Understanding the difference between cargo and freight services

Before you call your Easy Move Kuwait company in order to ship or transport goods, you must know what they offer and what to ask for. The terminology used in a world of carriers and cargo shipments can be confusing at times. Therefore, we will try to explain the difference between cargo and freight services as this is one of the most asked questions among customers. Let’s dive right in.

Get to know both terms to realize the difference between cargo and freight services

Both terms are related to the transportation of goods. No matter what you want to transport, you must use a shipping and moving provider and a vehicle to do so. The real difference between cargo and freight is the vehicle used to transport goods. Let’s put it this way. If something is transported with a road vehicle, it is considered a freight service. On the other hand, cargo service is anything that is shipped via boat or plane. Goods can be exactly the same, but once they are loaded onto a truck with a trailer, for example, it becomes a freight service. And goods loaded onto a plane, or a boat becomes cargo.

the difference between cargo and freight is in the carrier
The difference lies in the carrier and not the shipment.

Both terms are used for both types of carriers respectively. And what can be confusing here is that the type of cargo is called differently when loaded on different types of carriers. Despite being exactly the same in weight, price, quality, or nature in general.

What is cargo service?

Cargo services are for both commercial and personal use. Shipping huge quantities or large items in bulk is possible only if you load them onto a boat or plane. And to do so, usually, you’ll hire one of the cargo companies in Kuwait to cover the entire process safely. Your items are shipped in metal containers, portable pods, or wooden crates. It depends on the size or nature of the shipment of course.

You will rent the container for this purpose, or you can even buy a shipping container if you wish so. You can keep it on the dock and use whenever you like. This is a great solution for businesses across the globe.

A bit about freight services

Freight service is used for commercial only. As we have said before, anything transported via truck or train is considered freight transport. And freight term is associated with charges for the transport as well as the goods loaded onto vehicles. So, do not get confused when you hear that someone is using the term “freight” when talking about a plain carrier. They are referring to charges or the nature of goods. Yes, it is confusing when you hear the same term in three different situations. But you’ll get used to it once you meddle with the shipping industry. If you need additional questions about this service, talk about it with your custom freight forwarders in Kuwait before purchasing any services. It is better to ask than to settle for something you do not fully understand.

truck on the road
Freight service is widely known term for both the carrier and the goods that are being transported.

In the end, what is the difference between cargo and freight?

As you can see, the only difference between cargo and freight is the vehicles and the road you are using to do so. Or the lack of roads in case of using cargo transport. Now, the approach you’ll take to ship and transport goods depend on the nature of the goods. It will dictate the price, packing, and how many parties must be involved in this process. Also, it will tell you if you must use special equipment or any additional steps to move goods safely. But once you prepare your shipment, you’ll face this decision of whether to use cargo or freight service. As for packing, you better leave this to the professional packers. They’ll cover this task in the safest way possible regardless of the way the goods are shipped.

Now you know the difference between cargo and freight services. If you are shipping large containers and numerous items, it is always better to use cargo service. The other solution is for shorter distances and smaller packages. But in the end, the urgency of the delivery and the price of service will make this decision easier for you. Good luck.