Why is container loading inspection beneficial?

When shipping with a container there is a lot of things that could go wrong. If you are frequent at shipping and/or ordering a large capacity of goods, you might already have evolved a system. It should ensure efficiency and that your merchandise arrives safely and with minimum damage. You might ask, why is container loading inspection beneficial? Here at Easy Move Kuwait, we help you understand if an inspection is necessary for your situation and when to conduct it. Moving companies in Kuwait developed a process for clients that need reassurance while shipping. This will help guarantee that the supplier will follow your loading plan and instructions.

Containers loaded on a boat
Confirm that your partner is handling goods correctly and that they arrive safely with minimum damage

Container Loading Inspections explained

It’s crucial that you closely monitor the loading process and inspect the container while it’s loading. You must ensure that your loading is followed up with all the documentation needed. Your merchandise must be in pristine condition and remain its quality during loading. That also includes its packaging, so that your merchandise arrives clean and safe. Before embarking on this process you must ask a couple of questions to better plan your shipment:

  • What sort of goods are you transporting
  • Is the inspection necessary in your situation
  • Why is container loading inspection beneficial for your company

Is the inspection necessary?

Loading inspection has multiple benefits for your business, but you must first understand is there a necessity for it. Are your goods fragile, and do you need to pack and secure them with extra care? Are they sustainable of infestation? Maybe you need to ship heavy and large items, so you need a company that will handle them correctly. There are many questions to be answered if you wish to avoid additional expenses that may occur. 

There are 3 types of inspections, one in pre-production, a second one during, and the third one, a pre-shipment inspection. The pre-shipment inspection is occurring just before you load the goods into a container. You must first make sure that the container meets all the specifics needed, its size, and condition. Also, if the quality and quantity match with your order.

How is container loading inspection beneficial?

Container loading inspection is most beneficial when your merchandise, and the way it is packed, have to be respected and handled with the most care. For example, packing clothes in plastic foil and handing them. Beverages must be in their original packing in an air-conditioned container. There must be trust between the supplier and the buyer, so there is no fear that the wrong goods are shipping out (sometimes you will only be able to inspect the outside package if you don’t want to disrupt the package by inspecting its insides). When speaking about the outer package, sometimes you can use them as retail packaging. You must make sure that even the cardboard is lined up with safety features. This way, you will avoid possible floods or crumplings.

Properly handled goods and their safe journey is the answer on why is container loading inspection beneficial
The inspector has to make sure that your goods are in a carton and wrapped in foil before loading them into the container

If you are having worries about your goods being transported,  cargo shipping companies in Kuwait will help you in the most efficient way possible, even with the most sensitive shipments. To put this in perspective, here is an example of how will the procedure of inspection look like.

An example of how the container loading is conducted

For example, you chose a third-party inspector for your container loading. He will randomly pick a couple of boxes to inspect. The inspector will check if the outer package is as agreed, typically export cartons, on a pallet and in plastic wrap. He will then check if the right quantity is in the cartons. The second thing to inspect is the container itself. He will report if there are any leaks or hazards to the shipment. The inspector will stay during the loading process to supervise the workers and makes sure if the pallets fit in the container correctly. He will also check all the existing documentation so that all the procedures with custom clearance services Kuwait are followed up before your merchandise can be exported/imported.

What is the downside to container inspection?

It’s important to note that container loading inspection is not a replacement for more in-depth inspections. As you read above, the inspector will only check a couple of boxes. There is still a chance that some percentage of your goods arrive in an imperfect condition. A way to fight this is to pay the extra money and have the inspector pick more sample boxes. Also, the inspector will check the quality of products just before the shipment itself, but he cannot guarantee that the quality will email the same, as unexpected issues may occur during the transport (floods in ocean freight, change of pressure in air freight, etc). He can however pressure the workers and the factory to give their 100% to the loading process.

A man loading properly packed goods
To answer why is container loading inspection beneficial, we show you the advantages of examining your shipment

Container loading inspections are helpful for all importers wishing to ensure their goods are loaded, transported, and delivered safely and securelyThey are helpful for first-time importers who need to feel confident in the shipping process or importers who have fragile goods to move. You might consider conducting a container loading inspection if you want to verify what your supplier is loading into the container and how theyre loading it.

Many companies that regularly order full containers of goods think of these inspections as another tool in their supply chain management. Their quality control plans often include pre-shipment, during production, pre-production, and loading inspections. By utilizing all these tools at different times, they can better manage their supplier relationships. One way or another, the answer to why is container loading inspection beneficial, is simple. Both you and your customers are satisfied, as your goods arrived safely.