How to de-clutter your home and free up space

Cleanliness is half the health. But, it is not enough just to have a clean home, it is also important to be organized and to free up your living space. De-clutter your home and you will see how much space actually you have in your home. After that, if the space is still small for you and your family then you should explore expert moving services Kuwait. Sometimes moving is the best and the only good and smart solution. With simple tips, your home will be a castle. Even if you do not want to stay, this can increase the value of your home. No one wants to buy a house in a mess.

Why should you de-clutter your home?

Why sign.
Why should you de-clutter your home? What is the reason?

For many people, clutter can be stressful because they spend so much time looking for things they can’t find. A house full of items can cause fire hazards too. When mold and dust are present, health is also in danger. But, these cases are not common, of course. Some people enjoy decluttering because it relieves stress, for others, getting rid of the junk frees up space in the house. And some, just need to purge before moving to increase a value of the house for example. Or you can renovate your new home. It does not matter what is your reason for decluttering your home, it will help you for sure.

Storage for your surplus furniture

If you do not want to throw all away consider storage solutions in Kuwait. This can help you so much. Some of your items are so valuable or you have emotional attachments to items. A storage unit may be a permanent or temporary solution. 

  • Permanent – When you love your furniture, but you do not have enough space in the house, this is a solution. You do need to throw away everything. Maybe you will nee it one day.
  • Temporary – It is often used for moving, home emergencies or when you want to de-clutter your home. Your moving company can rent you a storage unit.

How to de-clutter your home – simple tips and trick

Yes, de-clutter can be easy and fun, when you know what are you doing. Organize your home with creative and simple tips. Living with less stuff is much better. On the other hand, you will have less to clean, less to organize, more money, and energy for your other passions. Remember, without fun, any job cannot be successful. So, let’s begin.

Set your goals and create a sorting system

Before you start with specific goals, make a plan. This will reduce any frustration and stress. Write down your clutter hot spots, and start there. Do one room at the time and set completion dates. But, do not rush. Make it like “de-clutter challenge” and the rest will be a fun game.  A basement and a garage will probably take you more time than you have planned. After that, create your own method for sorting items. A popular method is the “3-box method”. Toss, keep, and store.

Think of the last time you use that item

When we talk about clothing, we only wear 20% of our clothes the most of the time. This is also a rule for video games, books, toys, and many other items. So, think “Do I really need this item?” If you did not wear that t-shirt for 1 or 2 years, you will probably not wearing it again. On the other hand, it is the opportunity to buy new things.

When it comes to electronics, if you can fix it, then fix it, if you cannot then get rid of it. Do not let it sit there, collecting dust.

Do you love it?

People spend money on things they do not really need and love just because of the “sale” sign. It is in the human nature.  If you don’t love it, and you have not used it in more than 8-9 months, do not keep it. And the next time, when you shop, make a list and stick to it. 

Rubbish after you de-clutter your home.
Get rid of everything you do not need. After that, you will be surprised when you see how much space you have.

Get rid of clutter

You cannot de-clutter your home unless you throw something. Yes, it is a little bit hard, but it is something you must to do. A few options are here.

  1. Recycle and use it again – For example, you can use your old glass window and make a coffee table. If you do not love to do that, you can recycle glass, paper, plastic, electronics…That’s how you will o something nice for our Earth.
  2. Donate – You can donate your clothes, shoes, kids toys, anything you want. Items that are in good condition can be donated to local charities. Also, a food for the homeless people. Your trash is another man’s treasure.
  3. Organize a garage sale – If you want to make some money, and you know that you can sell your furniture, try to organize a garage (yard) sale. Something is special about it. People love to see what you have in your home.
  4. Rent a storage – If none of the options above is for you, then renting a storage unit is. Find perfect storage units in Kuwait and this will solve all your problems.

Make a room for you, not for your stuff

What is more important, you of your furniture? Of course, you and your needs. Shelves are a great idea, but they are also a clutter magnet. Many people are putting too many items on shelves and countertops. For example, keep frequently used, small appliances on kitchen countertops. Other appliances put in the box or drawers. Keeping a few things on the countertops is OK. Free up your space and de-clutter your home easily.

De-cluttered kitchen.
Is it nicer to free up your space and to have empty and clean countertops?