Moving from Kuwait to the US – useful tips

Moving to the USA can be both exciting and challenging. The United States is one of the most influential countries in the world in the field of politics, economy, and trade. The cost of living in many cities of the country is relatively small. Most people who live there believe that they have a very comfortable standard of living. The US dollar is still one of the strongest and most influential currencies in the world. No wonder people from all over the world are trying to move to the USA. If you are moving from Kuwait to the US, you may find this guide quite useful.

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Find out what you can expect after moving from Kuwait to the US

Life in America as an expat

Living in America as an expat can be a life experience. This is a popular place for immigrants. And it is one of the most multicultural countries in the world with different large communities. Students from all over the world, as well as trainee doctors, surgeons, dentists, and lawyers, dream about moving there.

Real estate in the United States is relatively low compared to other developed countries. But for most expats prices are higher in large financial cities such as New York. Nevertheless, many people decide to hire expert international movers Kuwait and move from Kuwait to the US.

The USA boasts one of the most successful educational institutions in the world. Harvard and Yale are two of the most famous and respected universities, but there is huge competition for them. There are also a number of international schools and colleges that offer a very good education for all.

If you move to the US for a long time, it is important that you have a full and comprehensive medical insurance, not just a holiday cover. You may be denied treatment without it. And you do not want to risk getting thousands of dollars in debt because you cut some corners.

In general, the US is a great place to start your life as an expat. There are many attractions that will help you blend in. And you will get an invaluable life and work experience if you decide moving from Kuwait to the US.

Comparison of cost of living

When comparing the cost of living between cities in the US and Kuwait, it is important to note that the cost of living in the United States really depends on the area and city. As in most countries, the cost of living in major cities is significantly higher than in some rural areas.

The United States of America is one of the richest countries in the world. And this means that it can often offer immigrants a very good standard of living. As a country, it does not suffer from a shortage of land that is common in some cities in Kuwait. And this entails that real estate here is not so expensive. Expats who move outside the big cities may find that moving from Kuwait to the US is not so expensive. And if you consider air freight Kuwait, even your move will not cost you much money.

Food and drinks in the US are available at very low prices, especially fast food. And there is no shortage of restaurants and grocery stores.

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Clothing, utilities and electrical goods are also cheap


The US does not have an official language. But English is the most common language and is used by state and federal agencies. Many people in America speak Spanish. This is a direct result of the influx of Hispanic immigrants from abroad. So, if you want to fit in, it is best to learn both languages. But, for the beginning, English will be just fine.


When it comes to the weather, the US is so large that different weather conditions occur in different states. Most of the east coast suffers from hurricanes and monsoons between August and October. But the weather for the rest of the year is very pleasant. States in the deep south experience a hot, misty temperature with little rain. While the states and cities in the north have a much more moderate climate with four distinct seasons. Check the climate of your future state, so you are not surprised when you arrive. For example, if you bring warm clothes to Florida, maybe you will need to pack it for storage unit.

Work experience and career growth

Wall Street is the most famous financial district in the world. And it is a perfect place if you are engaged in any activities related to finance.

Those who want to find work in the entertainment world should go straight to Los Angeles. And those who want to create a business should look at any of the major cities in the northern part of the country. The deep south is, as you know, a difficult place for foreigners to find any work.

The biggest problem expats have when trying to find work in the US is to get an appropriate work visa. The current unemployment rate in the United States makes it even more difficult to obtain such a visa. And you will usually be able to work only in the US if you already have sponsorship and work.

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The greatest prospects for expats in the US exist in high-tech or niche markets. The US Department of Labor forecasts the high need in areas related to biomedical, software and life sciences.

The basic facts you should know before moving from Kuwait to the US

  • By law, residents have to remove snow or ice from the front of their properties. Unless the building has a designated caretaker, of course. You are legally responsible for any injuries that occur as a result of your neglect of this duty.
  • In some areas and states, people are legally obliged to sweep the street immediately outside the entrance to their house. Knowing strange laws in your new country is one of the best ways to prepare for a move overseas.
  • In most rental objects, you are not allowed to make copies of keys. Before you do this, you usually need to get permission from the landlord. If you lose the key, you will need to replace all locks.
  • In some states, you can turn right to red light, if there is no traffic coming. Under such circumstances, you are likely to encounter an angry horn blowing from the cars behind you unless you turn right. Talking about differences after moving from Kuwait to the US.
  • If you meet a school bus that stopped to drop passengers, you should not overtake it. It is illegal to overtake a stopped school bus, and you will face a heavy fine if they catch you.