Pet relocation – How to do it right?

Moving to another place takes time and effort. If you own a pet, then prepare for a double effort. Changing the environment is difficult for us, but it’s way more difficult for our pets. They are much more sensitive than you can imagine. Besides that, they find it very difficult to adjust to changing their daily habits. Hence, once you’ve decided to move, start preparing your pet for a move. There is another thing you need to do – hire Kuwait moving experts to help you! They know how to handle the moving process, regardless of what kind of pet you might have. Read on and learn what you should do to properly conduct a pet relocation.

 How to prepare your pet for the moving day?

Preparations for your move with a pet should start weeks in advance
Start the preparations for a move with a pet at least 2-3 weeks before the moving day

There is no some magic trick to make your pet happy about moving home. However, you can help your little friend to be in a good mood prior to the moving day. First, the moving day will come to a lot easier, although not easy at all. And second, the process of adjustment will last shorter. So, what should you do? Here are some suggestions:

  • Spend more time playing with your dog, cat, or whatever pet you might have.
  • Buy the things your dear animal likes.
  • Don’t get mad at him/her no matter what. Getting mad may make your pet feel bad, and that’s the last thing you want when the moving day is nearing.
  • Visit a veterinarian – Find out if your pet needs some special treatment.
  • Start packing weeks in advance, so your pet gets used to the boxes.

The most important tip of all is – keep your pet happy as much as you can. Showing that you care will mean your pet a lot.

How to properly conduct a pet relocation?

Before you start doing anything, you need to:

  • Find the right movers. To do that, you need to determine what kind of Kuwait moving services you are searching for.
  • Learn how your pet should be transported. The safety is the most important aspect of your pet relocation.
  • Help your pet adjust to a new home. With a proper support, your pet could get back on the track quickly.

Finding the right Kuwait movers

Pet relocation - Hire experts for a proper move!
Find the best pet relocation specialists

Are you moving to another country, or are you moving locally somewhere else in Kuwait? The first option, when moving within the country borders, and not that far from your current residence, you can hire local Kuwait movers.

Otherwise, if you plan on long distance Kuwait move, make sure you hire the appropriate moving experts able to conduct moving to a distant place. Moving long distance or internationally is more difficult than a local move. Hence, make sure to hire professionals who can handle your and your pet relocation.

Above everything, it’s important to hire reliable movers having an experience in moving pets. To check the reliability, ask for a proof of licensure and read the reviews. Also, ask all the questions you find important. Also, check the experience of previous customers. How are they satisfied, did their pets have problems while moving to a new residence etc.

Transporting your pet

If moving locally, you might be able to transport your pet yourself. It would be the best option, given that your pet trusts you the most. However, don’t do that without consulting moving professionals and your vet. Perhaps you need to purchase some cage to safely transport the pet.

Otherwise, if your relocation is long distance or international, you should probably let your movers do the whole pet relocation. They know how to treat different sorts of animals, how they should be transported, or about some special requirements when crossing the border for example.

The vaccination requirements differ in different countries, so you might need to vaccinate your pet before leaving the country. Besides vaccination, there are many other requirements you might face when moving your pet to another country. One of examples is that some species are not allowed to enter some foreign country, or they need a special way of transportation etc.

Having Kuwait pet movers on your side will help you prevent and solve all potential problems. Prepare for the moving day on time, so you or your pet don’t feel too much stress. It’s an essential thing if you want your pet to quickly adjust to a change.

How to help your pet adjust to a new home?

Be there for your pet
Help your pet smile again

Animals can feel what people can’t. For example, there are certain toxic plants that could make your pet don’t want to enter the home. Make sure to lose it if there is. Also, make your new home look as similar to the former one as possible. For example, there are some objects your pet likes, make sure to unpack them first. Also, arrange your furniture so your living room looks similar to your previous home. You will easily rearrange it once your pet gets used to a new environment. In the beginning, it’s essential to let your pet feel like home.

Besides the environment, it’s important to be there for your pet.  Yes, you will surely have thousands of things to do in first few weeks after the move. But you can’t refuse to play with your pet if he/she feels like it just because you’re tired. Also, if you’re in the mood, and your pet is not, adjust. If he/she feels like lying on the floor, you do that too.

Yes, your pet does come first after your relocation. Being selfish and satisfying only your own needs is not an option. If you do that, prepare for a long period of adjustment and your pet’s anxiety. Remember, pet relocation starts months before the moving day, and ends up when your pet is used to your new home! If you have some questions, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to help you relocate your pet trouble-free.