Decluttering methods for keeping your home clean

If your home is in a mess maybe you don’t know how to get out of it? There are many decluttering methods you can exploit to bring tidiness to your home. If you are living in Kuwait you probably have a large living space. So if your entire home is cluttered with unnecessary items you will need to put some effort if you want to have a clean living space. But don’t start before you make a good plan. You need to think about certain things in advance. What will you do with the things you don’t want to keep? Are selling your stuff or you will need storage? Maybe you would like to keep some of your stuff so renting a top quality warehouse Kuwait could be a good solution. If you got that covered you can focus on other tasks.

Home decluttering methods

Living in a cluttered home can be very stressful and could be damaging your life without you even knowing it. If you are feeling depressed all the time, decluttering your home could be a start of your healing process. It will have a great impact on your social life as well. You will be able to call people to your home without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. On the other hand, maybe you just moved to Kuwait and you didn’t have time to properly unpack after the move. As time passes it only gets harder and harder for you to start dealing with your unpacked boxes.

Air fright services
When your belongings are delivered you need to start unpacking as soon as possible

So if you didn’t start unpacking on the day your air fright Kuwait service delivered the stuff you are probably stuck in a mess. Luckily there are many decluttering methods that you can use to easily get out of chaos.

Before you start decluttering

Before you start with decluttering your home you will need to have a plan. First, you need to make a decision whether you want to do your whole house in one day or not. Maybe it would be better if you split this job and do it one room a day. Before you decide, go through your whole house, top to bottom, and visualize the problem. This will help you to decide what the best approach is. Can you do it in one day or it will take a few days to finish. It usually depends on your home size, amount of stuff you will have to deal with and how much time you have. There are many decluttering methods but before you choose one ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much stuff do you need to remove from your home? This is maybe the most important question you need to ask yourself before you choose which decluttering methods you will use.
  • Are there any big items that you need to remove from your home? Maybe if you remove a few bigger items or furniture pieces it would make a huge impact. This is the fastest way of bringing your home back to normal.
  • If you declutter your living room first will it dramatically change the overall appearance of your living space?
  • Which room is the most cluttered and brings you the most stress?

Decluttering methods to try

Decluttering can be very hard mentally and physically. That is why so many people get stuck in clutter and can’t get out. Smart people thought of many interesting decluttering methods to help you do this the easier way. There are tricks to help you get going, tricks to help you choose what to throw away and tricks to make you finish. If you need some packing supplies you could rent or buy moving boxes Kuwait to ease your task.

Decluttering methods – Closet hanger experiment

The closet hanger experiment will help you to identify the things you are not using. Try it with your clothes for example. But you can do it with almost everything. Hang your clothes on hangers facing one direction. After you wore an item you will return it to the closet facing the other way.

Clothe hangers are a good way of keeping your clothes in order
Clothe hanger experiment is a decluttering method popularized by Oprah Winfrey

After a few months, you will know what items you are using. Most importantly you will identify the items you are not using and that are creating clutter. Of course, if you use this decluttering method it will take you several months to get out of clutter but it is very easy to accomplish.

Decluttering methods – Numbers challenge

This method is fun and you can turn it into a race with your family members. Small kids can also play. You will choose a number, 15 for example, and then each family member will have to choose 15 things to donate, 15 to throw away and 15 to properly store. To create some healthy competition you will need to prepare some nice rewards for winners. This can be a very fun and relaxing way to quickly remove a large number of unwanted items.

Decluttering methods – The three boxes method

This one is easy and maybe the most efficient method of decluttering. Before you start, prepare three boxes for your items. One box will be for the stuff that is going to trash. The second box you will use for stuff that you can donate or recycle. In the last box, you will put things that are going to a storage unit. Of course, you can add more boxes if you have some other ideas, but you get the point. This way you will easily separate things that are going in different directions and you will quickly get out of the mess.

Take out the garbage

If you clutter consists mainly of trash maybe you can hire some cleaning services to help you. Maybe you can do it too. Try to get rid of old newspapers and magazines.

Home clutter
Keep your home clean if you want to avoid clutter

Is there anything in those magazines that you can’t find on the internet? They are just collecting dust so you need to throw them away today. The same goes for your old collection of CDs. They probably don’t even function no more.

Rent a storage unit for the stuff you want to keep

You want to keep some of your old stuff but they are creating clutter in your home? The best way to resolve this situation is to find a high-quality storage unit. Storing your excess stuff in a storage unit will help your home be neater and cleaner.