5 Useful tips for dealing with shipping delays

We all know how important planning and preparation are in a successful move. Unexpected events, however, might cause shipping to be delayed. This might result in a less than ideal moving experience. We at Easy Move Kuwait can assist you to solve the problem ahead of time and help you with dealing with shipping delays, from forwarding to storage and handling your property. This will help to secure that your goods arrive at their final destination on time and in perfect shape. We respect time efficiency, and therefore, this is important to us.

Common causes and solutions for dealing with shipping delays

Any number of factors might cause a delivery hold. Although, some factors are more common than others. Here we listed some of the most common reasons for delays in delivery and how to cope with them.

Facing delays in shipping due to traffic jams
Traffic jams are the leading cause of delays in delivery

1. Transportation and traffic

You can blame traffic for a lot of things, including late delivery. Traffic is getting worse as a result of more people on the road, as well as roadblocks, and accidents. There is no simple answer to traffic. Traffic is the leading cause of delays in the logistics and freight industry. This adds operational cost, makes predictions not so precise, and costs us our time. However, logistical systems for routes can help drivers in finding the fastest route in real-time to avoid delays.

IT systems that efficiently manage logistical tasks are in high demand. Some platforms give real-time traffic delay alerts as well as vehicle-to-delivery point communication. The advance of technology has also helped route planning. These systems plan crowded commuting routes for cars, offering better effect in dealing with traffic delays.

Rather you are transporting your belongings by land, air, or sea, we offer help from our best freight forwarders in Kuwait. We provide a wide choice of vehicle sizes for transporting your cargo. We are also here to help you with inland transit tracking. You won’t have to worry about dealing with shipping delays due to traffic and transportation, as our freight forwarders can help you with the following:

  • importing and exporting of your goods
  • transporting your cargo to its final location
  • drafting all international freight forwarding documentation
  • setting up communication with other parties involved in transportation

2. Mistakes in documentation

Items shipped by moving services come with paperwork that includes critical information. That information properly guides the delivery team. Some of the most common causes of false or late delivery include misspelled addresses, poorly filled out forms, and missing information. If you provide the incorrect address, or if autofill types it wrongly for you, your delivery might end up at an incorrect location. As a result, it’ll need to be tracked down and redirected to the correct location.

Shipping labels are very important. If they are of low quality, carriers may have difficulty reading or scanning them. In other words, relying on the human element for things that can be automated might lead to some instability. Shipment tracking plays a big role in successful delivery.  For delivery companies, missing goods may simply be a thing of the past if logistics management software is used.

Logistics team working on analysis
Dealing with delays in delivery can be resolved with a help of a good logistics team

 3. Dealing with shipping delays due to external factors

Some delays are beyond your, your carrier’s, or your freight forwarder’s control and are just unavoidable. Nature’s forces, technical difficulties, human mistakes, or political issues might all be factors:

  • Weather
  • Natural disasters
  • Fire
  • Collision
  • Events on a grand scale (e.g. holidays)

Although certain challenges are unavoidable, a professional freight forwarder may assist you in limiting delivery withhold or even preventing such issues from harming your shipment. It’s advisable to seek the assistance of a specialist who is familiar with the ins and outs of your trade route and can assist you in making smart judgments.

4. Avoid delivery setbacks with the help of proper storage

Moving your belongings into storage? Be careful to pack them securely in order to keep them in a good condition. We aim to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible, regardless of the goods you’re transferring or where you’re going.

The most common damages that occur during shipping if items are not stored properly are physical damage, water damage, or contamination damage. Depending on your needs and the variety of items that will be stored, they might need additional care. Heat or humidity are other factors to consider as they can damage many items from electronics, clothing, books, and art. Humidity breaks down materials, molds textiles, and causes metal to rust. Climate-controlled storage units are ideal for things that are sensitive to environmental conditions or have a high value. Stable temperatures provide better protection against damage, which is especially important if you’re keeping your things for an extended period. Overall, being a little extra cautious while storing your items will not only save you from extra expenses down the road but will ensure you don’t have to bear with delays in shipping.

Storing items in shipping storage
Proper storage space will ensure the safety of your belongings

5. Customs

When relocating overseas, consider customs rules and regulations. Clearing customs is one of the most common concerns people have when relocating to another country. Customs clearance processes and documentation are demanding and require your entire attention. Therefore, if you gather detailed customs information, you will not have to face delays in shipping by customs clearance while moving internationally.

Initially, get information about customs regulations of the country of your move. You also must ensure your important documents are arranged properly and are ready to be presented. Most importantly, being aware of the prohibited or restricted items in certain countries is a crucial aspect of moving abroad. If there are any restricted items among your belongings, you might endure a long process of clearance and final delivery of your items.

Strategic preparations will ease your shipping process

The ideas and methods we listed above are realistic when you’re dealing with shipping delays. Indeed, the best way to avoid delivery delays is to employ a fulfillment service. You can rely on us to deliver your belongings promptly. We focus on your packing, transportation, logistics, and the safety of your products while you focus on your new journey.