How to help your pet cope with a moving day

Everybody loves living with pets. Your companion is always there for you and makes your life generally more pleasant. Some people use them as a motivator, as a reason to leave the house and go out for a walk. Some people will do absolutely everything to ensure their pets have everything they need for a healthy lifestyle. And as a result, they make us – their owners live a more conscientious, healthy style of life.

However, this comes with a price. As much as it a joy to have your furry little companions alongside you in this journey we call life, it is also a humongous task to move with your pet. Since moving in and of itself is a very laborious task. And while humans have ways to deal with these stresses, animals on the other hand – do not. Therefore it is your job to help your pet cope with moving day, which is exactly the task of this article.

How to help your pet cope with a moving day

Generally, planning is the key to success. More specifically, planning is a must when relocating. The better you are prepared the more effortless the move will be. This concept ought to be applied to every type of move. From neighborhood relocation, over cross-state relocation to actually cross country and international moving. On that note, you should check out logistics companies in Kuwait if you are planning an international move from Kuwait since we offer advanced and professional logistics & transportation services like no other company!

One man once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” That’s why your first step when you want to help your pet cope with a moving day is to plan and prepare.  The finer you prepare the better your pet is going to deal with the stress of moving day. But how do you help your pet prepare? Well, we outlined a few steps to keep in mind.

Know thy species

The most crucial step you can take while transporting your pets is to keep them danger free, safe and healthy. However we admit, this is easier said than done. Some pets require certain safeguards in place in order for everything to go as smooth as possible. This is the case when you are transporting exotic pets.  Some pets, on the other hand, do not require much preparation and planning, such as transporting fishes. You just want to make sure they have fresh water in which they can swim and you’re fine! On the other hand, keeping a canine or a feline safe and healthy is vastly different than fish. This article is crafted so it will appeal to most people. And since the vast majority of people have cats and dogs, we will focus on these, since they are the most common.

A visit to the veterinarian

So, imagine this – you make sure everything is in place for the move to be as effortless as possible. You called a professional moving company such as Easy move Kuwait to help you with the relocation. You packed all of your stuff, and on the day of the move… Your pet gets sick! And now you have to postpone all the arrangments you have made. Talk about last minute stress, right? Well, in order for that not to happen, make sure you take your furry companion to the vet for a quick checkup. Also, use this as an excuse to ask him for tips on relocation with your pet. He will be able to give you advice which is tailored to the race and breed of your pet, which is always better than getting general advice.

Help your pet cope with moving day by “exposure”

So, you’ve got an okay from the vet? Great! Know you want to gently but continuously introduce them to the idea of moving. This can be done in a wide array of ways. For example, exposing them to the presence of boxes all over the house. Or forcing them to sleep in the transporter or any other uncommon place they are not used to. The idea is to make them more cozy with changes in the surroundings. It may be arduous in the beginning, but your pets will be grateful once moving day comes!

The best way to help your pets cope with moving day is to gradually expose them to it!
Let your furry little companions explore the boxes, crates and other utilities you are going to use in the move, as this will help them get comfortable with them being around.

The checklist

So there are some items that are absolutely necessary when relocating your pet. These are the absolute bare bones of what you need to have, however you probably already have most of them. These being:

  1. Pet passport or ID;
  2. Pet medical documents;
  3. Food (and medicine if required) for your companion;
  4. Toys that will keep your pets occupied whilst moving.
  5. Additionally, if you are moving internationally you want to make sure that if you are relocating your pet by sea (for example by using sea freight Kuwait) you want to make sure that animal transport is allowed by shipping regulations.

The day of the move

If you have followed the steps mentioned above, you have done 80% of the work! However, moving day is stressful no matter how much you prepare for it. Here are some tips to keep in mind to ease into that process as much as possible.

Finding a peaceful place

When moving day comes around, the best thing to do is give your pet a peaceful and quiet place to hang around at. Try to find a quiet and secluded place that is shuttered from all the turmoil of moving.  Since this will help not only your pet in the sense that he will not stress out from all the chaos that is ensuing but also the movers who are there to help you pack your belongings and transport them to your new household.

Help you companion relax by finding a safe place he can retreat to when the move starts.
Find a safe and quiet place your pet can retreat to and relax, so they don’t experience all the nausea of moving!

The ideal way to help your pet cope with moving day

However, everything mentioned above can be mitigated if you have friends or family that can take care of your fuzzy companion for a few days while you are moving. This is extremely helpful as your pet won’t be in the crosshairs of the move, so they will not experience any stress!

In conclusion, make sure you plan and prepare your pet for the move. The best thing you can do is ask for family members to take care of your pet while you relocate, however, if that’s not possible we have outlined steps that you should take help your pet cope with moving day, and hopefully have a stress free relocation.