What to do before the movers arrive?

When living in a prosperous and thriving city, such as Kuwait City, you can never be sure where you will end up one day. There are a lot of opportunities in it that you can easily get promoted or even find a better job. When things like this happen, everyone is thinking about finding a better place to live. So you found a new place to stay and now you are waiting for a moving day. In this blog, we will give you enough information on what to do before the movers arrive. That way you can be sure there is no place for mistakes and errors when you start relocating.

 Get rid of unwanted items in your household 

First things first come to mind when you are organizing your relocation. That is getting rid of the stuff you wouldn’t need in your new home. After you prioritized what you need, the easiest way to free yourself from clutters is organizing a yard sale. This is a simple but most effective way, and you should be able to earn some money too. You can also always donate what you don’t need to those who need it. Or to your friends, family, and neighbors. This is the perfect way to let loose of those unwanted items just before the movers arrive. One of the best things you can do, if you want to keep some of the stuff and place it in a safe space, is to find a perfect warehouse Kuwait. That way your belonging will be perfectly safe and ready to get to your new location once the moving is done.

wardrobe with clothes
Organize a yard sale before the movers arrive

Pack everything properly before the movers arrive

One of the main reasons why people hire professional movers is because of the heavy lifting and big items. If you want to help them, and yourself, you can easily pack small items that require no special technique whatsoever. But, if you want to, you can check with your movers what are the best moving services in Kuwait they can provide you with. Actually, a lot of professional movers will provide you with necessary help with packing small items along with the best ones.

When it comes to packing small items, before you begin, there are some packing materials you can use, such as:

  • Old newspapers – Perfect for filling the oddly shaped empty spaces left by lamps, household items etc. Use them to protect your furniture as well. Cover the wooden areas with them and tape them down.
  • Old clothes – such as blankets, t-shirts, pillows etc. are perfect for protecting not only furniture but kitchen appliances as well. You can use them to pack fragile items and the rest of breakable stuff you have.
  • Ziplock bags – are used mostly for packing small parts that can get easily lost during transport. Screws, buttons etc should be packed together before the movers arrive. That way all the important parts will stay safe.
  • Labels, markers, and boxes – this is very important. Label your boxes accordingly for more easier and convenient transport. We all know how hard it can get when it comes to unpacking unlabeled boxes.
Sweater used for wrapping before movers arrive
Sweaters are perfect for wrapping fragile items

Sorting small items, taking photos and inventory

Before the movers arrive pull out paper and pen and write down everything you possess. Not only will this help you move stressless, but you will not worry about what and where did you pack. This is one of the ways you can protect yourself from any possible theft that can happen during the relocation process.

Choosing the right professional movers KW is only half the job. Preparing your stuff accordingly will help you and the movers as well. That is why it is very important to take photos of your belongings. This is yet another way to protect yourself against possible damage and/or theft. Furthermore, this is the best thing to do if you are disassembling large furniture and electronics. Take photos so you can reassemble them after the moving process is completed.

One of the best things you can do to ease your moving process is to deduce what items you will bring with you personally, and what is going to be moved by moving company. Such items are personal belongings like laptop, tablets, smartphones or any convenient electronics you have. Make sure you packed some food also. If you have a family with small children, it will come in handy with unexpected stops or small road trips.

Camera on a table
Take pictures of electronics to easily reassemble them

Finish all paperwork before the movers arrive

Yes, this is one of, if not the most important things you should do. Finish all the bureaucracy with utilities, electric company, tv and internet provider etc. This is not something you should do on a moving day. With all the possible chaos and rush you can probably get that day. Finish it up few days in advance, so when the movers arrive, all you’ll have to do is help them a bit and start moving.

person signing papers
Finish all the paperwork before the movers arrive

Always have some cash with you

Having some cash with you can come in handy with some unexpected expenses that can happen. Either refiling gas, or buying food and tipping the movers. It is considered as a gesture of goodwill to tip the movers, and that way you will have more than excellent and friendly crew helping you with your relocation.

money on the table
Always have some cash with you

Consider hiring babysitter and/or pet sitter

Make sure you book someone in advance. With all the people moving in and out on that day, the last thing you need is your toddler and your pet among all that. Consider hiring some professionals or asking for a favor from your friends, family members or neighbors. That will mean a lot on when the moving day arrives.

Toy Toddler holding moms leg
Hire a babysitter to take care of your kids during the moving day

After reading this article we hope you have a clear idea what you should do before the movers arrive. Sometimes it can be chaotic but most of the times nothing bad happens. If you want, there are some chores your family can do to help you with moving process. Anyway, feel free to share with us your experience when it comes to moving. Your feedback means a lot to us and to others as well. Good luck with your moving, we can’t wait to hear from you!