Ultimate guide for stress-free moving day

Some studies show that moving can be more stressful than the death of a loved one. No wonder people are squeamish on the thought of relocation. This is a very complicated process that involves balancing a lot of things. And doing it correctly in this day and age is hard. Trying to leverage your social, working and personal life can in-and-of-itself be extremely difficult. Not to mention trying to uproot your whole family from point A to point B, on top of all this. A lot of diligent planning and preparation is required. So we present to you the ultimate guide for stress-free moving day, so when the actual day arrives – you can relax knowing full well, everything will go as planned.

The ultimate guide for stress-free moving day
Finding true north in the midst of chaos can be a difficult task.


Actually, before we move into the planning phase a word of advice. If you want to overcome your fear of moving, you must first acknowledge. You must acknowledge that stress will happen. No matter how hard you plan on avoiding it. It is inevitable. Since you can plan as much as possible, but you cannot plan on life happening. That’s why recognizing this fact will work wonders for your actual jitters on the day of the move. However, this does not mean you should not plan and prepare. By doing this you are planning to fail. That’s why if you want your moving experience not to be an absolute catastrophe, but rather a blast – follow the tips mentioned below.

Creating a to-do list

A good idea is to formulate a timeline of things you need to take care of in the weeks (or months) to come. This goes without saying but make sure you carve out enough time for everything. Now that is out of the way there is an important decision you must make before you even begin to formulate your plan for relocation. And that is whether you are going to execute a do-it-yourself type of move, or you are going to hire professionals to do it for you. Check out the DIY Moving vs. Hiring Professional Movers article for more help on this topic.

In regards to what to actually place on your to-do list, it varies highly. Depending on your situation. But in general, written below, are some guidelines to keep in mind.

Having a checklist to guide you through a stress-free moving day is a good idea.
Putting pen to paper can help you see all the tasks more clearly.
Things to do now:
  • Start decluttering your home. The general idea is that you want to throw away, donate or sell things you do not need. Leaving you with only the absolute essentials. Here are a few killer decluttering methods you can check out.
  • Create your own moving cache. A moving cache is actually a compilation of files (either digital or hard copy) that has all the must-have documents in one place. Any useful information you might need on the actual day of the move gets stored here in case you need it.
  • Hire the movers and get a moving quote.
Things to do in the upcoming weeks:
  • Gather supplies you will need for packing. Note: Ignore this step if you have hired packers and movers Kuwait. Since our staff will bring all the packing supplies necessary on the day of the move.
  • If you are doing a DIY move, you should start packing items you use rarely.
  • Lastly, talk to your managers about getting free time off work on the day of the move.
Things to do just prior to moving:
  • By this time you should be at the finishing steps of packing all of your items and labeling them. That is if you have not hired a packing and or moving company.
  • Pack your overnight bag. The purpose of which is to hold all the essentials, such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, fresh clothes, snacks, etc. which helps you avoid rummaging through unopened boxes after the relocation.
  • Get a good night sleep.
The day of the move
  • Do a final check-up on your old home, make sure you didn’t forget something!
  • Clean the new household before your belongings arrive.

As you can see, there are some general rules to follow. However, we cannot give out any specific advice since we do not know the actual details of your life and your needs. That’s why, by using a little bit of logic and reasoning and leaning on these general principles, you can be sure your move will be as worry-free as it can possibly be.

Guide for stress-free moving day – preparing your new home

Normally you do not want to move into your new house only to be presented with disarray and chaos. Old walls that need painting, surfaces that need cleaning and renewing, and on top of all that – boxes that are waiting to be unpacked. This picture might seem grim, but it is probably the most accurate representation of what you are going to go through if you do not prepare your new home for your arrival. So make sure to scrub your new home clean, paint those walls and do any repairs necessary which you won’t be able to do when furniture and boxes arrive.

A disorderly home is a gloomy place to be in.
Clean your new household so you don’t get overwhelmed once you move in!

In conclusion

The most important part of this guide for stress-free moving day is actually learning two lessons. First is that you must accept that stress during and around moving day will occur. And there is nothing you can do to influence it. However, you can prepare for it. That’s what brings us to the second lesson. Make sure you plan. Since failing to plan is planning to fail. There are some general rules to adhere to, but other than that, the actual specifics of how to move your personal belongings are up to you.

If by chance you find yourself stuck in a rut. Not able to proceed with your move because of stress – take a deep breath and… start small. Don’t think of the big picture. Don’t think about all the heavy lifting and packing you are going to do. Just focus on the task and hand. And one by one, you will finish the whole project in the blink of an eye.

However, it’s a really smart idea to hire a moving company such as international movers Kuwait that will, with the years of their experience, gracefully and effortlessly help you with your relocation.