Air vs sea freight – which one is better when transporting goods in the GCC?

In air vs sea freight competition, it is hard to give a final verdict. There are a lot of reasons why clients like one or another option. Even the price is sometimes not important when other conditions prevail. However, with god packers and movers in Kuwait, you will always get the best service.

When the price is important?

It is for sure that price significantly affects the final price, but you should not rely on that only. It is much better to consider other conditions and find the best option for you.

  • Airfreight companies in Kuwait have improved their services, so you can hire a good transportation company for your purposes;
  • You should choose the best option for you depending on the type of cargo and size of it;
  • In the air vs sea freight dilemma final verdict is defined by the client and his needs.

    Air vs sea freight is a dilemma that bothers many clients

Speed of shipping

We cannot avoid the fact that shipping by air is much faster than sea freight. Even loading of the plane is faster and easier, while shipping by sea depends on many factors. Just imagine large ports with containers that wait for loading which could happen next week or later. Because of that, shipping from Kuwait to Dubai is usually much faster by plane.

Type of cargo

For most of the goods, you can safely organize shipping to Saudi Arabia by air and sea, there are situations when you will not be able to do it. You will not be able to use air freight for a long list of goods, including hazardous materials, toxic or corrosive items, magnetic items (even speakers), and objects that could harm public health. Even though you can transport chemicals used for medical purposes, there is a list of dangerous materials that are not included in this. Finally, you should consider the price where large packages significantly increase the price and represent packages hard for transporting this way.

Air freight
Air freight is more expensive than sea freight but has its good sides

Air vs sea freight – the decision is yours

Nobody can say which of those two options is better. You should make your own decision according to the needs and other conditions.

Price and accessibility

When it comes to the price, you will surely want to save whenever you can when shipping items. Shipping by air is 12 times more expensive than sea freight, according to experts. There are a lot of reasons why is that. Many people do not consider transporting to the airports, packing in special packages and transporting after the transport to the storages. All the above increases the price.

Environmental safety

According to experts, transportation by sea is more environmentally protected than air freight. If you use the ship to transport, you will leave a weaker carbon footprint and save nature. It is especially visible when shipping large items and packages. Of course, if you decide to transport by air, or have other reasons for that, air vs sea freight is not a dilemma for you.