Guide to recycling system in Kuwait

Not every country has the means to implement recycling as waste management. However, Kuwait is among the wealthiest countries, but it still doesn’t have a sustainable solution for the recycling system in Kuwait. Many would agree that the garbage has reached epidemic proportions and it needs to be resolved as soon as possible. If you are planning to move to Kuwait with Kuwait movers, you should be prepared for different recycling and sorting of waste.

Recycling system in Kuwait – how does it work?

Although Kuwait has many problems regarding the recycling system, like the lack of recycling companies, there is still waste management and it is best that you learn what you can or cannot recycle. Only a few companies do recycle in Kuwait, and this is only one of the problems. Besides this, people should get involved in recycling. Almost 95% of the waste could be recycled if others involve and help.

woman recycling
You need to get involved if you want to recycle in Kuwait

The recycling system in Kuwait is working and you need to call a recycling company to provide bins for recycling. They will bring you three bins for garbage. One is for plastic, one for paper, and one for cans. The recycling company delivers them to your doorstep and they will collect them once a week. The important thing is this is free of charge. You can call and inquire as soon as your international movers Kuwait are finished with their job. For sure, you will have a lot of paper or cardboard to dispose of once you move in.

What you can and cannot recycle?

Different recycling companies work with different types of waste. For example, the United Waste Management Company except glass recycling. You can recycle glass like jars and bottles. But you can’t recycle ceramics and dishes, light bulbs, and similar items.

These are items that you can recycle:

  • Clean paper and cardboard like moving boxes Kuwait
  • Rinsed plastic bottles and food containers
  • Cans, foil trays, clean aluminum
  • Glass jars and bottles

You cannot recycle the following items:

  • Waxy and laminated paper
  • Styrofoam, bubble wrap, plastic furniture, PVC, toxic bottles, straws, and plastic films
  • Metals hangers, pots and pans, paint spray, car parts, etc.
  • Medicine bottles, eyeglasses, mirrors, and ceramics.
bottles ready for recycling
United Waste Management Company in Kuwait recycles glass

Problems with recycling in Kuwait

As we previously mentioned, the main issue is the lack of recycling companies. Another problem is people’s lack of interest in the recycling process. The fact that landfills cover approximately 18 square kilometers of this country, should be a wake-up call. Especially, because Kuwait is not a big country. Another issue is that Kuwait generates around 1.5 kg of waste per person per day, which is twice more than the global average. So, when there is a wealthy, small country that produces a large amount of waste per person; individuals should get involved in the process of recycling and do their part in saving the environment.

Finally, if you are moving to Kuwait, make sure that you properly deal with your own garbage and that you proceed to participate in recycling, because it can contribute a lot, in general.