Reasons why Europeans move to Bahrain

Maybe you have been thinking to relocate to the Middle East. However, did you know that many Europeans move to Bahrain? Just as any relocation, moving to Bahrain can also be nerve-wracking. There are many additional facts to consider. For instance, you should how strict is this country. And you must know what you can and can’t do. There is even a removal list of prohibited items. For example, you can’t drink alcohol there. Yet, according to statistics, many Europeans move to Bahrain on a yearly basis. So there are many benefits of living in this country. With the information from Easy Move Kuwait, see the reasons why Europeans move to Bahrain.

Facts about Bahrain

Bahrain was one of the first countries in the Gulf to have its petroleum resources developed by Western companies. This country has a rich history.  Its economic and infrastructural development is bigger than any other state of the peninsula. Also, Bahrain built a diversified and modern economy. Another interesting fact is that Bahrain had a turmoil history. There was tribal oppression. And a big Shi‘i community bearing more than its share of the grievances, and expectations. All of it arising out of the early oil years. So it demanded on Bahrain’s rulers to distribute wealth properly. And also develop new political and economic institutions.  All of this contributed to the Bahrain we know of today. It is considered a rich and developed country.

Reasons why Europeans move to Bahrain

Here we will cover some facts about why Europeans move to Bahrain:

  • Language
  • Geography
  • Housing
  • Healthcare
  • Traffic, driving, and public transportation

Not to mention that you will definitely need insurance for an interstate move such as relocation to Bahrain.

Aerial view of islands
Bahrain consists of many islands

Language in Bahrain

You will notice that many locals work in offices, they are taxi drivers and shop assistants. Most of them are Bahraini. Which, in a special way, makes the place more real. Many wealthy Bahrainis have been educated in western schools. They live alongside ex-pats, sending their kids to international schools. Hence it is easy to meet Bahrainis. And mostly, they are friendly. And also very proud of their country and culture. Many ex-pats have good Bahraini friends. Almost everyone speaks English. So Europeans don’t need to learn Arabic. Unless they are keen to do so. Anyway, with English in every corner, international shipping companies in Kuwait operate a lot easier.


Bahrain is an archipelago. It consists of more than 30 islands. Most of these islands are uninhabited. There are bridges and causeways that connect the three main islands. These main islands are Bahrain Island, Muharraq, and Sitra. And, you can drive across the largest, Bahrain Island, in just half an hour. Hence it is easy to orientate. However, the downside is that you can get island fever. That’s why many Europeans live on Bahrain Island, either in Manama or in Saar. There are new beachside developments have sprung up on reclaimed land.

Silver stetoscope and pen
Healthcare is another reason why Europeans move to Bahrain

Housing is also one of the reasons why Europeans move to Bahrain

In Bahrain, there is a wide variety of accommodation.  It ranges from apartments to villas and gated compounds. Lots of Europeans work as real estate agents. So, finding a native English speaker is a great way to help you out. You can see available properties. They are listed by Bahrain Property World although. You can find another property section in the main English language newspaper, the Gulf Daily News. Usually, people agree in advance with the landlord on what work needs doing. Particularly checking the air-conditioning because of the hot weather. It is known that repainting and cleaning are the norms. Also, tenants manage to negotiate new appliances, bathrooms, kitchens, and other household items.

Healthcare in Bahrain

If you don’t have health insurance, you should know that health and dental care are expensive. But, even if they are expensive, the services are excellent. You can find several large private hospitals and numerous dental clinics. So, many Europeans don’t head to their homes for general medical care. However, some of them prefer to return to their home countries for specialist treatments. If anyone doesn’t have insurance, they can go to the main public hospital Salmaniya Medical Complex. The medical care there is good. Still, there are often long queues and waiting lists.  Also, men are not allowed in some parts of this hospital. Such as the maternity wards.

Cars on a bridge
Many people drive rented cars in Bahrain

Traffic, driving, and public transportation

One of the good facts is that petrol is incredibly cheap! The petrol is heavily subsidized. When it comes to the means of transport, most large car companies have dealerships. They would rather rent a car. And many Europeans decide to hire a car, rather than buy one. Especially if they are on a short contract. All of the major car hire companies are also represented. Just like in a house in Bahrain, air-conditioning is a necessity in the car as well.  Some Europeans do not prefer to drive. It is common for them to employ a driver or to take a taxi. There is a limited bus service. So, if there is any shipping to Bahrain, it is certainly not done by the busses. Some private companies do operate bus services to the schools.

Living in Bahrain

Bear in mind that many Europeans in Bahrain have some sort of domestic help. It can range from a full-time live-in maid to a cleaner who comes in a couple of times a week. Usually, gardeners come with the accommodation and they also wash a car. If you need any kind of this help, make sure you get good references. Still, the idea of domestic help may be new to you. However, the weather is an important factor. As well as being hot and humid in summer, Bahrain is very dusty all year round. So, keeping your house clean is a daily task. There are additional reasons why Europeans move to Bahrain. These are just some of them since moving to another state is always challenging.