How to unpack quickly after moving?

In some previous articles, we already mentioned to you how to organize your moving without any stress. This time we will discuss proper steps you should take so you can easily unpack quickly after moving to your new home. It can be chaotic but do not worry. Just follow our tips and tricks and you will unpack in no time.

Do not stress out over unpacking quickly after moving

This is one of those things that must be done. And you shouldn’t stress over it. While you are waiting for the rest of the items to arrive by shipping companies in Kuwait focus on what is there and what you can do in the meantime. Yes, we know that unpacking process can consume time and it plainly sucks, but always keep in the back of your mind a final reward. Remind yourself that once you are done with unpacking, you can start to decorate your new home as you please and like. One pro tip for stressless unpacking is to create a fun playlist you can play while unpacking all the boxes. Create a game out of it, make rules, reward yourself when you accomplish certain tasks etc. Unpacking doesn’t have to be filled with stress and pressure.

Red pencil writing stress on paper
Do not stress yourself if you want to unpack quickly after moving

Cleaning everything before you begin

An important thing to do before you unpack quickly after moving is to clean every room in your house. Especially the designated one where you will be placing all the boxes. This is the perfect time for cleaning since you will have access to every corner you wouldn’t get with the furniture in it. You should be sure to pack all the cleaning supplies in the special box and label the box correctly. That way you will find it almost immediately and without trouble. Better yet, if you can, load them in your car so you can find them even faster. This is quite an important thing to do before unpacking. This way you prevent any unnecessary cluttering of dust or anything else. Also, if you have some protective layers of polish, this is the perfect time to use them. You don’t know when you will be able to reach those hard to get places again.

Clean every room before unpacking

Decide what room you will use for unpacking

After you just finished cleaning all the rooms in your house, this is the second part of the actual unpacking begins. Find the biggest room in your new home and place all the moving boxes in it. Unpacking quickly before moving can be done easily if you organize a “base of operations”, like the designated room. From there on, you can unpack every other room step by step. Of course first unpack the basic necessities you will need for living, like basic clothes you will wear, few plates, other dishes, forks, knives, spoons etc.

Empty room
Chose one room and place all moving boxes in it

 Take  your time when unpacking 

Organize your moving, so you can have time to unpack your items.  Yes, the article is about unpacking quickly after moving, but sometimes some things can’t be rushed. In order to do it properly and prepare your new home without any problems take it step by step. And if some items require more time, think about getting a few days off from your work, so you can concentrate on accommodating to your new place. If you simply can’t take some time off, then create a schedule. It should be a simple schedule, filled with tasks that can be done by you or your family. Remember, do not make some big tasks, because they can prove to be quite stressful and difficult to accomplish. Instead, focus on unpacking somewhere between 2 or 5 boxes per day. If you have children, consider giving them smaller tasks. Of course, organize some sort of movie, ice cream, pizza night as a reward for their hard work. Some time off will be useful for you as well.

bunch of clocks on top of each other
Take time off work for unpacking

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!  

This has to be the most fundamental thing to do if you want to unpack quickly after moving. After you figure out how you will organize yourself, follow simple steps. The biggest trick to organizing a stressless moving and unpacking is in its early planning stages. When it comes to unpacking, start with highly prioritized boxes. After that, you go with what you wouldn’t need that much. The best thing you can do is to label your moving boxes. Labeling your boxes correctly saves you a lot of time in finding the right items when you start to unpack. In midst of all the rush, the last thing you need is to start opening every box and look for a specific item. This way you will be sure what is placed where, so you can just as easily open the box and take it. Items you won’t unpack first should be packed in the back of the moving track.

stamp stamping Priority seal
Prioritize the important stuff to unbox

Perfect order of unpacking 

After you done all the following steps, comes the main and final one. If you asked yourself what is the correct way you will start to unpack your boxes after you moved, then this should be the one. Start with the:

  • Kitchen – Simply try to unpack basic stuff you will use to make meals. Don’t consider installing the fridge yet since you probably won’t have the time to make meals. Consider ordering takeouts.
  • Bedrooms – In order to unpack quickly after moving, you will have to get a place to sleep. You can ask your family members to help you with making this temporary bedroom.
  • Start putting together the furniture – if you came to this part you have probably realized what goes where in your new home.

Don’t forget, you can always rent a storage unit to place the items that can be assembled last and put in the end. Do not stress yourself over items that do not take high priority in unpacking.

After reading this article you should get the basic idea of how to unpack quickly after moving to your new home. Remember, everything can be done without stress and rush if you know what you are doing. That is why we wrote here what we consider are the good steps to take for stressless unpacking. If you have any experience, please share it with us! We greatly appreciate your feedback! Leave your comment in the comment section below!