Trending Kuwait home decoration ideas

Kuwait always had amazing architecture and designs. So, after moving to Kuwait, you should decorate a new home. Some people love traditional decorations and style, but you love a modern design and you want trending Kuwait home decoration ideas. That’s not a problem. Your home is your castle, decorate it however you want. Here we have some ideas for that work. But, our advice is to learn about moving to Kuwait before you do that big step.

  • Learn about their history and tradition – This may help you with Kuwait home decoration if you want to be authentic and different. If you already live in another country, try something new.
  • Language – We highly recommend you to learn Arab language. You can take a course or learn after moving.

Be open to new and different things

If you are coming from America, Europe or Africa, you will see that Kuwait is also a beautiful country with its own fashion and style. So, be open to try new things and get out of the box. Explore and experiment with different styles.  And the first thing you have to do after your moving is to de-clutter your home and to free up space inside. The most beautiful home is the clean one.

Modern Kuwait home decoration ideas

Before a move, you will probably need best residential moving companies Kuwait. You deserve just the best and a good and reliable mover is the half of the moving job. But, after moving and finding a new home, renovate and decorate it.

Decorate your walls

First, before you put all your furniture in your home, paint your walls or put the wallpapers. Nowadays, wallpapers may be a real piece of art. Be brave with the colors. It does not have to be all white and beige. After that, put some paintings, watch, and family pictures. You do not have to spend so much money on the art painting, you can make it yourself. A Collage of family photos is a decorative segment. If you are an artist, you can draw something on your walls. That is a unique decorating and everyone will be so jealous.  Search online for ideas, or better try to find the traditional Kuwait designs or mandala.

Mandala design. Black and white.
If you know how to draw, decorate your walls. Or, simply buy ready-made wall stickers.

Indoor plants

There are so many different species of houseplants. Choose plants that can withstand high temperatures in Kuwait. For example, you can choose between African violets, aloe vera, spider plant, bromeliad, jade plant, kalanchoe, palms, cactus, etc. Also, plants are not just decorative items in the house, they can help your health. The peace lily is a plant which may clean up the air. If you are not a fan of plants in pots and soil, you can always have a bouquet of flowers in the vase. There are no more beautiful decorations than flowers. Now when you are in a different country with a different climate, try to experiment with new plants.

Three plants in the pot.
Plants will refresh the room and it will decorate your home in Kuwait, for sure.

Do not forget to dress windows

Kuwait has long and sunny days. So, the curtains are not just a decorative thing in your home. Buy silk, line, or some other curtains you love and decorate your windows. Make sure that the house is comfortable and cool. If you are from cold and rainy areas, prepare for Kuwaiti high temperatures. When they are already a necessary part of your home, try to make them a part of the decoration too.

Curtains on the windows.
With lots of sunny days, curtains are one of the important items in the house. But, it does not mean they cannot be decorative.

Table decorations

Add a tablecloth, vase, bowl, glasses, candles, flowers…whatever you like. Tablecloths are common in Kuwait and you can find a lot of different designs and colors. Make your own centerpiece. Also, a good idea is to decorate it with fruits. Use fresh and different fruits. Apples, oranges, bananas…just put them in the glass container and there it is a beautiful table decoration. There are a lot of accessorizing you can make simple and easy, you just need a good idea. Be creative. A table itself may be enough if it is an antique or unique piece.

Two vases on the dining table.
Put some bowl or vase on the table.

Pillows and carpets

Play with the pillow designs and carpets. Do not be shy to show your creativity. In Kuwait, you can find a lot of different materials and carpets. Try to find a quality Persian rug. This will be a star in your home in Kuwait. On some items, it is worth to spend more money such as a quality material for carpets, pillows, and curtains with traditional designs. Renovate your new home according to your wishes.

Colorful pillows on the sofa.
Play with pillow colors and designs. Your Kuwait home decoration should be fun and unusual.

Buy furniture and home decor after unpacking

We must mention that you go to the shopping only when you are finished with unpacking. On the other hand, you will end up with the stuff you do not actually need. Less is more. That is the main rule. Unpack your boxes quickly after moving and start with the fun part. Make a list before shopping because it is easy to go crazy with buying. Especially when you are in the foreign country where everything is new to you. It is really easy to decorate your home, but if you do not feel like you are a person for that, hire a professional. It is important for you to feel like you are at home, not in a hotel.

Now when you know what to do after moving, in your new home, get on a job as soon as you can. Buy traditional Kuwait home decoration and modern and trendy decorations too. Then, combine them. Research a little online and you will find a lot of good ideas.