DIY Moving vs. Hiring Professional Movers

As a constantly rising economy with its living standards being better and better every day, it is not a rare thing to get a promotion in Kuwait and a possibility to live in a new place. Now it comes that tricky part where you think, should I relocate by myself or hire professional movers? If you are reading this article you are probably wondering what are the pros and cons of  DIY Moving vs. Hiring Professional Movers? We put in this text what we think are the best tips and trick in both cases. So if you ever had any doubts about moving by yourself or hiring moving company, we hope this will give you enough information about both.

Money saving on DIY Moving vs. Hiring Professional Movers

This can be the most important part why you decided not to hire professionals. Moving by yourself gives you the opportunity to better organize yourself and your money. Although, the process can take a bit longer, and there is a thing only professionals can do better than you, for example packing fragile things or moving big furniture. Have in mind that there are also a lot of cons of moving by yourself, such as:

  • There can be unsuspected problems that can happen. For example, having big furniture that doesn’t fit through the door, or you simply do not have the appropriate transportation for it. That is where professional help comes in hand. Although you can move by yourself with ease, there are some quality moving services in Kuwait that you can not do by yourself.
  • Packing however you want. Packing by yourself gives you a lot of time to organize your move and prepare things however you wish. Sometimes movers will require that all items should be packed. This is not the case if you chose DIY moving. You really shouldn’t work your head out over how to pack pillows or other oddly shaped furniture and items you have.
Man on a pole balancing between time and money
DIY moving can save you more money

DIY Moving  estimated costs 

When it comes to estimated costs between these two types of relocation you will see that there is a difference. That is why sometimes you must consider hiring professional Moving company Kuwait and see what kind of services they can provide you if you are not sure yourself.

DIY moving does have its pros, you will have a lot of time to organize it your way, but still, there are some things that may be a bit of a problem. For instance, gas prices. Whether you are using your own vehicle or you are renting a truck, you will still have to pay for the gas. Not to mention extra money for that rented truck. When it comes to renting a truck, it all depends on few things:

  • The distance you are moving,
  • Costs differ depending on the size of the truck.
  •  DIY Moving vs. Hiring Professional Movers costs can vary if the relocation happens in small town.

Of course, there are a lot of other things as well. When you are doing DIY moving you are directly being held for any personal injury you, or anyone you asked for help, can get. Also, if you are not certain enough in your skills with transporting items, large or small, you are risking any damage done to them.

Hiring Professional Movers and their cost 

Now, when we are talking about this topic you will see there are a lot of difference. When it comes to heavy lifting, you won’t have to do it at all. They are trained professionals and they will carry all your stuff. Although they will need them packed according to their rules. That is because using the moving boxes makes them fit better in the truck. But do not worry, they do know how to do their job and they will pack your items without any possibility of them being damaged. That is just one of the main differences between  DIY Moving vs. Hiring Professional Movers. There are also certain traits of a professional moving company you must know before hiring them. Speaking of the relocation costs done by professionals, there are a lot of factors. Some of them are:

  • Services door to door. The distance between point A and point B plays a huge role.
  • Disassembling and assembling items
  • Appropriate pad wrapping and equipment
  • Professional labor and drivers
  • Access to elevators
  • Availability of parking spots
  • The size of furniture and its ability to be disassembled
Parking spot
Availability of parking plays a huge role in overall moving cost

Basic things to consider when moving by yourself 

As you see  DIY Moving vs. Hiring Professional Movers has its differences.  Most basic revolve around the money you can save. But in the end, you will have to worry about a lot more stuff if you are doing it yourself. There are some basic questions you have to ask yourself before you get to organizing relocation. Some of those questions are:

  • Do you know the precise mileage and the cost of fuel you will have to pay
  • Having additional moving insurance can be a good thing, but it will cost you
  • If you have heavy furniture and kitchen appliances, do you know how to pack large furniture? Or, will you hire professionals?
  • Will you require additional moving equipment, such as boxes, moving pads, dollies, pallets etc?
  • If you have fragile items or any other items that require a special way of packing, do you know how to do it?
  • How much „manpower“ do you have to help you with your moving? Available family members, friends or neighbors willing enough to help you?
  • Although you can organize yourself however you want, do you have the time? Time to pack, move, repack, reassemble etc. Also, not to mention if there is a long distance to travel.
Stacked boxes used in  DIY Moving vs. Hiring Professional Movers
Make sure you have all the necessary boxes for packing


We brought up what we think are the crucial information you will need. We hope it will help you to decide which type of moving organization you will use. Sometimes  DIY Moving vs. Hiring Professional Movers can have its ups and downs. It all depends on how well organized and informed you are.  Whether you want to save some money and do everything yourself, or simply let the professionals do all the work it is all up to you. After reading this information we hope you have a clear picture of what to expect from all of this. If you have any personal experience please share it with us. We are happy to get your feedback!