The risks of hiring uncertified moving companies

When you are moving, there are so many things to do. At one point, you may wonder what is next, and you will find yourself lost. This is completely normal when you are going through a moving process because these processes are hectic, stressful and a lot of times boring. You cannot wait until the moving is over so that you can dedicate yourself to some more interesting things, like decorating your new home. However, there is a price you have to pay. If you are not careful the risks of hiring uncertified moving companies can be enormous.

There is one way that you can be sure that you have made the right decision though. By hiring international movers Kuwait with the necessary licenses you will be all set. But, before you do, let’s see what are the actual risks of hiring uncertified moving companies.

Is there really any risk of hiring uncertified moving companies?

Some people may wonder if there actually is any risk of hiring uncertified movers? Those people may have done so in the past, and they have had a great experience with those movers. This is completely possible to happen. You can hire an uncertified company and everything can go as planned.

However, there is that other side of the story. If you hire an uncertified moving company, and something happens, not only that moving can go wrong, but somebody can get seriously injured you will only have yourself to blame. That is why there are such things as licenses, permits, and certifications. So, companies can prove themselves and show you that they are the best and that you should use their service because they have earned their certificate.

What are the risks of hiring uncertified moving companies?

Ok so there are risks, but what are those risks. What are the actual risks of hiring uncertified moving companies? Well, there are more than one, that is for sure:

  • Your things can go missing
  • Things can be damaged or broken
  • Your things may never get to their destination
  • They can overcharge you for the service provided

These are only some of the bad things that can happen during the process of moving with the uncertified moving company. So, it is up to you. Are you ready to risk it?

How to know if they are certified?

Of course, there are ways to protect yourself from a bad moving company. Simply by following some steps that we will provide you with. Firstly, what you need to do is browsing. Nowadays everything is online. So, sit down, turn on your computer and start looking. Make a list from at least three companies that seem good enough for you based on their website. After that, check them one by one.

Driver's license
Make sure your movers are certified

What to check?

After making a list of appealing companies, you need to give yourself enough time so that you can thoroughly check them, one by one. You can check almost everything. See if they have a permit for this line of business. Another important thing to check is their reviews from other customers.  See the comments they got, are their former customers satisfied with the service they have provided. Also, how long have they been in the business? Same goes when you want to find reliable sea freight Kuwait.

The longer the better. This is because if they are really long in the business, chances are slim to none that they are still working without the certification. Of course, this shouldn’t put you away from the new and young companies that are trying to prove themselves, and that can do the job even better from the companies that have been in the business for a while.


Another thing that can fool you to fall into a trap of unlicensed movers is definitely their price. Usually, the movers who are working without a license have a somewhat cheaper price and on the surface better moving services than the licensed companies. This is not something that you should let mesmerize you. If they say on their website, that they are doing all sorts of moving such as moving a piano from an eleventh floor with a broken elevator, you should consider this as a red flag. Too good to be true, especially when it costs so little and the job is huge. So, make sure to require a moving estimate.

Rolled up dollar bills
Do not let the price be the only thing you will look at


Insurance is very important. It is so important that there are no words to explain how important insurance can be. Just think if you hire uncertified movers and someone gets injured while moving you, and you have no insurance. Of course, you don’t, because the company you have hired has no license, therefore, there was no insurance to be offered to you. This is a situation that you really don’t need and that will lead to you filing a claim against a moving company. You are moving and that is stressful enough. Make your life and your move so much easier and find the right moving company. Create a meeting and go see them face to face. Read the contract thoroughly and give your opinion. With a good agreement, everything is possible.

Insurance policy and a calculator
Be aware of the importance of insurance policy

You have to be well aware that the risks of hiring uncertified moving companies are big. At the end of the day, something you thought that could cost you less, will cost you more. That is why you should forget that and hire the movers that are properly licensed, which also means that they have everything they need in order to move you in the best and the safest way possible.