What to Know About Binding Estimate

If you are about to move, then you must know just how complicated and difficult it can sometimes get. You have to pack and relocate your entire household. Your days become exhausting and there are so many things to think about. It makes sense that you’re thinking about hiring a professional moving company. You need to think about the smallest of details and take care of your moving schedule, so you can let professionals handle the moving (and perhaps packing) part of the process. But before hiring the movers, you came across the expression binding estimate and you are not really sure what it actually is. So here are some basic facts you should know about binding estimates.

Basic binding estimate information

You are most likely aware of what the word “binding” means. When something is binding it means that it is mandatory and cannot be avoided. Well, it is the same in the dictionary of moving. When you hire a professional moving company, you’ll most likely be offered an estimate (also called a quote) of how much your relocation is going to cost. So if you choose the option of a binding estimate, this means that your movers of choice, such as international movers Kuwait will make an estimate that cannot change during or after the relocation.

You'll need to sign a binding estimate contract
Double-check before you sign the contract.

It is a fixed price you pay for your mover, regardless of the actual weight of your relocated belongings. This might be a great way to know in advance how much your relocation is going to cost. However, make sure you take good care of what items are listed in your estimate.

Should you choose non-binding or binding moving estimate?

Naturally, non-binding estimates happen much more commonly. It is not easy to make a final judgment of how much your relocation is actually going to cost. This is especially true if you are relocating to Kuwait from abroad. You may end up with fewer items in your cargo or change your mind about what you are going to take with you. And any change in the list of your belongings means problems when it comes to binding estimates. So before you decide to sign the contract, think carefully. Are you sure that the list of your items to be moved is finalized? If there is any chance that you will change your mind, it is perhaps a better idea to opt for a non-binding estimate. Paying for additional fees of a binding estimate doesn’t sound like a fun thing to do in the midst of the moving euphoria.

What can I expect after choosing a binding moving quote?

Still not sure what option to choose? You must be wondering what exactly happens after you choose a binding estimate. Clearly, you must accept a set of rules that binding estimates imply. You will be offered to sign a contract. This document exists to give certainty that both you and your moving company will be satisfied after your relocation has been finalized. Fixed prices can offer you both advantages and disadvantages, depending on how you see it. Also, what kind of moving services will you be hiring? Is your relocation one of the following types?

  • local
  • long-distance
  • residential
  • commercial

Every item and service will find their place in the contract

In order for your binding estimate to work, the moving company will make a list of every single item you plan to have moved. This means that you must state in detail everything that you’ll be moving to your new home. It makes it easier for the company to make a clear estimate this way. And if you have a planned budget for your relocation, you’ll have no surprises after the moving part is done. You will pay exactly what your contract states. Make sure you double and triple check your moving lists, though.

The moving company will charge you for items you add to the cargo

For any belonging that is not in your binding estimate contract, you’ll have to pay a little extra money. This is why you need to be 100% sure of what you want the moving company to relocate. After the contract has been signed it will probably be too late to change your mind. Try not to be too worried, though. Just make sure you check everything thoroughly before you sign the contract. A certified moving company will not try to scam you. The contract is binding for both sides who sign it.

After you sign the contract the binding estimate is there for both you and the moving company

Clearly, if you’ve checked and double-checked and signed your binding estimate contract, then the moving company needs to act accordingly. There should be no surprises and additional costs if they are moving items according to the list in the contract. Your binding estimate price is what you will pay once your relocation has been finalized. You’ll pay no more and no less than the sum stated in the contract both you and your moving company of choice have signed.

bird view of a house - Binding estimate lists every single item
Every item in your moving household will find its place on the list.

Now you know a few facts about binding estimates, what do you think? Is it a suitable option for your relocation? Do you like the idea of knowing all your costs in advance? Or perhaps you can’t be sure of what items you want to take to your new home. If this is the case, a non-binding estimate might be a better option for you. You could even end up paying less than you had previously planned. Long-distance relocations usually mean that you take only the essential parts of your home. And just in case your list becomes smaller after a while, a non-binding estimate is a good idea. If you are, however, sure about the things you will pack and move, then choose to sign a binding estimate contract. It can definitely pay off for you.