How to renovate your new home

After relocating to Kuwait it is time to make your new house to feel like home. How to conduct it? If you don’t want to spend a big money on your home renovation and you want to do it yourself without professional help, read our guide how to renovate your new home.

DIY home renovation
Renovating your new home can be a very exciting task but also very challenging, especially when you decide to do it by yourself.

Renovate your new home with these easy steps

How to renovate your new home? Reading our complete guide to renovating a house will make your home improvement projects a lot easier. Renovating your new home can be a very exciting task but also very challenging. So, our guide will help you with all your renovation process steps – from start to finishing touches.

Step #1 – Think about design

The start of your home renovation begins with assessing design and financial potential before you start your project.

Step #2 – Think about finances

Renovating your home requires a budget. The process of buying a new home, renovating it, and purchasing new furniture and other items require from you to think about renovation budget. If you want to renovate your home yourself you will spend less money but you should think about all potential problems and licenses. In case you want to hire best architects in Kuwait, be ready to pay much more money for the renovation of your home.

Step #3 – Getting Renovation Insurance

Before you start with your renovation project make sure you have an adequate insurance. Also, if you want to obtain a mortgage for the renovation project, it is possible that your lender may not release any money proof of insurance. With insurance in case of flooding, fire to the property, etc. your project can continue.

Renovation insurance should cover for building materials and works, the existing structure, personal accident cover, etc.

Get a home renovation insurance
Before you start with your renovation project make sure you have an adequate insurance.

Home renovation ideas

After you get money, insurance and idea for renovation project you can start to renovate your new home. We bring you few tips how you can do it by yourself in the most efficient way. If you do it quickly and efficiently, you can start searching for a job in Kuwait.

Renovation of Roof, Foundation, Water Issues, Siding, Windows

If your home need roof replacement or repair, foundation fix, installing or repair of windows and doors, you should start with these few things. Don’t forget when you start with all repairs to protect your furniture so it can stay dry and without damages. First, replace damaged windows but if they are not seriously damaged, leave it for later in the renovation process.

Demolition of the house

In case of demolition of the house you need to keep in mind few things:

  • Rent a large container for waste.
  • Consider renting storage facilities in Kuwait to store your household goods and personal items while demolition of the house or the one part of the house
  • Carefully demolish all the areas of the house you want to renovate

 Structural and External Changes

If you want to add some space or to change space and external details of your house, make sure to do it in a way that suits your budget. Also, it is very important to check with your community if you need a permit for big structural and external changes of your house.

Interior Painting, Wallpaper, and Other Surface Finishes

Interior painting usually doesn’t require permits. But, when you start doing it protect your furniture and other stuff from the following paint.

Updating Heating and Electrics

When it comes to updating heating and electrics in your old house, ask yourself can you do it alone or you need professional help. Also, think about costs and your budget.

Affordable Home Renovation Ideas

Your home should feel like home and you should be happy in every room in it. Improve the look and function of your home without spending a lot of money with our few useful home renovation ideas. Read how to renovate your new home on a budget.

Easy do-it-yourself home renovation ideas with paint

  • You don’t have to buy new pieces of furniture, simply paint up the old furniture
  • Try to do some decoupage.
  • Paint the ceiling! Gray-blues, lavenders, and buttery yellows draw the eye up without being too brash.
  • Paint all bottles and jars in your favorite colors. Then, you can use them for flowers and decoration.
Easy do-it-yourself home renovation ideas with paint
Painting walls in your new home is a refreshing task and it changes the look of your home without spending a lot of money

Replace any worn carpets or area rugs

When you relocate to your new affordable Kuwait chalet, take a look at your flooring. Are your carpets and rugs stained or worn? If the answer is positive, then you need to replace them all. But, if you don’t have a budget big enough to replace all, start by replacing the carpets, one by one in each room.

Boost kitchen storage

This is affordable but at the same time the best home renovation idea especially for small houses. Take advantage of corner space with open shelves to keep dishes, spices, cookware, etc. Also, you can use your dead space to put a built-in wine rack. Try to maximize space with drawers.

Embellish the Entrance

If you want your home to make a good first impression, the best renovation idea is to give your exterior a sophisticated look. You can decorate your front door and to paint it in color you like. When you put entryway details you are giving your exterior a personality.

Add some Greenery

Plants are the best way to change a look of your home. Greenery updates a space instantly. So, if you want to refresh home quickly and efficiently – plant flowers! If you have a front walkway plant flowers along it or plant in your pots to light up your home space.