day. After you obtain one, you will be able to spend up to 90 days in Kuwait.
  • Good mood – Try new things, food, drinks…Be open to explore a totally new world.
A tourist visa for Kuwait.
Do not forget about a tourist visa. You can get it online or choose another way. It is up to you.

The Liberation Tower

The Liberation Tower represents Kuwaiti liberation. Also, it has the purpose as a telecommunication tower. This 372 meter-high-tower is one of the most beautiful towers in the world. This is a “must see” if you are in Kuwait City.

The Kuwait Towers

The symbol of Kuwait. In one of the sphere are the rotating restaurant and observation area. But, that’s not all, the tower has one million gallons of water (the middle tower). As you can see, it is more than just a symbol. It has a purpose. Also, another interesting thing about Kuwait Towers is a laser light show. The ticket is 3KD (about 10 U.S. dollars) if you want to go inside of this incredible tower.

Kuwaiti towers are one of the tourist attractions in Kuwait.
The Kuwait Towers are a beautiful attraction to the tourist and locals too.

Seif Palace

It is a home of the Kuwaiti royal family (Emir dynasty), but now it is not used for that purpose. The Seif palace is now a court and many travelers go to see this amazing building in Kuwait. It was built in 1896 and it is one of the examples of Islamic architecture. This is the first building in Kuwait with electricity. It is situated between Grand Mosque and National Museum in Kuwait City.

National Museum

The museum has four buildings and a famous planetarium. When you are already in Kuwait, use it to learn something about their history which is rich. It is next to the Seif Palace in Kuwait City. Within it is also an archaeological museum. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Kuwait.

360 Mall

Shopping malls are not just for women. This mall has everything you need from shopping stores to entertainment. The day will pass very quickly when you are inside of 360 Mall. It was opened in 2009. Many luxury stores are there including Jimmy Choo, DKNY, Cartier, Swarovski, L.K.Bennett, and many others. If in the meantime you become hungry, you can find many good restaurants there. It is a perfect place for kids, too.

Grand Mosque

Islam is an official religion in Kuwait. The Grand Mosque has a traditional Islamic design. The Islamic long tradition of calligraphy is also present on the walls of the mosque. It was built using modern technology in 1986. “The Grand” is the perfect word for this building because it is the largest mosque in Kuwait (it has over 40,000 square meters). Even if you are not a religious person or if you are not a Muslim, you must see this architectural style.

Kuwait Zoo

This zoo is huge, it is spread across more than 175,000 square meters and it has over 60 species animals, more than 125 species of birds and a few species of reptiles too. In one sentence this is an animal kingdom where you have a chance to see rare species of animals. If you want to move there, as you can see there is a lot of fun for expats in Kuwait.

A giraffe in Kuwaiti zoo
Take a chance to see rare species of animals in Kuwaiti zoo. You will spend a lot of time here, for sure.

Mirror House

The entire house is made from different shapes of mirrors. It is like a mosaic from mirrors which gives you a strange but beautiful and unique experience. If you want to visit a mirror house do not wear high heels. Every wall (outside and inside) of the house is covered with mirror mosaic. 

Magic Planet Kuwait

It is a place for the whole family, especially for kids. They can play so many different fun games. If they get hungry, you have food there too. It is a Mecca for kids’ games. Surprise your loved ones and they will have a good time here. If you love indoor ski you must visit this place.

Aqua Park

Beat the summer heat and go to the aqua park in Kuwait. You have the water slides, pools, lazy river, scuba diving, volleyball courts…If you are visiting Kuwait with a family, it is a perfect place for each one of you. No matter how old you are. This aqua park is huge, with a total area of over 55,000 square meters.

Being a tourist in Kuwait is a unique experience. Top tourist attractions in Kuwait are everywhere, just choose what you like. Maybe you will want to come again or to move there. Everything is possible. Also, nightlife in Kuwait is amazing. It is always noisy and crowded. So, have a nice time in Kuwait and enjoy.