What to eat on moving day?

If your moving day is happening anytime soon, then you must be taking care of some of the final preparations. Are you feeling stressed and worried? Don’t worry, it’s only normal. Most people find moving to be one of the most stressful events of grown-up life. All you need to do is try to be prepared. This includes the smallest of details, such as thinking about what you will eat on moving day. That’s right, this really is one of the things you have to think about in advance. In all the moving hustle and bustle, you will not have time to think about food, which means it’s best to do it beforehand. So what do you think should be on your moving menu?

What you eat on moving day needs to be as simple as possible
In order to be as efficient as possible, skip elaborate, three-course meals

Try to make your moving meals simple

This one particular piece of advice is pretty much common sense. Keep your meals simple, at least for this one day. There’s really no need to make elaborate three-course meals or to prepare the food for hours. You are trying to complete as much work as it is humanly possible, so when you eat, it should be during your brief breaks. The food that you eat on the moving day should be rich in calories, as you need all the energy you can get. However, keep it short and simple. Especially if you are relocating to Kuwait from abroad. Treat yourself and your moving helpers with a soup or a fancy desert some other day, because this day is all about being efficient.

Breakfast is the most important meal to eat on moving day

Being efficient on your moving day is important, but staying healthy is the priority. So your first meal of the days must be nutrient-packed and as healthy as possible. The simplest choice for breakfast would be simple oatmeal with some nice fruit that you can pack inside a jar the day before. Then on the morning of your relocation day, you can simply add some milk or yogurt. In addition to being quick and simple, as well as healthy, this type of breakfast also makes the least possible amount of mess. You don’t want to be washing a big load of dishes on your moving day. Besides, most of your dishes might already be packed.

Oatmeal might be the best choice to eat on moving day
A good idea for a healthy and nutrient-packed breakfast would be a bowl of oatmeal with some fruit

Keep in mind that most or even all of your dishes will be already inside moving boxes

Another fact that might have an influence on what you choose to eat on the moving day might be the limited choice of available dishes. Your plates, cups, silverware, and bowls might all be inside moving boxes already. Your kitchen appliances could already be packed and shipped. This is why you must plan your moving meals in advance and leave a couple of cups and plates out. Or, a less green option would be to use disposable plates and cups. However you decide to serve your food, just make sure you think about it in time. Having to unpack will only make you stressed and even worse, it can make you skip your meals. And that’s the last thing you want to do.

Remember that lunch should be light

Be careful during your lunch break. Why? You’ll most likely already feel exhausted by the time for lunch. Naturally, having a heavy meal will make you even more tired and sleepy. This is why your lunch should be light, but provide you and your helpers with all the necessary calories. Yes, don’t forget that you will not eat on moving day alone. You will probably have friends or family helping you. And if you choose to hire reliable freight forwarders in Kuwait, you might want to serve them some lunch as well. So here are a few suggestions to what you may want to have ready for your moving day lunch:

  • Pasta is a great idea, it’s easy to prepare and will keep you full for a while
  • Grilled vegetables combined with some noodles
  • Chicken and rice is a meal that you can pack the day before and keep inside your fridge
  • Ham or meatball sandwiches are generally quick and easy choices for a meal
Eat past for lunch on your moving day
For lunch, choose pasta as a universally liked and easy-to-prepare meal

While preparing food to eat on moving day, don’t forget snacks and beverages

In case your fridge is already packed during moving day, the snacks you prepare should be shelf-stable. There are plenty of healthy choices for a moving day snack. You can make some cookies or granola bars. Or, if you lack time, you can just buy protein bars or some hummus and crackers. They will be a great choice for a snack for both you and your helpers. And by all means, don’t forget about beverages. Moving is hard work, so you need to stay hydrated. You don’t want anything to go wrong on your moving day, so don’t let anyone stay thirsty. Have bottles of water ready inside a cooler. Also, fruit juice or some electrolyte drinks are always a good refreshment.

Remeber to have bottles of water ready
Staying hydrated during your moving day is vital for your health

So hopefully by dinnertime, you will have finished your relocation. This is a good time to celebrate by ordering a pizza for everyone. You can even try some Chinese food. You’ll feel more relaxed and although tired, you’ll feel good. So use this time to really enjoy your meal and relax along with the people who have been helping you throughout this difficult day. Your dinner can be something that you can easily clean up. And a few pizza boxes or Chinese food containers you can throw out in a matter of minutes. And then it’s done. Congratulations, you have managed to finish your relocation!