What to check before signing a moving contract

Moving takes a lot of planning and preparation, whether you move to a  new house or office. When you organize your relocation process, you need to do numerous move-related tasks. In some cases, you will also need to hire a quality moving company to transport your belongings. But, before you do, take a look at everything you need to check before signing a moving contract.

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Make sure to read everything in the contract because you need to know what are you signing!

Check the company license before signing a moving contract

This is the most important thing that you should check before signing a moving contract. Or before you even consider a moving company for your relocation. Checking the moving company’s license isn’t hard. Just contact the movers and talk with the representative. Ask them about the company’s id and license number. Keep in mind that most moving companies with the goal of attracting new business will be happy to provide this information. They know that potential clients will want to check their official license at FMCSA. After you get this important information and check the moving company’s official status, you will be aware that you are dealing with professionals. In case you’re moving to Kuwait, you should do the same in order to hire top shipping companies in Kuwait.

Official website

The license is not the only thing you should check before signing a moving contract. Most movers want to present themselves and their services online to attract customers. Only the best moving companies will invest in their online profiles and web pages. A professional company will provide enough information to clients as website content. It is essential you choose a company that has a great online presence. On the other hand, they should list all of the services they offer. For example, secure warehouse in Kuwait. Numerous quality moving companies will provide contact information as well as online moving quotes. The online presence is one of the things you should check before signing a moving contract.

Official online reviews and references

Another aspect you should consider and check before signing a moving contract is the official online reviews. Clients post reviews and explain their experiences and comment on the moving company in question. Real online reviews usually are versatile. Professionals advise that you read the moving reviews (you can do it on Yelp) and ask for references before you make your final decision.

Check the moving quote before signing a moving contract

After you find the moving company for your relocation, it’s important to ask for the moving quote. The moving quote is an estimate of your relocation costs. There are different types of moving quotes with different Kuwait moving companies. Check if your movers provide a free moving quote that will include all of the moving services you need. But, without having additional charges after the move is complete.

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Do good research about your moving company

After you ask for a moving quote, a moving company will examine the amount of moving cargo you have and the services you need. And then, they will provide the written contract as a quote for the move. When you get multiple moving quotes, it is easy to compare moving companies. Choose the one that is affordable and the one that fits your needs best.

The moving company services

Quality moving companies will usually offer more than one service. In some cases, you movers will handle a local and a long distance move. Also, your movers will provide a packing service and have packing supplies for sale. On the other hand, your movers may have additional services like packing big and bulky items. Like hot tubs, pianos, pool tables, etc. Other can help you relocate your vehicle. It is important you know which service your movers provide before signing a moving contract. Choose the moving company that best suits your needs for a particular relocation. And, be aware that movers may not put every information on their web page. That is why you should contact them before removing them as a potential mover.

Packing supplies

Most people forget to ask about packing supplies and check before signing a moving contract. Consult with your movers before hiring them to pack your entire home. Different moving companies provide different services when it comes to packing. In most cases, you are responsible for the packing materials for the move. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes your movers will include the price of the packing materials in the final cost of your move.

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Ask your mover many questions as you need!

Estimates and quotes

There are two types of moving estimates:

  • Non-binding – Non-binding estimates are nothing more than an assumption of what the moving cost will be. It is based on the estimated weight of your items and the extra services you requested. Final payments are based on the actual weight of your shipment and the actual services provided.
  • Binding – Binding estimates guarantee a total cost of moving depending on the weight of your items and services you ask for. Because when you finish with this one of the most important tasks, you can worry about what to unpack first after the move later. You need to ask your movers to organize a survey at home and provide you with a written estimate. Estimates only by email or phone cannot be as accurate as on-site estimates. Therefore, it is advisable to work with a local company that conducts home inspections. If the company refuses to provide you with that, take it as a sign that you can be dealing with beginners or even fraudsters.

Bill of lading is one of the things to check before signing a moving contract

Each licensed moving service provider must give you a “Bill of lading”. The bill of lading serves as a contract between the movers and their customers. You should pay attention to the provisions concerning the right of movers to limit their liability. Your bill of lading should include:

  • Contact information and license of the mover
  • Your Contact Details
  • Origin and destination of the shipment
  • The agreed date or time period for pickup and delivery
  • Cost of services and method of payment
  • Dispute resolution program