High value shipping protection measures

Shipping valuable items require special handling by freight forwarders. The safety of any shipment depends on taking certain precautions to make sure it reaches its destination. You should use high-value shipping protection measures during the pick-up, transportation, and delivery of goods. Digital video recording systems, armored transport, and additional insurance coverage can enhance security. Using the best shipping company in Kuwait you can rely on, makes this process much easier. Shipping high-value goods require a number of factors, including current events, customs, legislation, geography, and transportation infrastructure. Logistics costs are affected by a variety of factors. These include distance, business practices, and the quality of the goods that are transported.

High value shipping protection measures include security cameras
Shipping valuable items contain a lot of risks, and you need to take all the necessary precautions to avoid them

Things to get into consideration

The first thing you need to take into thought is securing your items. You can use plenty of methods and materials to protect your items, and ensure safe delivery and secure your cargo. Sheets of plywood, blanket wrap, dunnage materials, weight bars, and ratchet straps are examples of what you can use. Placing polystyrene in gaps allows items to stay in place and prevent damage. This might increase moving costs, but it’s worth it. Several logistics service providers also have truck drivers that stop for only short breaks. This way, high-value goods can be monitored more closely and theft can be prevented. As well as providing information about the truck’s direction and speed, satellite tracking can provide other information.

Restriction in high-value shipping

Any item prohibited by law is unacceptable, no matter how valuable it may be. This can include gold, perfumes that have alcohol in them, gems, fur, stamp collections, etc. It is not allowed to ship items that are on the list of forbidden and prohibited items. Another thing is that items from this list are also not insurable (like collections of coins and stamps). Many cargo companies in Kuwait are also members of  International Forwarding Association, so you can rest assured that they will check whether it is allowed to transport them or not. Here is a list of more valuable items you cannot ship:

  • traveler cheques and payment cards
  • money orders
  • antique knives, swords, and weapons
  • diamonds
  • high-value antiques and works of art
Stamp collection
High-value shipping protection measures are not applicable to items like coin and stamp collections

Tips for protection measures when shipping high-value items

Your company should take all necessary measures to make sure your cargo is protected if it’s of great worth. You can greatly reduce the risk of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Therefore, follow these five steps because you will avoid unnecessary costs.

Reputable carriers are the best

Knowing the process a brokerage or carrier uses to select the best drivers and equipment is important when working with them. What criteria does the brokerage use to determine the carrier’s insurance coverage and safety score? Have the trucking fleet or owner-operator moved similar shipments before, and are they familiar with your industry? If you want to make sure that your shipment will be safe and arrive on time, you need your drivers and trucks properly vetted.

Reduce risks by taking extra steps for protection measures

It is possible for thieves to obtain government credentials. They can use the name of a certification carrier that has recently closed its doors. There are many ways to ship high-value cargo by any company. If you use a carrier, make sure that he seals and closes the trailers. Any goods that you transport on flatbeds you need to use shrink-wrap. However, when it comes to ensuring the safe movement of valuable cargo, companies use this technique with many others. We recommend a warehouse Kuwait offers that will have 24-hour surveillance cameras at facilities where your shipments are going to be parked for a large amount of time. But it is very difficult, however, to eliminate theft as a risk. An organization can develop successful shipping strategies for high-value cargo by carefully planning, identifying problem areas, and minimizing risks.

Make sure you have adequate coverage

Once you figure out your shipment value, you must check the extent of your career liability. Firstly, anything with a value over 100.000$ is a high-value item. So don’t try to move anything that’s above this amount, if your cargo-partner liability covers less. Any insurance gaps in a shipment you must cover by an all-risk shipper’s interest policy. You won’t need the shipper to provide proof of liability. It is pretty affordable to use these policies, and they will protect you from any possible damage or theft.

Truck, airplane and ship logistics
Understand your load requirements, and you will find a solution to protect your items

Understand the load requirements

It is common to move oversize or over-dimensional items with high-value loads. Therefore, securing government permits and escorting the shipment may be necessary. You must plan your shipments very carefully. How many trucks do you need, which route is best, and how can you avoid heavy traffic? It is in your company’s best interest to work out specific details of every shipment. You need to protect your cargo. Plus, this will also avoid having a driver and dock worker make a decision that has the potential to increase the cost.

Partner with a transportation company

Often, high-value freight transportation is complex. A third-party logistics or transportation management company can procure carriers, assist with insurance, and plan routes. They can make sure deliveries are on time by taking care of the whole process for you. Easy Move Kuwait can help you transport your items with ease. You can save your company time and resources by finding a partner with a network of carriers. They should also have a compliance team and logistics knowledge.

Shipping plan of action

High-value shipping protection measures need to be a part of your shipping and logistic plan of action. When shipping high-value goods, speeding the entire process can go a long way to reduce the risk of theft. One of the first steps you should take is to hurry your delivery and avoid risk by doing so. Staying informed and involved in the shipping process is the key to building lasting business relationships. Prepare your goods for shipment, and rest assured that they will reach their destination safely.