Best ways to stay healthy during a move

There is no need to talk about how moving is a stressful life event. If you are moving somewhere near or overseas, it is difficult. The question is how to stay healthy during a move with all obligations and problems? The key is, do not forget about your needs. You care about your items and house, but who will take care of you? Learn how to avoid diseases, moving is the worst time for getting sick.

Ask for help and you will stay healthy during a move

You cannot do everything by yourself. It is O.K. to ask for help. You can consult moving companies in Kuwait or ask your friends to help you. If you or your friends do not have experience with moving and transporting, it is better to hire a moving company. You do not need additional stress. How to pack boxes, how to drive a truck, how to put boxes in the truck…What to do if something goes wrong?

Go to the fitness and be active

Fitness equipment for staying healthy during moving.
Be active, it is good for your body and mind

Yoga, walking, playing a sport that you love, playing with your family is healthy for your body an mind too. Most people forget to go to the gym because they are busy with packing, moving, unpacking and many other obligations…Changing address, finding a new doctor, a school for kids, etc. If you are moving to the new neighborhood, try to find a gym or park for jogging and playing with kids. Unpacking may take a couple of weeks or even months to complete, so think about yourself first. Boxes are not going anywhere, for sure. Another solution is to hire professionals packers and they will help you reduce your stress.

Get some sleep

Baby and father sleeping.
Do not forget to sleep and to spend time with your kids.

Sleeping is VERY important for your health. It is ideal to sleep 8 hours. And another thing, do not tell yourself “I’m not finished for today I can’t go to sleep”. Yes, you can. You can finish it tomorrow. No one can stay healthy during a move without enough sleep. Relax. 

Pack your kitchen last and unpack it first

Do not pack your kitchen first. Because it is important to have a healthy meal every day. If you pack your dishes, you will eat pizza, burgers and other fast food. If the packing is not your best specialty hire packers and movers Kuwait. They can help you with packing, ask them whatever you want because they have so much experience. Especially if you have kids. So, plan a strategic use of the resources you have. Prepare meals that use the same pans. You have many ‘one-pot” recipes. For example one-pot pasta, one-pot chicken…Youtube has a lot of these simple ideas. This way you can avoid the junk food. But, beware, moving can cause stress eating. 

Sterilize and sanitize

Unfortunately, the human body is exposed to germs and bacteria all the time. Through contact with another person or the surface of your desk. The stress because of moving can lower your immune system. So, it is important to minimize exposure to germs and bacteria. Wash your hands often to avoid that, especially kids. It is not their favorite activity. But, the last thing you need when moving is a sick child. Keep a hand sanitizer with you, all the time in your bag. When you come to your new house clean everything, especially the bathroom and kitchen.

Green bacteria, view with microscope.
Bacteria are everywhere, and our immune system is weaker when we have stress. Always keep a hand sanitizer with you

Visit a doctor

Before moving, visit your doctor and transfer your medical record. After moving, try to find a new doctor for you and your family too. You never know what can happen. You may also want to get prescriptions filled, especially during flu season. Buy some vitamins, first aid kit, nose drops and other medications for immunity, just in case.


You can ease your anxieties and stresses by making a moving checklist. This will help you stay organized. Create your own strategies for different stages of your move. For example:

  • Research – Choose a mover and do a research. After that, get written confirmation of your moving date and all moving costs.
  • Organize school records – Transfer school records for your kids, or college records for you. Also, help your kids cope with moving stress, they will feel something is happening.
  • Take measurements – Check room dimensions, and see what you can take with you to your new home.
  • Separate valuables – Add jewelry and important files to a safe box. You will have a less stress if you take this box with you on a moving day. As we mentioned before, without stress you will stay healthy during a move, for sure.

Take a day off from work

Notify your office that you plan to move and because of that need the day off on your moving day and the next day maybe. If it is necessary, you can take a couple of days off. You will need that. Not just for housework, simple it is hard to go to work then after that you need to work at home…Notify your office a couple months earlier. Unpack quickly after moving and you will more time for yourself

Do not overdo

Take it easy. You cannot lift all by yourself. Packing up all that furniture is a great workout, but do not push too hard, you will hurt yourself. Unless you are working out and you are pretty sure you can do it. Knowing your own limits and stick to them is the best prevention. Hire professionals or ask your friends to help you with heavy lifting. 

Remember, everything will be O.K. until you are taking care of yourself. Your body is the most important thing, no matter what are you doing. Do not forget to take a break. Settling into a new city was never easy and never will be. Stay healthy during a move and you can do anything you want.