How to reduce carbon footprint in logistics?

It is important to be mindful of your carbon footprint. Environmental changes are a crucial problem that everyone should urgently address, especially if their business is contributing to it. For this reason, if you are working with international shipping and commerce with sea freight Kuwait or air freight, you should try to be more mindful. By now, everyone knows that this serious problem is caused by the emission of polluting gases. They then have a great impact on the atmosphere causing the greenhouse effect or in other words, carbon footprint. Therefore, to solve this problem, rather than contributing to it, here is how to reduce carbon footprint in logistics. 

Define and reduce carbon footprint in logistics 

First, you have to define every problem in order to solve it. Otherwise, you will not be sure what exactly you are trying to fix. The carbon footprint is the total of greenhouse gases being emitted to the atmosphere. This can happen through direct or indirect actions. In addition to this, both people, organizations, large corporations are responsible for it. Likewise, certain events and the production of products both generate actions that will contribute to the carbon footprint. This is also relevant when you are working in logistics. When you are doing international shipping, you usually have two options, either sea or air freight. Using ships or airplanes leaves a carbon footprint. For this reason, you should see how your work is contributing to global warming. It is an important issue to address, especially since you are in this line of work.  

countless shipping containers
It is important to reduce carbon footprint in logistics

How to calculate  

The next thing you should do would be to calculate the carbon footprint. In order to do this, it is important to know the levels of pollution or greenhouse effect emissions produced every day. You should collect data that should include the following. 

  • Business activities 
  • Electricity consumption 
  • Use of packing supplies, packing boxes in Kuwait, and materials 
  • Transportation 
  • Waste management 

As you can see, these activities are leaving a carbon footprint both directly and indirectly. Once you collect all the data, you can measure in tons of CO2 equivalent and you should calculate by multiplying the activity data by emission factors. This might sound a little bit complicated so it would be better to hire a professional. They should know how to calculate everything necessary without missing any detail. You would also need to trace your carbon footprint regularly.  

The first steps to reduce carbon footprint in logistics 

Everyone is leaving a trace on the environment; it is impossible not to. However, there are always ways to reduce this negative impact. First of all, invest in green and sustainable logistics. It might be a little bit expensive to implement it at the beginning but it will make a huge difference once it comes to the carbon footprint. Some of these measures would include optimizing the routes, using packaging that reduces CO2 emissions during transport, using ecological vehicles, etc. Then, the most important step would be to reduce energy and fuel use. This can be tricky, especially since you are doing global shipping. It is impossible to ship anything without using ships or airplanes. However, there are ways to reduce it. The same thing applies if you plan to move internationally with packers and movers in Kuwait for your job. Be eco-friendly always. 

boxes on the shelf
Opt for eco-friendly boxes when shipping

More suggestions 

The next way would be to launch the processing of ISO environmental certificates. This means implementing management systems. You can obtain the accreditations. This is important since it will show compliance with the established legal regulations. Your business should have an image of a company that respects all the major legal regulations about the environment. Likewise, you should be more flexible with your packaging. Since you cannot possibly ship anything without properly packing it, you need quality packing supplies. For this reason, you should use lightweight and custom packaging. This way, you will save money on production costs and reduce CO2 emissions during transport. Reusable plastic pallets and packing supplies are also a smart choice. Since you can reuse them multiple times, you will not need to buy new packing supplies. You can use them both for transport and storage. 

The last steps to reduce carbon footprint in logistics 

You can also optimize the transport flow. Make a management plan where you can readjust and slow down your transport flow. This way, you will reduce CO2 emissions. Just as you can use eco-friendly packing supplies, you can opt for eco-friendly transportation options. You can see what options you have and implement some of them. Lastly, you should find sustainability through technology. Almost everyone depends on technology in this day and age to operate their business. If you remember the data you should collect every so often, you can do it with the help of technology. The proper technology can also identify saving opportunities. You should learn more about the type of technology and choose the one that would be the most beneficial to your business. The greenhouse effect is a serious problem that should be addressed. 

aerial photo of shipping containers
You can also choose a more eco-friendly mode of transport

Why is it important to make a change? 

It is impossible to work as before without any regard to environmental problems. For this reason, it is important to reduce the carbon footprint in logistics. Many customers are choosing green logistics partners rather than traditional ones. Everyone should take steps in solving this worldwide problem. No matter how small these steps might be, they will certainly make a difference. Therefore, you should also try to implement the above-mentioned suggestions to improve the quality of your services. Because of your line of work, you can make a big change when it comes to your carbon footprint. All the options above are easily accessible and you can even use them when advertising your services. You can also attract more customers by showing that you are being responsible and eco-friendly.